Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures Daily (Evening) Post Newspaper – Monday, July, 27, 2015 ( All Food Related And An Update With Pictures )


From Sarah:
There is NOTHING like writing a good article….
Taking your time with the post.
Adding more.
Adding to my TAGS and CATEGORIES so they don’t just say
Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures Daily Post  every night.
I added what was in the paper. Like I SHOULD have been doing all along.

I know because I keep checking.
So I went back to see if I had left a window open.
So I SAVED what was there and left to DO what I needed to DO in the kitchen,

ONLY what I absolutely had to do right then.
It was after 10 PM when I thought the PAPER was DONE.
It is not 11:02 PM and I am going back to rewrite most of it.

This may not get out UNTIL AFTER midnight.
When Danny decides to come out of his computer room, then I will stop until he goes to bed.

The following was at the end of the paper:

Dang it. Somehow, 3 of the posts didn’t get in here. I will have to re-add them. LATER.
It is 10:23 PM.
Sad thing is…I know I saved them.
The above was at the end of this when I realized what I had done.

Good Evening From Florida.

We didn’t have a beautiful Florida Sunset to night but at least it wasn’t a rainy one. We got the downpour as Danny was walking in the door at noon.
It was still a pretty Sunset and I called Danny out to watch it with me.
That is still one of the few consistent things we do together. (Most of the time).
Our back yard.
No Danny hasn’t cut the limbs that fell from our old grapefruit tree. That’s the small branch you see.
Not complaining. It has rained every day but Sunday.

No, the lawn mower isn’t fixed either.
They are waiting for a few parts for it.
“They” meaning , park staff…in this case Danny….who will be fixing it. It is the lawnmower for Rolling Meadows Ranch.
Why that one?
No one else wants to use it.
It is OLD.

DOne for the DAY. It was before NOON and already 96 out. I’d mowed as much as I could for the day.

That poor tire. Flat again.
Someone BORROWED our tire mending kit. Both of them. SO I air it up. It’s easy to do.
The Entrance before I mowed. 
I can’t keep up.

YET, it works.

And works well.

The Entrance
The road coming In
The road coming in
The mile long road coming IN .
Our Side of the Entrance gate to Rolling Meadows Ranch
This is the gate Danny is working on. It is in the BLAZING SUN most of the day.
The right coming into Rolling Meadows

It is just needing servicing, a new belt and a few other small items.
Nothing has been done with it but servicing and fixing the tires in years.
It was time.
I need it running.
Remember how hard I worked on getting the Entrance looking good?
The 5 acres : Our YARD and The BUNKHOUSE.

Well, that was a MONTH ago.
It really looks unkempt here now.
Howard, the guys who leases the cow pastures from Lake Kissimmee State Park and Rolling Meadows Ranch DID  mow the ENTRANCE and ALL of the weeds getting to our place. He IS a lifesaver.

WOW! I was up all night once again last night. So it was easy for me to get Danny off for another of his 7 day stretches. I felt good this morning and should have at least vacuumed before going to bed. It needs it although it really doesn’t look like it.

I am surprised I have been able to keep the house looking ok  since I really haven’t been able to do much on foot.
The house needs a good cleaning and some TLC.  I am getting stronger and stronger every day. I can work on the TLC bit by bit.

Needing some TLC. I did get the coffee stuff out so I would remember to get it ready for in the morning. For Danny. I can’t stand the SMELL of it.
The stove is needing a good cleaning all over but you really can’t tell overall.
At least the dishes got done last night. Putting them away? Not as important in MY SCHEME OF THINGS.
Kitchen overall. That side of it. We have a breakfast nook side. It’s as big as the main area. This is the one room, I would not let them demo when they restored the house from inside and out,
Well I left out the corner where DANNY’S STUFF is.

For those that don’t know: We live in an old Cracker House that the STATE (meaning Danny and I along with staff and other workers) gutted inside and out…..EXCEPT for the kitchen. They wanted to take out the WOOD CABINET. I said “NO WAY.
Danny agreed and so did the powers to be. (We SAVED them about $10, 000 by not restoring the whole kitchen.
We got new countertops, flooring  and refrig and stove. They did tear out the outside walls but we still have the old inside ones.
More on all of that in other posts….

Mr. Bojangles
Vittles was waiting for his carrots and lettuce.Danny left and I went straight to bed.

The work radio woke me a few times but what kept me from getting much sleep was a huge almost migraine strength headache. Sinus pressure.
Poor Danny surprised me by coming home around lunch time.
I surprised him with a ” hello, what are you doing here?” and I am going back to bed. I’ve got a headache”….
He came home to work on one of the electric gates over here at Rolling Meadows Ranch.
The main gate piece is now sitting on our kitchen table.

The main part of the gate.

Isn’t that where it belongs?

Another picture of the gate, sitting on top of my recently bleached table.
Danny took it apart.
Cleaned it.
It had had ANTS in it. LOT’S and LOT’S OF ANTS
Will it work now?
When will he get it off the table? If Not before then When I go into the kitchen again.

I finally got up around 6:30 PM.
OMGosh. I was off the computer for over 12 hours.
The world must have come to an end.

That was my attempt at humor.

Well, I’ve waited enough time showing pictures that no one really wants to see. It just goes to show how boring my life is right now.

Now off to read and post from the edition tonight.

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First off for tonight:
A food Story. Why first? Probably because I haven’t eaten as yet.
Shared by
I don’t know about any of you, but I use my crock pot /slow cooker all year long. 

MONDAY, JULY 27, 2015

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Cauliflower Rice Bowl from Kalyn’s Kitchen

Danny doesn’t like cauliflower normally. I have gotten him to eat it when I fix it like mashed potatoes, especially when I use half spuds and have cauliflower.
I would love this dish. I am not sure he would.

This is where I am re-adding what I left off.
Close to the end is a section I saved .

Is there anyone out there that does not like pizza?

Danny and I both love it and we also like enough of the same items to put on it.
Did I hear some
“None for me’s?”

If so I hope you said “Please”.
How about one with only MUSHROOMS and cheese
I’d at least want sausage with mine.

Like Mushroom Pizza? We’re Gonna Take You to Funghitown

Jul 23, 2015 1:00PM

Now I have to admit:
This pizza looks a TAD overdone to me.
How about this before it was cooked photo?

Serious Eats –

And This ?

Well, get ready ,
Good night.
Seriously, I won’t say anything. He will move it. Probably.

This was before I REDID:
Danny is fooling with the gate. It is 11:27 PM.
I will finished with this
LATER as well.

It’s Much later. 12:56 AM