From Be Like The Water Productions: Child’s Day!!! – Happy Birthday Julia Day – What is your favorite Julie Child recipe?

Happy Julia Child’s Day!!! – Happy Birthday Julie Day – What is your favorite Julie Child recipe?.

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  1. Catherine says:

    You are gonna kill me for this–I don’t HAVE a favorite Julia Child recipe. It isn’t that I don’t like her recipes–believe me, I LOVE watching reruns of her shows. And I appreciate and love the fact that she has brought French cuisine into the homes of millions of people. And I use many of her recipe TECHNIQUES incorporated into my own recipes. But–(I’m being honest), I feel that her recipes themselves are too involved. Thanks to Bonaparte, I’ve learned basically through trial and error to cook his native French home cooking with the help of many different resources and family of his. But, I just do not have a favorite Child recipe! This is a great post for “food” for thought!

    1. Catherine,
      How can I kill you when I feel the same way? First off, your honesty is why I fell in love with your blog. Then you. I grew up watching her. I remember watching my Dad’s Mom (I loved her dearly) spend all day preparing one of Julia’s meals for her guests.
      I need to tell you a little background here. They lived in suburb of Chicago. Grandpa worked for Encyclopedia Britannica as one of their managing editors .
      She was always having guests over and she thought she had to impress them with fancy meals. (My grandma fought hard to get away from her background. She was born on a small farm. She never thought that was good enough. My grandpa was one of the smartest people I have ever met.)
      So she’d be in the kitchen, slaving away all day….a couple of days on this menu. I don’t even remember much about the meals themselves. Just her FUSSING in the kitchen….throughout the house trying to get everything right.
      What was sad, is…she was so busy trying to do everything right…..she never learned to enjoy any of it.
      We should enjoy the whole process of cooking. Of entertaining……
      She missed a lot of good times with her granddaughter…me….because she could have taught me a lot. She was a good cook. A farmer’s daughter type cook.
      There is a point to all of this…..
      Anyway, the guests showed up, I was introduced…etc…..(I must have been 9 or 10….)I didn’t eat with them…I remember grandpa fussing at that.
      I remember him saying that I had better manners that some of them did.
      Later, after the meal was over with, One of the guests saw me in the den…reading…..he asked me if I was enjoying the book. General conversation….Then he jokingly said, said that now his wife would have to come up with a fancy recipe. We laughed. Then he said something about, “whatever happened to spaghetti for dinner. Or hamburgers and fries.”
      I remember that night so vividly.
      Grandpa hated those fancy meals.
      I don’t remember grandma ever having a BBQ…..
      My other grandparents were just the opposite.
      So, do I have a favorite Julia Child recipe…..”Not on your life. ”

      Love you Catherine…Happy Sunday.

      1. Catherine says:

        Love you too! OMG. Seriously–my rule of thumb when I have guests for dinner (or any meal) is that it is not fussy and something that brings everyone together. I’ll do the prep work way ahead of time because I just want to relax and enjoy the company I bring into my home! I’m soooooooooooo glad you feel the same way that I do!!! Soul Sisters!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

        1. We don’t have friends over at all and here I don’t miss it that much because there is really no one around we really want to come inside our home.
          I use to do a lot of simple entertaining and huge family dinners.
          I just don’t stress about it at all.
          Everything got done early. Snacks and simple drinks….Finger food…..
          I loved making spaghetti, meatballs and garlic bread. Oops , can’t forget the salad. How easy is that?
          Or a roasted chicken and the fixins. Things you already do anyway. You just make more of it.
          Even Thanksgiving and Christmas was easy for me..
          You just plan ahead. Also, If something doesn’t turn out right….I just get something else out.
          About the only thing I make sure isn’t messed up is the turkey…..LOL You can’t get get another thawed turkey and then cook it in a hour or so.
          Entertaing means just that. You entertain them.
          You enjoy their company.
          I also had a girlfriend who would comeover with her hubby.We’d cook while her hubby and Bobby watched a movie or sports or just sat in the kitchen with us.
          Now, that I miss.

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