Looking past the color

You will be amazed at the photo shown here. Simply amazed. Looking Past The Color is an awesome title.
From Dirt Road Wife.

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  1. lifeofmiblog says:

    Very true…sometimes we miss something spectacular while looking for something spectacular!!!

    1. Yes, we do. Way too often.

  2. CurvyLou says:

    Oh. Wow. I moved to San Francisco from a small town 20 years ago. I miss tall skies. This is stunning.

    1. I grew up on the outskirts of a small town. Moved to the country and then watched it grow up around me. Then we moved to the Farm. This was all in Illinois. When Bobby and I first moved to Colorado Springs In 1982, it was a very small town. Spread out but small. We were living on the outskirts and still in the country. By the time I moved I wasn’t living in the country any more there either.
      Now that Danny and I have really lived in the middle of no where….we will have trouble living near anyone ever again.
      I loved my 2 visits to San Francisco but certainly wouldn’t want to live there.
      I do the the FOOD though.

      1. CurvyLou says:

        Maybe you’ve finally gotten far enough from town for it not to follow you this time. Sure hope so! Sounds like heaven.

        1. Yep, Considering that we are about 30 miles from town. 3 miles from the next house and now one lives there. Miles from anyone. Plus we are surrounded by STATE PROPERTY. . It s secluded.

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