A Huge Thank You For Answering My Questions (An Update on the Post)


I have listened to everything you have posted in answer to my  questions from the post last week on :
Putting Myself Out There: What Would You Like To See On Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures? Less Of?

Comfort Zone Putting myself out there.

Questions and Answer Time.


The Number One response:
Leave it like it is.

Why Do We Write? Found on a Google Search

So I will keep posting from other blogs.

And informative articles to help our blogs grow.
Albert Einstein Quote And I will definitely keep posting Quotes like this one….It generated a huge response and a number of wonderful comments.

I’ll keep post food and recipes.
Number 2:
You miss Our Neck Of The Woods Posts
You miss my pictures.
You miss ME.

Our Cracker house from as seen the bunkhouse

My camera is broken.
The smartphone I use for taking photos (no phone service) is on it’s last leg. I takes forever to load. Forever to get to where I can even take a photo and them most of the time I get an error message and it’s locked up. Plus a new battery is needed.
I can still take pictures from a distance on my old camera. But I can’t see what I am taking pictures of. I can’t think what it is called right now.
I can’t adjust it very well.
So taking photos inside is almost impossible to do with it.
So what do I do…..

My Smart Phone

When it works it takes the best photos of them all,
My Old Nikon
My year old BROKEN Camera
Both look pretty bad now. I kept having to pry the lens open.
I wore the new one out.

I just keep taking photos and pray they turn out or I get the photo taken before the animal, (usually a bird, turkey or deer ) is gone or the phone locks up.
That is my attempt at humor.  I am smiling as I wrote that.

Number 3:
Be More Upbeat. When I can be. You miss my humor.
So do I. I will try. I am trying. It’s hard when I really want to cry or yell that I hurt.

Right now posting much from What I have done here in Our Neck Of The Woods is hard and rather a reminder of WHAT I CAN’T DO RIGHT NOW.
I am in a good frame of mine right now so as soon as I can today/tonight or tomorrow …I will get a Post out with ALL SORTS OF PHOTOS OF Where we live work and play.

I want to thank you you all for all the WONDERFUL COMMENTS that just keep pouring in here. And my emails from you all. WOW.
I am loved. Friends are needed and appreciated here.

Oh One thing I will KEEP DOING:
I am out now but When We get to the store ??????????
Not only did Danny and I enjoy eating it but it made the MOST WONDERFUL POST.

What do you see?
It’s so cold.
Yep, It was worth it.
I need Ice Cream in My Life

Love Sarah.

While I was writing this, as often happens, I saw something I just needed to take a photo of.
The phone was charging and almost out of my reach. I turned it on and made the slow walk to where my old camera was in the Den….Where the French Doors are.
Almost to the kitchen. Then the long hobble back.
Smiling here. Getting use to the hobbling around again.

I took a few pics outside of what I was looking at. I will post those soon.
Nothing all that great. Yet, it is what keeps me going.
The animals just outside my window.
I took them first from the old camera. Then with the phone. I missed the best shots.
I miss almost everything with the phone.
I also doubt either of them got a pic of the baby turkeys.

Danny is due home. I already turned the AC on in the kitchen….It was 86 in there.
78 in the rest of the house.

I need to clean up a bit.
And get snacks out.
Till Later.
Love from Our Neck Of The Woods