Blogging 201- Day 6 and Day 7

Blogging 201:  Back to school.  I can do this.
Blogging 201:
Back to school.
I can do this.

This was just written to the our private Blogging 201 blog.
Since it included most of what I needed to post , I thought I would just SAVE myself the trouble of having to write another post tonight…I can’t stand being behind.
Not now when I need to keep a SCHEDULE:

I am not worrying about it….not really. I know this is a learning class and no one expects us to be perfect.

I wrote in my nightly paper tonight  (The one that didn’t get finished the first time because somehow half of it never got saved. So it went out AFTER midnight. ) that I was off the computer for over 12 hours.
Closer to 14 hours.
Lack of sleep and a huge headache reminded me to SLOW down.
Too bad I need reminding a lot.
Anyway, I copied and pasted what I wrote for my blogging class here.
First off  need to post our assignments.
Day 6 Monday

“Dig Deep into a Social Network

You’ve been doing a great job branding your site, but we don’t live in isolation (and neither does your blog). Making use of social networks spreads your brand to bigger circles — but the internet is a vast playground, so you’ll want to choose where to focus your energy.

Today’s Assignment: pick one social network you’ll use to help grow your blog. Then, outline a plan for how you’ll use it.

Day 7 Tuesday:

Make the Most of Events

When it comes to building a strong community around your blog, nothing replaces steadily publishing and commenting on others’ blogs — but that doesn’t mean you can’t help yourself (and your blog) target new audiences through blogging events, both virtual and in real life.
Today’s assignment: create a recurring blogging event on your site, and/or make plans to attend a blogging conference.”
Copied and Pasted.
Written Earlier:
This is what I wrote in Blogging 201 0n our blog. Again I copied and pasted what I wrote.

Wow, did I get behind. I should have posted Monday’s Assignment earlier when I had the chance. I did all of it. Most of it I have been doing all along. I am now posting to more venues than before and have more planned. I will post everything ASAP in a regular blog post.
Soon. Just not tonight. I need to stop staying up all night.
6 AM comes way too early and I won’t be able to go back to bed tomorrow like I usually can after Danny leaves for work.
That will also be in a regular post.
As for Day 7: I just read all of the assignment.
Not sure what I will do about that. Physically I can’t go anywhere for a group blog event…
Not for a while.
Then IF I do it would have to be done close by and that IS A HUGE PROBLEM.
Right now and probably a while down the road: I really DON’T want anyone from this area reading the blog or ANY Of the smaller BLOGS . I don’t want STAFF at the park reading it…
Chances are they won’t. None of them are into BLOGS.
As far as I know.
I need to KEEP PARK LIFE and MY BLOG LIFE SEPARATE (as long as I can).

I am planning on starting Blog Hops on my Blog. Just not quite yet…As someone who did 2 different ones 2 different weekends on my Facebook Account of the same name, I can tell you……It was a lot of fun.
I got HUNDREDS Of LIKES. Try keeping up with that many in a short while.
I couldn’t.
I am still adding 3 small blogs, Our Neck Of The Woods, Sarah’s Life: Past Present and Future And Life WIthout A Child.
I need to get Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures Back to where it needs to be. A fun place to visit and to share.
I have list and goals planned. Lot’s more of them. I keep adding to it.
I keep tweaking my site here.
Loving this class.
I got to get off and get some sleep.
Sorry I never made it to visit anyone today.
Life here got in the way.”

This is where I need to break down what I actually did for Day 6 and what was already in place.

My blog came years after I started Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures on Facebook.
I have a page there called Our Neck Of The Woods Also.
Several smaller more personal ones.

I need to work more on my Facebook page of the same name.
Most of what it gets are posts from my blog.
Not enough hands on , posting from FB , short posts that I am know for. I need to get back to posting songs…
Quotes and photos. Visiting more pages from FB.
Except for a few real friends who stay with me no matter what, I have lost the people who first liked me. Oh, most of them are still there on record but NOT their on a regular basis.
I have over 10,ooo friends on Sarah’s Attic on Facebook. I need to reach more of them on a daily basis.
That is my number one goal for this assignment.
That is my first baby.
Right now the account I use for Sarah Sue is public but my angel moms and dads haven’t followed me there. Oh some of them have. I’ve liked it that way.
I don’t know what I want to do about my 2 main grieving accounts. I am missing a lot of friends there but not all of the grief that comes with it. I am not ready to start posting on either of them. Too hard also keeping PARK STAFF AWAY. I can do it on FB because of lists.
I have over a thousand friends. About 2 hundred of them I actually KNOW  Know them as far as keeping in contact now and then. I have about 50 friends who message me on a regular basis.  10 Are close. A couple I have met in person. A few I talk on the phone with.
When it WORKED.
I will post quietly to them.

I can get a lot of them to follow me to my blog but now sure how to keep a distance from the Grieving Part on Facebook. I would rather now have them if they ONLY CAME out of friendship.
Our Neck Of The Woods will never be  PUT out there.
It will be public but I will never do anything to add BLOGGERS to it.
I don’t need the followers there.

Other Social Media:
I am signed on right now from my Google email.
They get all of my posts.
I plan to start an account for JUST Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures…

I post there as well.
Yet, it is too big. I don’t get noticed much.
I will start one for just SAOT.
Maybe. Maybe not.
I post on a few other blogging platforms. Small time.
Blogger is one.
I am also using a site….the name escapes me right now  that posts for me on a schedule. I just started that.
It posts to Facebook :Sarah Sue, SAOT and Twitter.

I have a Linkedin account but use it for the PARK only.
Not planning on adding another account for SAOT. At least not for NOW.

I have several Pinterests Sites and I post to SAOT all the time.
There are more smaller ones I do when I think to.
These are all ones I have been doing already.

I am constantly visiting or trying to visit as many other blogs as I can each day. Some days I visit and comment a lot. Others days I will like more than comment.
Today, never had time to do much of anything.
So, as you can see…..Assignment 6 was pretty much done way before it became an assignment.
I spent about 3 hours last night though, tweaking things and adding to them…
Assignment 6 : a Work in Progress.

But then so are all of these ASSIGNMENTS.

Assignment For Tuesday…….
Except for hosting Blog Hops and Weekly Events as I can……the rest will be put on hold.
There is only so much I can do right now.

And that is OK.

It is now 2:55 AM. Alarm goes off at 6 AM.
OUCH, So much for getting to bed early.
Well, it does beat staying up at night,
Except that I love the  NIGHTs.
Just not the mornings and the day after those nights.
So goodnight OFFICIALLY From Our Neck Of The Woods ,
I am not preview this…I may edit later.

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  1. I can’t seem to stop something once I get excited about it. My mind literally doesn’t stop.
    I finally climbed into bed around 3:15. Never slept but the cuddling from Danny relaxed me. Was up at 6 AM. Got him off and the animals taken care of. We have the rabbit inside right now so I cleaned his cage . Fed and watered Mr. Bojangles.
    I can’t take the rabbit outside til I clean his regular outside hutch..
    It would take less than 15 minutes.
    So why do I just DO it? Working on that and other issues.
    How are you doing? I am behind on visiting you and others. Enjoy your Tuesday. 🙂

  2. shyutgal says:

    Wow. You have so much and still manage to post…amazing. I think that is the problem – the SIZE after a while becomes unwieldy and we start dropping parts that we may feel are important. AND all those networking sites take TIME. Time we might not have. I’m glad you wrote. I hope you sleep. One feeds the other.

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