Shared From Rachelle Chase Blog : Let’s Start A Revolution- You In ( I Also Shared From Epping Lighthouse Ministries And The Porch)


I’m in .
I am sharing more of Rachelle’ Post than I normally would. I want to get this MESSAGE out there. To as many people as I can. Please share either from my post or from her’s. I would rather the share came from her blog……but if it is easier to share here then please do. If you can help out …Please do. If you can /want to volunteer in your own community…PLEASE DO SO…
I can tell you : First hand, that VOLUNTEERING is AWESOME and REWARDING. I have volunteered most of my life.
Rachelle and one other person run a HANGOUT for TEENS Called THE PORCH. 

“What if your words could drastically change the life of one person?
What if your listening ear could be the only thing that gave one person hope in humanity?
What if your smile, your hug, your laugh was the one thing that stopped someone from harming themselves?

I believe that we have the power to change people’s lives.
I believe that sometimes, people just need to know that one person cares about them.
I believe this so strongly, that I have chosen to spend the last 6 years of my life doing just that.

See…I run a teen youth center in my town.” 

Written By Rachelle Chase in her blog

Rachelle and one other person run a HANGOUT for TEENS Called THE PORCH.

Shared From The Porch
“Porch youth center

We are open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for teens in grades 6-12 from 2:30-5:00. We provide free snacks and drinks and give the teens opportunities to play pool, ping pong, football and air hockey. We also have laptop computers available and a printer for kids who need to print out homework!

Tuesdays, we are open from 3:30-5:00 for grades 1-5. We offer a structured time of games, snacks, and a Bible lesson. We also offer after school pick up!”


Let’s start a revolution. You in?

“Your words could stop someone from cutting.
Your words could give someone the courage to get out of bed in the morning.
Your words could give someone the inspiration to pass a class.
Your words. Your time. Your love. ”
Written By Rachelle Chase
Let’s start a revolution. You in?

I’m In . Are You?
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