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Tired. Oh So Tired. – Friday, August 21,2015 Happy Friday

Happy Friday.

It’s just one of those days that I am TIRED. Capital letter TIRED. Feeling the heat even inside.
The AC (window unit) in the kitchen is having a hard time keeping up. We usually only have it on when we are in the kitchen. And then turn it off or turn it up when we aren’t going to be in there.

I went in the kitchen to do a few things. The AC in the house just doesn’t cool off the kitchen. It was 86 in there. We keep the house at 78 degrees. (Way to hot for me).
Well today, I turned the AC down to 76.
The AC was turned on in the kitchen. Set at 80.  And left on.

It was 86 degrees in the kitchen when I first went in there. By the time I got the phone to take a picture it had gone done a degree. Only 85.
It was 86 degrees in the kitchen when I first went in there. By the time I got the phone to take a picture it had gone done a degree. Only 85.

Saving money is one thing. Being Not QUITE so hot is another.
Danny is on his 3rd day of 12 hour days…..and still has to work this weekend. I have gotten over my vent from the other day.
He is away from the park today and won’t even get home till 7 or later……

The main reason I am writing this post is to say:
Thank you for all my wonderful comments that YOU keep writing every day.
I usually TRY and keep up with them. I love that part of my day.
I am behind.

I didn’t answer ALL of yesterdays and I haven’t answered ANY today.
I have READ them ALL.
It is one of those days I have Fibro fog really bad.

Yet, when I go to answer a post I have trouble. I often have to go back to the comments before or a post on another blog…..My mind can’t handle all of that and still write a good comment.
The word start to run together.
So, Please be patient with me…..Yes, I know you will.
I just feel bad when I fall behind on something this important to me.

I am enjoying my visits to other blogs today.
Not commenting there as much either.

Imagine Blogs.

Not like I usually do.

For Now
Love and Hugs From Our Neck Of The Woods.

The rain gauge is on the pump.

It's raining again. Thundering as well.
It’s raining again. Thundering as well.

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My real name is Debra (Debbie Sue). Sarah is a nickname given to me in high school. My husband has always called me that so here in Florida It's all I am known by. I was born and raised in Illinois. My son and I moved to Colorado in 1982. I taught school for 17 years. Then I ran a homeschooling/preschool/daycare until 2006 when I moved to Florida after my son, Bobby died suddenly. He was almost 26. Danny and I live and work at a state park here. I miss the mountains and climate of Colorado. I miss snow and the four seasons. I miss Bobby.

46 thoughts on “Tired. Oh So Tired. – Friday, August 21,2015 Happy Friday

    1. Donna,
      Hello there,
      I just got back to my room after hours of tests and being poked and prodded. I will answer everything you asked me although it might be awhile before I get to it.
      Danny went to get us something good to eat. I’d be fine with the hospital food but he’s being nice and I am enjoying that. I will take advantage of that for as long as I can.
      I think it’s going to be Wendy’s today.
      The reason why I had McDonald’s yesterday and Wendy’s today is because we NEVER eat at fast food places and since we are ALMOST ALWAYS together I never get to go by myself. Danny likes to be SERVED his meal. He also likes to sit at the bar when we go to AllStars Restaurant instead of a booth.
      I like to sit at a booth or table.

      And YES, I have already taken 201. I took it right before 101.
      I started getting sick in the middle of it. I did all of the assignments …most of which I posted about…..but still feel as If I need more help. I would have taken 101 again but you can’t take them both at the same time.
      I feel Blogging 201 is the better class.
      Maybe I didn’t give 101 as much of a chance. I worked on on the assignments in 101 but unlike 201 I didn’t post them on the blog or talk about them in the commons. I had enough trouble just reading and answering some of the posts in the commons. There are always way too many people.
      I am looking forward to Blogging 201 …taking it again…..I am also taking Writing 101 next month as well. I probably won’t post much in the Commons for that class either.
      To be honest: I already know I have writing issues….
      I taught school for 17 plus years and now I have trouble putting 2 words together sometimes.
      I use to write and get things published.
      Years of Migraines and other issues have messed up my brain…..Really messed it up.
      I have trouble carrying on a conversation sometimes…..I can never explain something the way I want to anymore.
      I also don’t want to have a bunch of people criticizing my work or my blog.
      So I don’t post like everyone else does and then ask everyone to read it.
      I am to emotional anymore.


      1. Sarah, I think you’re way too hard on yourself, first of all but now I’ll go back and start on what you’ve said
        funny, I’d assumed you meant Danny wouldn’t go to fast food because he was too cheap not too good, in that sense – but funny, because Saturday my hub took us – us and our granddaughter, but still, he never, hear the rest – to McDonald’s where, like I said we never go, no, not even to take her – even, his words, to get her a Happy Meal – but he may never again – I’ve been going/taking her with her mom so, one, have learned how mom handles things plus (oh, do I need to blog – can’t believe how my day got away) my own stuff – one, she hardly ever gets her an actual Happy Meal because you have to deal with the toy and she hates that kind of stuff anyway but…if she does we’re particular about what it is cause have you seen some of the stuff they have now – so…it’s Monster High time! and no, honey, we’re not going to just get whatever, even if you would just through it away because don’t you remember, if they get it they don’t understand and then you have to deal with all that and you’re not going to want to have to so I will so – um, no – so “what exact toy is you’re having this week, please?” well, it’s this one right here – which, just happens to be the one in a case that you can’t see what it actually is and do they know? why no…but they’re willing to bring it to you and let you see, which they do so I proceed to open it, so then hub says you know if you open it and don’t like it you can’t get another one, don’t you? well, if I don’t like it and I can’t get another one it won’t matter, will it? uh, well, no, don’t guess it will – well, duh, then, we’re not going to let her have one we don’t want her to have, are we? well, yea, he probably wouldn’t have given it a thought – so I open it and, thankfully, it’s the best one she could have; all it is is a drawing kit of a shield, which she actually doesn’t even want anyway – just give her the paper and pencil and she’s fine; they could have saved their money with her on that one; that’s what she does at my house all the time anyway is draw (and, oh my, Sarah, I’ve just realized here I am rattling on about granddaughter about McDonald’s and that wasn’t even really where I was going with this – does that bother you? I’m so sorry – any way want to hear our story now? salads – southwestern comes with southwestern dressing, honey, wouldn’t you think? oh, yea, she did say that, didn’t she – and it also comes with limes but they can come off of mine, matter of fact you can have mine – but do they know whether it’s made up of black bean and corn – why no, they don’t know – but, here I go again, you probably do know all about it, don’t you? or do they have it at the ones down there because they don’t have everything everywhere, do they? but we’re not in the southwest either – but, oh, I know what the real big deal was – they had a sign saying they have a new blend of greens for their salads – kale, oh, I don’t remember what all but the better stuff but was trying to see if that applied to all their salads or at least to the southwest trying to order and did they know that either – why no – the manager we/I had to get – would hub have done any of this, why no – knew and yes, to it all but what we had to do or “I” did; just wanted to know, is that asking too much – well, sometimes it is for him – but we got through all that – get our food, sit down and are eating – and then oh, he remembers why he never does this – it’s “too” spicy – really? even for him, who makes fun of me not liking spicy enough – must be something different about the spiciness because he’s normally right but I don’t have a problem with mine – maybe I was just hungry – anyway glad you’re enjoying your fast food

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        1. I love your writings here. Your stories. They make me smile. SO NO IT doesn’t bother me.
          Love your salad tale…..
          And McDonald’s one.
          I’ve been told many times that I am too hard on myself. I just know that it is too easy to start letting things slide, with the it can wait til tomorrow line. SO I work hard at some things…..Like answering messages ASAP….Which I usually can do.
          I haven’t gotten around to answering you in detail from earlier today.
          I haven’t forgotten. ”
          Love this conversation we are having.


          1. well, obviously this stuff works backward because you’re probably sick of stories by now – and you don’t have to be concerned about answering – I tend to just get to blabbering – all this stuff probably should be on my blog instead of taking up yours with it – but something seems amiss I need to figure out

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            1. Donna, Blabber all you want to and NO I am not tired of any of the stories. They are giving me something to concentrate on.
              I blabber to. Often. I am just quieter when I am in the hospital or not feeling good. That’s why your messages are good for me. I can answer them without having to think about it.
              This is fine right here…Sometimes I think we need a place to write messages on our blogs like Facebook does. We can just leave a message on our walls. That way everyone can join in….
              There are a lot of times I just want to say hello to someone and not have to find a comment place to leave a message.
              Especially when it has nothing to do with the post you are writing on.


              1. thank you, thank you, thank you! that’s what I’ve been thinking – I think, though, maybe, I haven’t tried it really, that it’s supposed to be that if I click on your blog name? maybe? or maybe it has to go deeper than that but somehow something gets past the blog comments thing into your actual email – let me play around and see


  1. Hope and healing thoughts being sent your way. Good luck with the hospital business. I’m sure you’ll come back from that refreshed (it sucks being in the hospital, but isn’t it lovely to have someone else clean up and cook all the meals and worry about the little gritty things that make life go along?) Lie back and enjoy!! Take care friend, I’ll leave a light on for you so when you come back, you’ll know I was thinking about you!

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    1. Rashmi, Thank you….This is something I have gone through for 32 years so I know the routine.
      One really good thing:Phone service works. I can call my dad. Plus Danny can call from his cell phone (if he can find a signal.)
      We are both looking forward to HIGH SPEED INTERNET.
      No radios (Work) to listen to.
      Plus, I will finally be as COLD as I want.
      Sleeping……not to easy. I will try.
      Hugs Sarah

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      1. I’m glad that you are all set, good thing there is phone access. Maybe you can look at it like a tech detox week or something. Have them give you an extra blankie and cuddle, sleep will come. Take care, Sarah
        Sending you big hugs 🙂


        1. Rashmi, I got the big hugs….I am looking for a little peace and quiet. I should be at in the room at the end of the hall. They know I like it and not many others do. So it is quieter….I am ready for some sleep.
          Something has to happen there. This has been a really long stretch.
          You have a good weekend.
          🙂 Sarah

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  2. I’m with you about the heat. It has finally cooled down a bit here today and I’m loving it. My hydro bill will be a little high this month but it’s still cheaper in the summer than winter so I’m not turning off the air. I’ll be thinking about you next week while you are in hospital. Take care of yourself.


    1. Actually Mary, I just did. I’ll will share the comment I made on another post.

      “No Winter Picnic’s? I love them and I am not talking about the winters in Florida.
      One of my favorite picnics is when my parents took us kids, the dog and my grandparent’s sledding one winter. Sledding as in Lot’s Of White stuff. Cold out. We built a bonfire for the day. I don’t remember all we had besides hot chocolate and smores…. I remember Grandpa Grilling. I remember my mittens got dirty. But Oh We had fun….”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I loved the cold white stuff as a kid, but can’t take it now. Same with heat. That’s the main reason I live where I do. Very little difference in the annual temps. It is a bit damp which can mess with my bones, but that’s OK.
        Once again, good luck with your hospital visit. 🙂


        1. Mary,
          I got to see a bunch of it when I went back home to Illinois last Thanksgiving for mom’s memorial.
          I LOVED LOVED LOVE IT. But I also remembered WHY I move to Colorado in 1982 with Bobby. I love the area but the winters are COLD and DAMP…..Icy. And the SUMMERS are hot and humid , although nothing like FLorida.
          I loved Colorado because It has all four seasons minus the damp cold and the humidity of the summers.
          Danny has really been here for me today and last night.
          Love Sarah

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  3. Yes Cathy is right Sarah. You should take a nice nap. Take good rest and don’t strain yourself 🙂

    Dear Sarah it has been very hot here in India as well. 🙂

    Thanks for your wonderful quotes 🙂

    I hope you would have a wonderful stay in hospital next week.

    Have a great time dear 🙂



    1. Naps: I lay down but don’t sleep. I am an insomniac and go through periods lie this all the time. Another reason for a visit to the hospital.
      Anand, Thank you. “What are your plans now that Blogging 101 is finished? Will you be taking 201 or Writing 101? I am taking both. Have a good weekend.

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      1. I am also taking both Sarah 🙂 We shall meet there as well. Meanwhile you could also visit Alumni forum if you feel like doing it. For sleep I suggest some breathing excercises–I have already suggested I know–if you are interested let me know–I can help–they are very easy and effective 🙂 🙂


          1. Hello Sarah,

            Please check this video out :

            It’s a very simple rhytmic breathing technique. 🙂
            I also invented one in 2003.
            I published some of them on my blog.
            I you try this and others I can help you.
            Please let me know 🙂

            Hugs and love ❤ ❤ ❤

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                1. Anand, I go in tomorrow around 7 PM…
                  They want me there then because tests start early Monday morning…
                  Yes, they do. Good internet. So I am looking forward to that. Ours is snail slow.
                  Have a good week.
                  What are you doing until our next class starts?
                  Actually, when do our classes start?

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                  1. Hello again Sarah,
                    Glad to know about the internet. I wish you good test results. Our next classes start from September 14 and last till September 25(two weeks course.) The writing 101 would start on September 7 and last till October 10(A four week course)
                    I am working on our Alumni website–trying to make it a better place which provides feedback and support along with some entertainment for all of us. 🙂

                    Best Wishes 🙂


                    1. I only saw the brief outline of the Alumni Website….Yes, It needs some fun and entertainment as well. Thank you for the dates. I knew I could just look them up but didn’t take the time.
                      I enjoyed Blogging 201 and posted all the assignments from it. I think you will like it as well. Some of it is a repeat of what we already did in 101. A good time to tweak anything that needs tweaking.
                      Looking forward to the writing class,

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                    2. Yes please keep doing this Sarah. We all need support of each other. I am supposed to attend this Alumni forum or else I would have kept participating there 🙂


                    3. I Just spend some time reading on the Alumni Blog….
                      I think it will turn out alright: But to be honest: It is just to FORMAL to want to be there much right now.
                      I know that will change when the weekly events start. You, Rashmi and Kristina and dona a really great job of setting everything up.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    4. Thanks for the kind words Sarah. I feel we can set-up a much lighter and friendly environment here without losing much focus on learning and feedback. Let’s see how things roll out 🙂

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  4. Since Danny is working and you are so tired, why don’t you just lie down for a nap? Is it too hot to sleep? I know you’re likely a bit anxious about the hospital but please go lie down. You certainly don’t need to worry about answering here!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Cathy, I would sleep if I could. I am going through a bad case of insomnia.
      I am really not anxious about the hospital stay. I am actually looking forward to it.
      And usually I don’t.
      I rest off and on all day. I will occasionally doze for a short while. I just wake up worse that when I laid down.
      Any plans for your weekend?
      Have fun. Sarah

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