From Longreads Blog: What Is an Authentic Greek Salad?

Bring on the Tomatoes, The Feta Cheese……Onions , Olive oil, Garlic, etc……I love any kind of Greek Salad.

This post has History and is 2 good posts in one…

Longreads Introduction and the original post. Read this for the salad…Read it for the history.
Longreads’ post is Called :
What is an Authentic Greek Salad?

Photo by feministjulie, Flickr

The Original Post is by : Dan Nosowitz August 4, 2015
and is called :
Greek the Salad

Authenticity is a con

Both salads are similar….Very much what we think of as a Greek Salad. A The second article really goes into the History of  Greek Salads.

Read both of these posts.

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