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Good Evening from Florida.|(This picture is not mine.)
Good Evening from Florida.|(This picture is not mine.)

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Google Detaches YouTube from Google+ – The Next Step in the Dismantling of Google’s Social Network?
Written by Andrew Hutchinson.

Social Media Post Start things off tonight.
As you all know, Blogging 201 is into it’s second week.
We have had Social Media on our minds.
First up: Google detaches Youtube.
To me that is a good thing. Google had taken over everything.
It’s become too big.
You are one person in a sea of thousands. Millions.

The following was copied and pasted.
“Google has announced that users will no longer require a Google+ profile to access and use Google products – most notably, YouTube. The changes, which will come into effect over the next few months, are the latest sign that Google is distancing itself from its social network project, at least in terms of what it was meant to be. But could that be a good thing for the Google+ network?” .

I don’t know about you but I got tired of signing into Google and needing  a profile to access Youtube .
Social Media Today

Don’t Post That! Why Half of Americans Regret Their Social Media Posts
July 28, 2015 Sarah Snow

How many of us have posted something then later wish they never had? I bet each and everyone of us have.

I worry about park staff reading some of my posts.

The 3rd Social Media post for today is about Twitter.


Out of the 5 of these tools, I am using none of them. Never even heard of them.
I am starting to get  a number of followers from there. Many of them I really don’t have much of a connection with.

Twitter Analytics:
Find, Analyze, and Optimize for Social Growth

The 4th post for tonight is from Social Media Club.
Instagram is not something I use very often. I only joined a few months ago.  Only because I don’t have a working cell phone.

Branding your blog never really meant anything to me until this week. Now I see articles and posts about it everywhere.

This post tells you how to better brand your blog.


That’s it for tonight. I am exhausted.

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