Good Afternoon From A Very Wet Florida- Sunday, August 2, 2015 (AN UPDATE)

I want to say Good Morning and for many of you it still is. I got up around noon so it still feels like morning to me.
I got Danny off this morning and was back in bed before he reached the gate. Tired. Exhausted.
My body is still feeling the flare. It would like to be in bed, although getting comfortable there is getting harder and harder. I’ve spent days and nights there recently.
My mind is fairly clear so I feel better overall.
I am working on picture arrangements right now so they don’t always end up on the left. I usually don’t think about it ahead of time.
Our internet is slower than usual….SNAIL Slow. It also keeps going on and off. Flooding in the area isn’t helping matters.

It's raining again. Thundering as well. 2.6 inches of rain here on Saturday.
It’s raining again. Thundering as well. 2.6 inches of rain here on Saturday.

So if you don’t hear from me it might be the internet. I always try to at least post once a day when I don’t feel good.

Mr Bojangles is napping as close to me as he can get.....on the floor.
Mr Bojangles is napping as close to me as he can get…..on the floor. I don’t know what he was waiting for in this picture.
It is just plain WET here.
It is just plain WET here.

I can’t get the photos to go side by side. I posted the pretty one second and it won’t stay in place. I know there has to be an easy solution but I can’t figure it out.
This week…..baring all things lupus and fibro…I plan to
catch up on what I missed in Blogging 201. I start Blogging 101 as soon as it comes in today. Should be 6PM.
I am also reading Proverbs. It was a July project. I got behind this week.
Danny is on his 7th day. I expect him home around 4PM but with the rain he just might come home early.
He had a difficult week. The John Deere lawn mower took a lot more time to fix than he thought it would. He no sooner got it fixed and was mowing at the park (Before bringing it home for our use. It stays here.) when he ran over a fishing line and HOOKS. Not just one hook but 3.
So back to the shop to fix another tire. He’d already had to fix the one that kept going flat for me.
He brought it home Thursday, in the rain. When he went to unload it off the trailer, he couldn’t find the key. So we looked and looked for it. In the rain. In the house. In the TRASH. In strange places.
I heard … way of the radio…today….that he has a key for it. Which means it was found or they found an extra one…..
All I know is: Our Lawn needs mowing.
The bunkhouse needs mowing.
The Entrance needs mowing.
The drive there and back …..not quite as much since our cattle lease mowed it for me one day when he was mowing his fields.

99a2799001081c96b758093d260379ee (1)Danny  will be off tomorrow and Tuesday. Which is good because we need groceries.
I need to do an update as to what I accomplished on my house/yard goals. Nothing outside that I can think of…I did pretty good on inside ones. I think….Like I said…I need to post about it.
I also need to update my Blogging goals. I need to get the calendars filled in for this month. Home/yard goals. Blogging goals.
Upfront where I am held accountable.
That’s it for now. As you can tell, I have a plateful of things to do.  A wheelbarrow full is more like it.
So have a good rest of the weekend.
Hugs Sarah

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    I had to laugh. Saying, “The internet is slow…. snail slow…” That was a year ago. At least it wasn’t out most of the time.
    As to the flooding: Needing a little to cut the dust. 2 weeks ago, we had 11 inches of rain. Park was flooded again.
    Good news. No lupus flair. And I can walk again. Not far but I can walk without wanting to scream.
    All is good.

  2. DSP says:

    Pretty scenery!

    1. It has been known to look better. LOL

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