Putting Myself Out There: What Would You Like To See On Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures? Less Of?

Putting Myself Out There:
What Would You Like To SEE On Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures?
I don’t usually PUT Myself out there. I stay in my comfort zone. It is easier that way.
Easier until you realize you are in an isolated BUBBLE.
Well bubbles BREAK.

So I am asking the following QUESTIONS and I would love YOUR ANSWERS.

Q & A Time
Q & A Time

What would you like to see on Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures?
What would you like to see less of?
Is there anything you would like me to post more of?
What brought you here here in the first place?
Why do you keep coming back?
How Can I Improve SAOT?
Is there anything you would like to add?
Thank you in ADVANCE for your comments here.
Enjoy Life,

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  1. Hello Sarah
    Honestly I would like to see more of you and less of everybody else. I imagine posting so often gets traffic but it is hard to get a sense of your life and your personality, which is why I went to your About page, and there you are! So much great material there and I agree with Scott in your About comments – focus on your own material that you already have. WE want to hear from YOU, so don’t hide behind everyone else!
    If you want to share other people’s material I think that is great, but Twitter would be a better place to do it. That would also get you some traffic.



    1. Hello Mddy, (Or did you just misspell Maddy)LOL
      Your honesty is wonderful. You hit the nail on the coffin as an old friend of mine would have said. I do hide behind everyone else here in Sarah’s Attic. I will try and explain why I do it.
      It will be long and I pray I don’t bore you.

      Before I do though: I just took of the Our Neck Of The Woods in my Tag line and in my title; The title use to read, Sarah’s Attic of Treasures And Our Neck Of The Woods. Then It was Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures (Our Neck Of The Woods).

      I started a Blog for Our Our Neck Of The Woods under SAOT. I just haven’t posted there much yet.
      When I started SAOT on Facebook years ago, I needed a place to ESCAPE Our lives here.
      I have another account on Facebook under Sarah Kasch. I help angel mom’s and dad’s there. When I joined Facebook I needed a way of grieving. A way to grieve the loss of my only child. Danny and I were working 50 plus hours at Lake Kissimmee State Park. I couldn’t stop working. I couldn’t let myself stop.
      At that time I still was an active /viable asset to Lake Kissimmee State Park and was volunteering all the time. The lupus was not quite in remission but not very active.
      Danny and I were both thriving there and here on the Rolling Meadows Ranch Section where we live and work.
      Things changed at LKSP and while I still volunteer when I can and choose to do so….it is not the same. I am not happy here and haven’t been for a long while now. Sad thing is, Danny really isn’t either. He still loves his job but he doesn’t like a lot of his working conditions and those he has to work with. (He works they don’t). Danny puts in almost 100 percent each and every day he is there. He used to do that on is off days as well.
      So long story short…SAOT is my way of getting away from this HOUSE, this recliner I am in stuck in most of the time now (Lupus and fibromyalgia have hit hard.)
      It’s a way of staying away from the Angel Moms and Dads. They were bringing me down. I try to celebrate Bobby’s life. So many just want to grieve the rest of their lives.
      So SATO’S allows me a way to travel. Danny isn’t interested in doing much of anything when he is off.

      I do have lot’s of good posts I need to write from Our Neck Of The Woods Here. Lots of awesome memories.
      I’ve started to write them and stopped because I would start to focus on the problems rather than the good. I would get angry at the things I can’t control.
      Depression is a hard thing for me to cope with. Harder than fighting the lupus and fibro. I am use to fighting that. So to keep the depression at bay, I head to SAOT’S and post about other people’s lives.
      When I start posting to Our Neck Of The Woods, YOU WON’T Be able to stop my posts coming in. I promise you that.
      So If you need to un follow me here….I wouldn’t blame you. Or only follow me once a week. Whatever you choose to do is good with me.
      While I am thinking about it:
      Our Neck Of The Woods Blog Is :ourneckofthewoodsblog.wordpress.com
      I will also post Our Neck Of The Woods stuff here . Just not as much as I was doing.
      Please whatever happens, I would like to stay in touch.
      Hugs Sarah

  2. shyutgal says:

    What would you like to see on Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures? I think it’s lovely as it is.
    What would you like to see less of? Can’t think of any thing. It’s up to the READER too to be proactive about a blog. If there’s something the author puts out there that the reader doesn’t like, the reader can simply pass on reading it, right?
    Is there anything you would like me to post more of?
    I love your photography segments personally.
    What brought you here here in the first place? I found you in “Freshly Pressed” on WordPress and thought your blog was great, so became a follower
    Why do you keep coming back? We seem to have a connection. Many of the same issues and the same viewpoints, so it’s (for me) a visit to a friend.
    How Can I Improve SAOT? More humor as Mary Charlebois said..that’s the only thing, and I do understand that some days there is nothing funny about anything.
    Is there anything you would like to add? Thanks for providing all this beauty for us to share and your journey. It’s a nice trip for others to see a different perspective on life and to visit some of the nation’s parks without ever leaving our armchairs..

    1. Hey thank you for Writing it up like this. I was hoping someone would.
      I didn’t know I was ever in “Freshly Pressed”. WOW. DO you remember what the post was about?
      I feel like I have met a friend in you as well. I look forward to seeing your name pop up.
      Love you even before you wrote this. Love you even more now.

  3. I like your humor, I’d like to see more of that.

    1. Mary, I NEED to see more of my humor as well. I am working on that.
      Thanks for the reminder. Feel free to remind me anytime. I mean that.
      Hugs. Sarah

  4. mini2z says:

    You brought me here
    Via b101
    The blog is yours, post what you like & they will come!

    1. Sorry, I vanished earlier. I actually saw this come in but had a cluster migraine at the time.
      I am in better spirits today. Yesterday was bad…
      Thank you for what you said……They do seem to come no matter what I post.
      I spent a lot of time this afternoon ….catching up on behind the scene. I have blogging tips and stuff ALL over. I finally found the To do lists I wrote for June. LOL. Yes June….
      It’s funny because I am organize with Park work ……I use state programs so I don’t have a lot of choices. I don’t lose things that way. Plus…..I still use notebooks and pen much of the time.

      How was your afternoon? Evening?

      1. mini2z says:

        the girls took us out to dinner and we did some fun photos

        1. I miss family times like that.
          Photos like those are the best kind. I saw your post on the night out. I smiled at that.

          1. mini2z says:

            Thanks Sarah, it was nice having them here and beach photos are always fun. I have an album on FB that is titled then and now of all our beach photos here over the years

            1. I’ll check them out sometime when I am there next.
              As you know, I love pics…..even other peoples.

  5. mini2z says:

    I set myself up to guarantee at least three posts a day anything else extrav

    1. I need to remember to take it off Publish when I start a post.I am constantly sending it out before I am ready. I forget to schedule them as well.
      One of those MIND problems I have. That way I have posts I can send out on the days I don’t feel good.

      1. mini2z says:

        set it to draft and then modify it that way – somehow something was set to a timed post but I fixed it

        1. Can you set it to be on draft for all posts? I save everything as I am writing but invariably, I will it publish at least once before I am ready to.
          🙂 Hey, they for answering all my little ????????On how to do this and how to do that….

          1. mini2z says:

            Yeah you can set it to draft and I believe that you can work always in draft too

            1. Then I will head there now and change it. Thank you.

  6. More questions.
    How many posts a day is considered “The right amount” for you as bloggers?
    A Week?
    Struggling with Do I usually post enough posts? Not enough?
    What times are best for you to get them ?

    1. Honestly I was considering only posting once a fortnight once blogging101 is done, as that way I an ensure that I will be punctual and regular. Thoughts?

      1. I haven’t been posting about Blogging 101 much.I went to extremes with 201 the 2 weeks before and totally wore myself out. I am doing the assignments or at least part of them since I have been revamping everything anyway. I think we will all be ready for a break.
        I either post a couple or I post a lot. I can’t seem to get that balance I need. I have been working on scheduling certain posts for certain days. Then I can do them ahead of time and automatically go out when they are suppose to.
        I am not good at planning and sticking to it.
        As far as your question…..
        I would hate not seeing more of what you write. What you want to right.
        I like reading what you write. I like that connection.
        My best advice, Post when you want to…..
        How is everything else going?
        Are you able to keep up with the class? I haven’t seen today’s assignment yet.
        I haven’t been on here since 6AM this morning. My days and nights are messed up.
        So I haven’t read anything yet today.

        1. Oh wow, thank you! I’ll try and post more regularly then 🙂 I’m just keeping up- last week I was away on holiday so I was able to put my responsibilities to one side for a week. Now I’ve come back and there’s set texts to read and CVs to write- argh! So I’m trying to keep up as best I can.

          1. Don’t worry about blogging then unless it is something you want to do.
            Where did you go last week on your holiday? A week away would be wonderful. Take your time catching up. You will get it done.
            Have fun. 🙂

            1. I just went to a seaside village in West Wales. Nothing exciting, but it was lovely to get away from it all for some time. Thank you for the advice!

              1. Not sure how good the advice it. LOL. Did you take any photos? I’d love to see them. Bobby, my son had planned to take me to that area on his 30th Birthday. It was a dream of ours. We had it all planned out and were forever changing it and adding to it.

                1. I have pictures, but they are all on my camera- I’ll upload them at some point (maybe ill make a post about it). You should still try and visit, if you can. It’s a beautiful part of the world, and I’m sure your son would have wanted you to see it.

                  1. I will if I ever win the lottery. Of Course I’d have to play to win. LOL
                    We don’t’ have the money to do much of anything. We are in the low income bracket here. The higher end but still low. There really isn’t a middle class here any more.
                    It is beautiful there.
                    If you don’t make a post, Could you send them to my email? If It is not too much trouble. Or just send me a link to them.

                    1. Of course! I’d be delighted to. And that’s a shame, of course I don’t think about it in terms of the distance between America and here.

                    2. Hey, you aren’t the only one who doesn’t always remember how far away I am from someone I am talking to.
                      It is amazing that the distance is minor now that we can message like this….
                      Have a good Friday. Hugs Sarah

      2. mini2z says:

        Crazy question, is a fortnight a weekend or a two week period? I read about it and looking up but it’s escaping my brain right now

        1. Yeah it’s a two-week period, forgot it was a British thing :/

          1. mini2z says:

            That would explain a fortnight in the book I’m reading

            1. I was surprised I remembered what a fortnight was. LOL

          2. I remembered what it was but because my brain is often wrong I looked it up anyway.
            I am enjoying all this interaction between countries. We are learn so much from each other this way. Different words for the same things. Foods. We live in different time zones, I never remember what time it anywhere outside of the US and Canada. Just so you know, I am writing this as 12:50 PM . So it is early afternoon here.
            How are you today?

            1. Hi, sorry it’s taken so long for me to get back to you. As i write this, it’s 20 past 9 pm. I love seeing who’s read my blog from all the different places. It’s so cool!

              1. Smiling. It is 6:09 PM Here in Florida. A very WET Florida. 🙂

                1. Haha, today has been spectacularly rainy here in Wales as well. Some things are the same everywhere 🙂

        2. Saw that it got answered…. 🙂

    2. mini2z says:

      I will do three for sure a week but I have extras and I have a challenge to do a complete month of blogs all new posts as part of my Zero Day project.

      1. Either I missed the explanation of the Zero Day Project or I forgot what it was…….LOL.

        1. mini2z says:

          Zero Day is 101 things to do in 1001 days I have 67 done so far
          I think I’ll do an update post on the weekend!

          1. OK, Did you mean 101 days?
            Still not ready for that kind of commitment. WOW. Awesome.

            1. mini2z says:

              Nope it’s 101 things in 1001 days

              1. I saw this earlier this morning and then it got buried amongst all the other comments.
                I saved the link to look up when I get done here. Have a good night.

                1. mini2z says:

                  I sent you a message on fb btw

                  1. Obviously I haven’t been there. I will as soon as I get done here. Sorry. Hugs

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