From Autoimmunity Girl : Living Well

I seem to be focused on this subject today. This is an UPLIFTING BLOG about Autoimmune Diseases. Very Uplifting. Shared from Autoimmunity Girl.

Copied and Pasted the following from Autoimmune Girl:

“Living Well – #Livingwell #Lifeskills #Happiness #Selfrespect #kindness #connect #Autoimmune #Chronicillness

If you really want to help me live the best life I can with Autoimmune diseases, spread the word. No, shout the word. Keep spreading awareness and reaching out to the rest of the world about what is happening to people who have these diseases and how they are doing the best they can to cope with the challenges. But then again… we CAN always use every bit of love, research, empathy and support we can get. THAT would really help me (and others) live well with Autoimmune Illnesses!”

The Above was copied and Pasted from Autoimmunity Girl.

Hugs to all, Sarah

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