Sick – Day 4 (An Update. It’s All Good).

I was going to title this post differently but I couldn’t think what to change it to. So I took the easy way out.
Day 4.
I am sitting in the recliner in the living room. Mr. Bojangles is as close to me (on the chair next to me) as he can get. He wants in my lap.
He is tired of mom not feeling well. No one plays with him during the day. And lately, Grandpa hasn’t been much fun at night either. So he wants attention.
Should I remind him that he has spent a number of hours this past week lying in bed with me. That is not something normally done here. The bedroom is off limits except for early mornings. (Gotta keep the hair out of the bedroom.)
I was going to post from the newspaper tonight….I miss doing that…
Yet, I know it would totally wear me out.
This is the first I have been up for any length of time since Tuesday.
So No NEWSPAPER report for tonight.

Danny has not had a good week either. He doesn’t do well when I am sick. I get irritated because he is not one to “do anything for me” and I tend to forget how scared he gets when he knows how sick I have been and there really isn’t much he could do (Although he could get supper ready, his lunch fixed, feed the animals etc..)

He finally got all the parts to get the John Deere lawn mower fixed.
Not that I will be mowing for awhile yet.
He brought it home yesterday but when he went to unload it…..he couldn’t find the keys for it.
For once I never heard the “Sarah, Where are my keys”?

I just saw the mess from his looking for them.

So the lawn mower is here, still sitting on the trailer which Danny did unhitch before he went to work this morning.
Danny loses things at home all of the time. He doesn’t lose work tools and keys so he is really bummed.

You can just roll it off the trailer either.

It has rained everyday for 3 weeks except for Sunday and it may have rained late Sunday night. We have had over 7 inches this week here at Rolling Meadows. The park has had even more.
So we are in a flood zone.
As we have been most of the past year.

Thank you for all the wonderful get well wishes here and in my emails.

I need to get off and take a break. Everything tires me out.
Hugs From Florida

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  1. Holy MOLY! I think you need a boat. I’m sorry you aren’t feeling much better πŸ™ Hopefully you will ease back into things soon. <3

    1. We have 2 boats in our yard. Danny bought a flats boat after we sold his house that his dad built. We used it for 2 years. Then it needed a couple of hundred worth of work done to it. Now after sitting outside for 6 years it is a piece of CRAP. Not a good subject with me. He just left it rot.
      He has his dads OLD boat here also. I was in favor of keeping it. That said, I didn’t know at the time he would park it and do nothing with it . It is full of weeds. MEN and their must have pay dearly for TOYS.

  2. mini2z says:

    Gah that’s a lot of rain

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