Update On My To Do Lists For July- August 10, 2015 – List for Personal Life…Not Blogging

EDIT(    Oh am I good. When I did a search on my blog I found this first draft……I know I posted to a few other bloggers about it…..Going with this for now. Everything in Italics was written August the 10, July’s to do list shown here was written July 1….I copied and pasted it from the blog.
I have other to do lists saved elsewhere…and then another set for Blogging.

July’s To Do List – First Draft -Thinking Out Loud. Chores

I had all of June to make this list. I started one and never finished it. I want to thank those of you who have been sharing their To Do Lists and their daily planners with all of us. It is helping to motivate me into doing morI usually only go back to sleep for short periods.

The work radio is always on so I hear everything that comes in.

Wherever I am the radio is never far away.
Wherever I am the radio is never far away.

My brain doesn’t slow down.
If I  am not SLEEPING , Then I need to get up no later than 10.
That at least gives my body a rest.
Laying down with my feet elevated.
So Number one is :
Get up and get moving. By 10. (Unless I am able to sleep. I am an insomniac.)

(   1. I tried this and it has been really hard……I have stayed up all night more than not or at least a good part of it. This works out ok when Danny is working. I get more done at home late at night after he goes to bed…….
if I am not sleeping and NOT hurting and needing to stay in bed …I have been up earlier… Some of the time. )
Number 2: Get out and WALK.
This one is hard right now.
I love to walk. Normally. My ankles make it hard any more. Dizziness is a concern
When I can do so: Walk
Walk up to Howard’d Big Gate and Back.
Or Out to Bobby’s Cove- Road going to the right.
On those days when I hurt and really don’t feel good. Walk around the yard as much as I can.
It is not going to get cooler for a long while. I can’t keep letting the heat and humidity totally stop me.
(2. this one was almost impossible to do…..i was sick the last 2 weeks. Hurting worse.
When I could have : To be honest…..Many days: I stay in because of the HEAT. I even brought the rabbit inside so I wouldn’t have to go out as often.
I did do some walking in the yard.
I walked to the Howards gate 2x’s the first week. O times since.
Once to Bobby’s Cove. His Birthday..
Now I am unable to walk much at all.
I did walk more than I had and should have when we went to Bok Tower for our lunch. Still paying for that. The heat and humidity DO Stop ME  )

Number 3……Get up and Get Moving In the House.
I am pretty good here. I can’t sit still for long periods.
( 3. i do more than i should here ….i shouldn’t be up much at all. Danny isn’t helping at all so I don’t have a choice. (I am having a terrible staying in italic form here. )

Number 4.
Do the DISHES.
Don’t just rinse or soak and then stack in the sink to wash later.

There are dirty dishes under that blue towel, Rinsed but not washed.
There are dirty dishes under that blue towel, Rinsed but not washed.
4. (Why is my 4 in the middle to start with. I can’t get it set right. It start right
Dishes are still a HUGE problem. For one : Danny hasn’t fixed the drain on the one side. So we can’t USE it all all. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
I am doing them more often….a lot more often. There were 3 days I was in bed all day. A week when I only did what I
had to do. Lupus and Fibro stopped me.
when I just didn’t do them. I keep the area looking better though. )
Number 5.

Dishes Part 2.

5. ( much better here. Not put up every day when I could but not left more than 2 days when I could either. SO YAY for me)

Number 6.
Dishes Part 3
Wash Silverware When I wash the dishes.
6. (Slightly better ONLY. Not good.)
Number 7
Dishes Part 4.
Stop HIDING pots and pans in the oven.
7 ( Better but not great. Not good)

Can you tell ?
Dishes are a huge problem for me lately.
I always rinse them right away.
I stack them. I just don’t always do them when I should.

Number 8
Thoroughly wash the floor in the kitchen.
Not just a hit and miss like I have been doing.
8. (Yah….Much better when I could.2’s the first 2 weeks. Swept often since then. I can do it now. MUCH BETTER)

Number 9
Finished Washing the Windows . Inside and Out
9. (Started of doing them- inside. Then I got sick. )
None outside…..Except for the back door and the French Doors which I keep up..it really needs to get cooler…I honestly can’t handle the heat. I keep getting sick.)

Number 10
Shampoo carpets-
10. ( Nope never even tried. I can’t do  it now. Italic is not staying on. ????????)

Number 11
Mow Mow Mow
(as soon as the lawn mower gets fixed)
10. Lawn mower didn’t get fixed until AFTER I got sick.  I did it for less than an hour and got sick. The nauseated dizzy sick.)

Number 12
Exotics at the House & Bunkhouse
12. (None)

Number 13
WORK Outside the Living Area at Rolling Meadows.
Trash Pickup
Exotic Removal:
13: ( No I didn’t. Health reasons and the heat were only part of the reason why . ISSUE WITH THE PARK . )

Number 14

Clean Rabbit Cages AS NEEDED
I am pretty good here -Most of the time.

14 . (Done as much as I could even when I was sick.
Cleaned thoroughly the first 2 weeks…..when i could the second 2 weeks. some everyday.
The rabbit is inside now….Cleaning daily but it is easier. )
I’ll add more as I think of it :

The Main Thing I Need To Work On Is:

STAGE I am in.

Listening MORE.
Too late to work on it now.

Already, I am procrastinating.

Trying REALLY HARD here. Danny isn’t helping me and I am ANGRY now.
July I did much better even when I was sick.

Meal have been more to his liking. I have just tried to be nicer. )

That’s It for my JULY UPDATE.
I had trouble getting the ITALICS to stay on.

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  1. Hope you start feeling better soon Sarah! And I should make myself a list 🙂

    1. Hi Tandy, Sorry I haven’t been by more regularly to visit. Trying to stay caught up in Blogging 101. I am very glad I decided early on not to post about it all.
      I am feeling MORE positive…..That is major for me. Hugs My friend. Sarah

    2. Hi Tandy, Sorry I haven’t been by more regularly to visit. Trying to stay caught up in Blogging 101. I am very glad I decided early on not to post about it all.
      I am feeling MORE positive…..That is major for me. Hugs My friend. Sarah

  2. Catherine says:

    I love this!

    1. Catherine, You should SEE the JUNE ones I just found. I had them in Google Docs. LOL I just can’t get organized.
      How are you?

      1. I forgot the most important thing. Hugs, Catherine.

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