Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures Daily (Evening) Post Newspaper -Sunday, July 26, 2015 (And An Update)

Good evening from a finally NO RAIN Sunday.
Danny’s been off and NEEDS to go back to work tomorrow. I need to get back to a more normal schedule. Like going to bed BEFORE the sun comes out.
I still have Blogging 201 on my brain and I apologize for ignoring most of you this past week and certainly this weekend. I am afraid the next few weeks will be hectic as well.

Week 2 has already already started with out Day 6 Assignment.
This is something I have been working hard at for awhile now. Now I need to branch out and do even more. I will post all about Blogging 201 in another post.

I start Blogging 101 next week.
Yes, I know…..I seem to be behind in everything lately.

Have an awesome last week of July.
I for One will be GLAD that it is over.
Have I said I really don’t like Summer here in Florida?

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On to today’s happening in the paper.

No Posts ON SOCIAL MEDIA TONIGHT even though I will be saving a few for some other time.

<p>Photo: Climbers on mountain summit</p>
I have hiked a number of mountains in my life.. Pike’s Peak and Mount Evans are 2 of them. Both 14 Footers Nothing like this beautiful mountain here. I love snow and cold but this would be more than I would want. But OH the view from the top.

As a child we are all taught not  to play with our food SO WHY is it ok for us to play with it now?
Playing With My Fewd brings us Save The Sauce.
Shared by
Food Network

Mouthwatering good. Oh Yeah.
The credit is given To Betty Crocker for his version of their recipe.
It has to start somewhere.
Save The Sauce is his best tip.
The following was copied and pasted:
“You should have some left over sauce in the crock pot.  DO NOT discard.  Save this sauce.  I have a small bottle of it in my refrigerator. Because it is cooked it should keep for a long time, at least that is my thought on the matter  I have found this simple sauce to be a really great flavor and I use it on vegetables like stir fry and over rice to add a little zip.  Remember you can change the flavor a little by just trying different salsas so be sure to save the sauce.”

That’s it for tonight.
Have a good Monday…

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  1. Gen says:

    Don’t stress about being behind with the Blogging 201 stuff; most people, myself included, are behind and WordPress runs the courses a few times a year. I hope you get some sleep while the moon is still out!

    1. Hi there,Gen,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I do stress and I know I shouldn’t. I am really enjoying it. I needed SOMETHING to occupy myself. It’s been fun.
      A headache forced me to get off and stay off of here. Feeling better.
      I am off to visit your blog.

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