Special Mom and Son Moments Together: Memories # 1


“Mom, You are going to marry that man and I will give you away”.

Bobby 2004

Bobby  came over to the house for supper one night.
I fixed a favorite of his. Brats.
We were just having fun in the kitchen when the phone rang. Bobby answered it.
It was Danny. I could tell by the way Bobby was talking to whomever  on the phone. Next thing I knew, Bobby hung up the phone before I could grab it from him,
“Danny said he will call you later”. A few minutes went by. Bobby was very quiet.
That was not unusual. What was unusual was  the huge grin starting to show on his face.
“Mom? ” |
” What Bob”.
“Your are going to marry that man”.
Well, that certainly got my attention.
“I’m going to what..?….Danny hasn’t asked me to marry him?”

I don’t have many of the thousand of photos I used to have of Bobby. This one was one day when he came by for a visit because he’s promised to. He was so tired.

He didn’t answer that and I let it go.
Then he grinned again:
“And I am going to give you away…..”

Until Danny came along the year before this:
Bobby and I had never talked about my ever marrying. At least not since the usual childhood talks we had had  about why I wasn’t married and never dated anyone.

I had long since stopped dreaming about getting married and having my dad give me away.
Lately though, getting married had crossed my mind. So had my dad walking me down the island.
Yes, I had been thinking about it. We were headed that way.
I just knew it.

Danny had been talking about my moving to Florida permanently. He also knew I would never move in with him. 

To get back to the actual conversation
I said something about my dad doing the honor.
Bobby said it was his place. It was his job  to protect me.
Yes, Bobby would be the one giving me away.

I had raised an awesome son.

The photos of us were taken one year at Royal Gorge. His cousins were visiting and I had promised to take everyone there.
It was one of the few hot summer days Colorado had that year. In the 90’s. No humidity though.

Love you Bobby.