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Reaching Out To The World

This is one of those posts needing to be shared far and wide. This is a good way to see where everyone is from…..Meeting new bloggers.
Hello there. I am Sarah of Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures. I live in Florida, USA.
While we are meeting like this: Can anyone send me any SNOW?  It’s been a mite warm and rainy.
I’d be more than happy to send you some of our rain.

What Country Are you from Originally? Where do you live now? What is your Blog’s name and URI?

Jay Dee  I Read Encyclopedias for Fun:

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  1. Jay Dee says:

    Thanks for sharing. Also, we had plenty of rain yesterday. We needed it. No snow here, even in winter.

    1. Jay, I really enjoyed the post. My hubby used to read from encyclopedias as a child. Not he reads anything and everything on line. But no Blogging for him.

      1. Jay Dee says:

        Well, he had a wonderful hobby as a child. Nothing better than reading from an encyclopedia 🙂

        1. Jay, Yes it is. I used them all the time when I wrote. Now for assignments but for just writing stories……
          I miss having a set here.

          1. Jay Dee says:

            I loved my encyclopedia set, even though it was from the 1960s. It was still fascinating. It’s so old, because my grandparents gave it to me. Unfortunately, my grandfather forgot it was given to me, and in his will, it was to be given to my cousin, despite the fact that I had them for more than 10 years at that time.

            1. OH NO…..And your cousin didn’t let you keep them?
              Sad…..I know how you feel. I treasure anything from my family and lost everything a few years ago.
              I miss BOOKS. On line reading is great but you can’t hold a book them and you certainly can’t smell it.
              Have a nice week, Jay…
              Good reading.

              1. Jay Dee says:

                Yeah, well, I was going to university, and couldn’t take them anyway.

                I have plenty of books. It’s how I prefer to read 🙂

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