Tips From Twitter Counter -6 Tips For Building A Social Media Power Engine- August 3, 2015
Social Media Tips From Twitter Counter

CHEAT-SHEET-SOCIAL-MEDIA-POWER-ENGINE-682x1024 (1)Right now I focus on Facebook because it is easy for me to post there.
I need to do more of it though. I get bogged down everywhere else that I forget to post there. Not share there but actually VISIT Facebook and my Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures there. It is what started all of the rest.

I am also focusing on Twitter.
It is easy to post and share there.
I am not active yet, on actually going to Twitter and checking things out that way.
It still leaves me cold.

I use Buffer to share to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. I started using it last month and I like it. I wish I could afford to upgrade so it would share to my blog as well.
I haven’t done much with Instagram. Nothing at all on YouTube . I am there for my own pleasure.
Pinterest: I am not consistent there at all. When I am reminded, I will share and sometimes share a lot. I have to be reminded.
Or in the mood.
Linkedin….Not at all. I joined under Debbie Sarah Kasch for work . Not sure if I will start one for Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures or not.
Starbucks visuals
I have yet to really PUSH the blog anywhere.

This is a good read for those of us just starting out or a reminder for others.

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