Friday’s : A Photo And A Short Story- August 14, 2015

DSCN0991This is the first in a series that I am starting.
A Photo And A Short Story.

This was just happens to be from Our Neck Of The Woods.
Rolling Meadows Ranch: Miles from home.
What could I possibly be doing way out in the middle of nowhere ?

On this particular day, I was actually riding around certain areas looking for exotics and  trash.
There is and will always be trash to be found on Rolling Meadows. That is a story for another day.

Part of the responsibilities that I have is Invasive Exotic Plant Control and Removal.
That day however, I had BETTER things to do than JUST WORK.
It was May 11 , 2012. May is already hot . We’d been having temperatures in the upper 80’s. The humidity was still LOW.
That afternoon it was just beautiful out. Not quite COOL but far from being as hot as it had been. I got ready for the job on hand. I had the Polaris  4 wheeler.
I had already spent a few hours working. Although driving around on a fourwheeler is easy work when it is nice out.
I was near what we call the BEER DRINKING TREE ( we have lot’s of names for certain landmarks. ) Lot’s of stories to tell about that.
Anyway On this particular afternoon, I had just picked up an old plastic bottle or ????
I remember just staring off down this long dirt path between sod field. Much of which was being reclaimed by Lake Kissimmee (the 3rd largest lake in the state).
I swear I heard it  calling me, “Sarah, Sarah….Let’s have some fun”.
I spent the next couple of hours just having fun. Not speeding. Not doing anything I wasn’t suppose to do. After All, I am a volunteer .
I don’t always have a schedule to keep.
It felt so good to have the wind in my face.
Fun times on Rolling Meadows Ranch.

DSCN0991And that is the story behind this photo.
Love Sarah

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  1. Great story! It makes me excited for the follow up story entitled “What Happened Under the Beer Drinking Tree?”. That sounds like a C&W song!

    1. Laughed at the C&W song. Yes it does. Very much so.

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