Changes – Friday, August 7, 2015

A very special person gave me an idea for a series of posts. Actually a couple of series….
He thought my photos had a story of their own. He was right….In so many ways.
So I intend to post A Photo  whenever the mood strikes me and write a story to go with it.  The series will be called :The Story Behind The Photo.

A lot of my photos have stories from  Our Life With The Florida Park Service that I really can’t share as publicly as I do here.
I have a blog I have just started setting up called Sarah’s Rants. Set for private right now. Not sure how to set it up to just add people as I want to.
Haven’t done anything with it yet….

As usual, I have too many things started……
I finally separated Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures and Our Neck Of The Woods .
Our Neck Of The Woods has it’s own blog.
I will still share here the little daily tid bits …
Lot’s of changes.
Happy Friday ,

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  1. Scott says:

    I’m anxious to see these changes emerge.

    1. Don’t expect too much. I will always misspell words or leave a word or 2 out…even when I proofread. Even with spell check.
      My mind has so many ideas but when I try to write them any more I get stuck.
      But I enjoy it and that is what counts.
      It’s good for me.
      Any plans for the weekend?

      1. I did a story behind a story just a little while ago.
        I didn’t call it that because I was to save that series for more park related photos and stories. I just wanted you to know you have inspired me.

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