August In Our Neck Of The Woods- August 24, 2015-

Mr. Bojangles

I want to warn you: Nothing Special has gone on in Our Neck Of The Woods this month except Our Reunion At Bok Tower Gardens. I still need to do a post on our visit there. I keep forgetting about it. LOL. The ONLY SPECIAL THING that happened here and I forget to post.
I did post on it a bit. That BAD photo that really isn’t because No one really saw the bad but saw the good.

First Impressions

Danny, Michael and I Our Reunion Luncheon At Bok Tower GardensDanny and I at Bok Tower August 7, 2015
The first photo is the one I saw first. It is the one that was posted ONLINE all over the place. It was taken by a friend.  Sometimes, It pays to not have the best camera/smartphone. The second photo was taken with my smartphone. The one that is worn out and seldom works any more. It worked a little that day…..It didn’t work later when I wanted pictures of the garden.
No one took any of those.

That is BOREDOM. I will have to fix that.
I have been pretty much confined to my recliners (I have 2) or bed all of this month.
I did mow for a couple of hours each Thursday. Something that takes a toll on me…A Huge one but something that I NEED to KEEP TRYING TO DO.
SAMSUNGIt takes about 10 hours or more on the John Deere lawn mower I use. It is slow….But I can’t handle the ZERO TURNS anymore.
My mind doesn’t work that fast any more. Last time I used it I almost hit Danny’s Boat.

Danny worked this past weekend….(Remember my VENT because the schedule got changed and HE FORGOT TO TELL ME) .

New Schedule At the Park- August 19, 2015 (Venting. Feel Free Not To Read )

Well, since HE was the EXTRA person on duty all weekend He WORKED over  here AT ROLLING MEADOWS RANCH…..WORK stuff that MADE me happy. That part will be in Part 2. MOWING for me and working on the ELECTRIC GATES again. The cows keep chewing   on the wires.
Most of the photos aren’t that good either.
A new camera and or Smartphone (for the camera) is on my wish list. I would say I am saving up for it but that money keeps getting used for groceries…..So I keep taking pics anyway I can.

DSCN3957One of our many views out the window. The grass never did come up here.

DSCN3968Mr. Bojangels in the kitchen playing with Grandpa.
Vittles has been inside more than he’s been outside.
DSCN3958 DSCN3962 DSCN3963 DSCN3960Mr. Bojangles Playing with his tent. Pictures of him on the window ledge by my recliner.



Hi there


The ONLY GAME I PLAY. SOLITAIRE on my Gateway  XP computer.

You can’t see it very well, but my right ear has a sore spot making it hard to sleep on the side any more. Just uncomfortable enough to keep me awake. I can’t sleep on my left side at all. HIP hurts.


Just goofing off.
Bored. Wanting to take photos but can’t go anywhere.
One of our daily after work snack breaks. Chips and dips. Nuts.
It was delicious even though the photo doesn’t show it. My mom taught me how to make wonderful dips….
My still white refrigerator. Danny got a new magnet and stuck it there. I can’t stand not having magnets and photos on the frig. I took mine off to clean it but haven’t done that yet
A feeling good moment.
Nuts for our snack.
Chips and prezels


New rabbit food container for inside. The “Little Monster” likes dumping his food out of his dish,             Snack time to the right.
My end table. A cooler. I make due with what I have.
Danny had just told me that he was working the weekend and that the schedule had totally changed.
I was not happy. We needed groceries and he was going to be working 12 plus hours the next 2 days. When are we getting them?  He went to WALMART that night. Without me.
Thank heaven we no longer have to unlock the lock and open the gate and then lock it again….Yah for ELECTRIC GATE OPENERS.
This is what our lane looks like most of the time now. We are flooded here.
It’s a mite wet out.
Rain, Rain Go AWAY.

The hat is my good work hat for the park.

Danny still hasn’t moved the limbs from the grapefruit tree. Our YARD is a mess. I can’t keep up with it and he is tired from mowing at the park. The heat has really been hard for Danny this SUMMER.
Hot and Tired.
Storms Acomin’.
I wish Mr. Bojangles would pick up his OWN toys.
A snack for me. Beef tips. Cheese and Tomatoes on Italian Bread
Danny and I both had a huge salad at Bok Tower.
There are huge projects going on at Bok Tower Gardens. HUGE
Danny and I at Bok Tower August 7, 2015
Danny and I at Bok Tower August 7, 2015
Aren’t they beautiful?
To the left is the Museum and Offices to the right is the Cafe and Store
Bok Tower Gardens And Danny
My view from the enclosed porch. Where I sit in the recliner.

Usually there is a lot going on In Our Neck Of The Woods. But not this month with my being laid up. Even Lake Kissimmee State Park was QUIET. Everyone is just trying to stay dry and as cool as possible.
One thing I haven’t mention:
THE SKEETERS ARE TERRIBLE. I get eaten up just feeding the rabbit. Even with spray on. I swell then as well.

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  1. Trail Walker says:

    Hi Sarah. It sounds like this has been a tough month for you, but I like your idea of taking pictures of everything. Pictures help create memories of the good things. You are in Florida, right (or is that wrong)? Obviously you have had a lot of rain. That must make it harder to “look on the bright side,” but I think taking a few pictures of the good things every day can help.

    1. Yes, I live in Florida. South of Orlando.
      I have been laid up a good part of the summer. Not able to walk or get around.
      My camera broke so I am using an old one without the LCD Light. (I can’t see or adjust anything). I have an old smartphone that is worn out Sometimes It won’t work. When It does it takes really good pictures.
      I usually sit in the enclosed porch (in my recliner)There are 4 windows to see out of. Two right in front of me.One looking East, One Looking South. I will take photo after photo of anything and everything. There is always something good to see
      Deer Turkey etc daily.

      I even enjoy taking pictures of the flooding.
      I also love to look at other people’s photos.
      Carolyn, I have enjoyed this conversation.

  2. Lady CAS says:

    Is this the cat your Husband took pics and of while you were in the hospital that was looking for your voice? He is adorable? I love the space set up for him!!!

    1. Yep. He has tents all over the house. Cheap ones but he doesn’t know that

  3. warmsio2 says:

    I love the pics!

    1. Thank you….Usually I am able to get out and do /see more. Have a wonderful Wednesday,

  4. Love all your pictures! Did you get your hair cut? It looks really nice!! 🙂

    1. Yes, A few weeks ago, I’d been wanting it done but kept putting it off. I knew Danny would get his hair cut really short and that creeps me out.
      Yet, I was getting more and more MIgraines and headaches and the weight from my long hair wasn’t helping.
      When Danny gets his hair whacked off: he reminds me of someone from my past who HURT me BAD.
      Danny doesn’t get it.
      It really creeps me out. He wears a hat most of the time. It’s the waking up in the mornings and seeing it that makes me sick. For that first second or 2, I forget it him.
      I know it’s silly but my mind does it anyway.
      I love my short haircut.
      How are you handling everything? Kids back to school etc
      Love ya.

      1. It’s not silly at all. You were traumatized and that will never go away. Danny should be a BIT more sensitive to that. Men-UGH! I really like your shorter hair. You don’t look dragged down and tired. Probably from the migraines, right?
        I’m ok-last night was REALLY ROUGH. Kids went back to school August 5. NSLM is already struggling to keep up, but his Special Ed teacher and I are on top of things already. Monkey is a vibrant 9 year old third grader! Although there is a stomach bug already going around in school…she’s complaining of stomach pain, so I need to make a dr apt for her.
        Love you too!

        1. Danny Be more sensitive in that area: Not going to happen. He thinks he got over is CHILDHOOD and everyone else should get past whatever happened to them….The one exception is Bobby’s death.
          What Danny doesn’t realize : He HASN’T gotten past anything . He just hides it all. For the most part: I handle the rape and the being beaten far better than he has with his mom and everything.
          Overall, I am OK with it. Just now when he gets his hair cut short.
          I hope your daughter gets to feeling better. Learning is hard without problems. At least you seem to be on top of NSLM’S troubles.

          1. Ugh why do so many people do that?! Hide shit and pretend is hasn’t happened? Stupid. I’m glad that you are able to handle what happened to you minus Daddy’s short haircut. Losing Bobby is hard on you both, and always will be. My heart goes out to you both over his loss <3
            Me too…I worry that something might be wrong, but you never know with her. She tends to be dramatic. And NSLM and I are BOTH lucky to have his Special Ed teacher that's been there from 6th grade to now. I got to meet the High School Special Ed teacher, and Kristi (his teacher) told her "I am hand picking his teachers next you. You are not going to f-mess up what I've worked so hard on". She's great! I have her cell number too. I couldn't ask for a better teacher for NSLM <3

  5. Thanx for all your pictures, I see you are making memories by taking a lot of them. I hope your ear will be ok. I like the Bok Tower Gardens and the clouds.
    I am sure mr Bojangels makes you smile. I have two cats, Piano (my daughter named her, so I can remember to do my piano practice, started to play piano 2 years ago) the other one is Skyfall, she fell from the roof 2x when she was just 4 days old. All the best 🙂

    1. Hi Nelia,
      After losing all of mine in a fire shortly AFTER Bobby died and only a few were stored on line….I make sure everything is documented everywhere. I go over board. Plus, I Almost need to take photos so when I can’t go outside or get away from here…I take pictures of the house……everything in the house. I get bored and take photos…Of my messy house….LOL I am a little crazy.

      I love the names of your cats and how they got them.
      Hugs Sarah

      1. I love that – going over board. You make me think of the song in the movie -AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. The song is something like “I want to feel that I have lived ..I want to be happy being who I am”

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