Sick -Day 3

No newspaper report or anything else for today.
It’s hard to describe how I am feeling right now to someone who doesn’t have lupus or another autoimmune disease. Still feeling like I have the flu but worse.
I briefly saw my messages before coming here. Thank you.
I will answer then as soon as possible. Just not tonight.
Hugs, Sarah

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  1. Hi Becky, I got the hugs. All of them. Thank you for always LIKING and leaving comments. I am behind but will read all of the posts I have missed….SOON.
    Let’s just say I am among the living today. Sort of.
    My brain is all mush. I see 2 of everything.
    How are you doing? Anything special going on this weekend?

  2. I hope you are feeling better today! Hugs!

    1. Becky, Well enough to FInally start answering my comments here and to catch up on some blogs. I have missed reading yours every day. HUGS

      1. I’m so happy you are starting to feel better! I hope today is even better than yesterday! Hugs

        1. My problem right now is one I usually have. I can’t just stop my brain at night so I can sleep. I am so alive and alert later and hate to go to bed knowing I won’t feel the same way when I wake up.
          I am so glad we met. You are one of the few who always like and comment.
          I enjoy reading your posts and always save them to read when I am alert. Keep writing like you do. Have a great day.
          Hugs back at you. Give your hubby one as well.

          1. I used to have racing thoughts at night that kept me from sleeping – it was so uncomfortable. I hope you can stay awake today and get a good night’s sleep tonight. Hopefully, you can do something that relaxes you before bedtime. Hugs

      2. I am tiring quickly. It doesn’t take much right now to wear me out.
        I just have so much I WANT to do NOW.
        I do have ice cream waiting for me in the kitchen. That should perk me up. My only problem is: I won’t want to stop eating it. Or, I will dig in and the COLD will hurt. I never know what will happen.
        How is your day going so far?

  3. mini2z says:

    Hugs Sarah, sending you some spoons hope your flare calms down but rest as your body tells you too!

    1. Got them. The flare has abated a bit.
      I have done nothing but rest and my body is sore from it. Yet, I feel as if I could sleep forever.
      Very thankful for the support.
      Sending hugs your way.

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