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  2. Janice Wald says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Nice to meet you. We have several things in common. I met you on Jason Cushman’s site, and I know several bloggers in your community like Suzie and Abbie.
    You and I both have an interest in Pinterest. I have written about Pinterest frequently on my blog and plan on learning even more about it. Nice to meet you.

    1. Hi Janice, It is so good to see you here. I look forward to seeing /reading your posts. I need all the help I can get.
      I really need help doing more than just pinning on Pinterest.
      See you soon. Sarah

  3. heading off to pinterest now!

    1. I was there when this post came in. Hugs

  4. I have been to Bobby’s Board and had a little cry for you…Hugs

    1. Maddy, Imagine my surprise when I got to Pinterest and didn’t see it right off. Not sure how it got put so far down the list.
      I really need to spend time on Pinterest. . Moving things around.Not an easy thing to do at least for me.
      Thanks for the hugs. For enjoy Bobby and my life.

      1. I moved my boards around today, its easy to move the actual boards, just drag & drop. But not the pins. The last pin in the board is the first one you see and if you want to move them, you have to park them in another board somewhere and add them in the order you want them to appear. It’s good fun though!

        1. I kept losing my internet while I was there. At least I got Bobby back where he should have been. I need to update with real photos. Most would be a photo of an old photo but it is better than not having them at all.
          There is never enough time to do everything. That is where I struggle. I am use to getting things done. Working.
          Working on Social Media is different than being physically active.
          Thanks for the tips.

  5. Oooh you have a lot of pins, and a lot of likes! And a lot of interesting things. This is a great place to look when I want a particular thing.
    I love your paned windows too, they look so homely…

    1. If you are talking about the ones from the backdoor, I would like to use them for Sarah’s Attic of Treasures . Just need to figure out how to do it well. My internet is too slow to do a lot of that kind of thing.

      1. I have had the same trouble this week-end with slow internet. It infuriating, especially when you are dealing with photos. Yes, that probably is your back door, it would be nice to use it on your site..

        1. I will find some way of making it fit somehow. How are you this weekend?

  6. I use to keep boards in some kind of order. It’s been a long time since I have arranged anything there. I will be revamping….rearranging things in the coming weeks.
    I’d like to change the email address on it as well.

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