“Do Not Touch That Thermostat!” – Tuesday, August 25, 2015

“Do not touch that thermostat, Danny”!
For 12 months of the year, I am HOT…..Hot flashes 24/7. The weather is hot. Humid. Or Danny will have the heat on (it may be 76 in here).  It doesn’t matter, I spend most of the day and night in a sweat.
So when I am in the hospital, I get to turn the thermostat way down. Way down. I want to be cold. If he doesn’t like it, he can put a long sleeved shirt on.  He can wear a jacket on top of that. I don’t care. I have it set at 68 at night. I like a cold room to sleep in.
I have it set between 70 and 72 degrees during the day. I wouldn’t mind it even cooler.
So we argue about the temperature. That is about the ONLY time I get cranky here.
Really cranky.
I have to put up with being hot at home.
I don’t have to here.
Too tired to write much and there isn’t much to say. I’m worn out but that is to be expected.
Danny works all day Wednesday and Thursday. He will probably take Friday off. It depends on what time I get out OR if I get out on Friday.
He just left a few minutes ago to get something from the store. I have no idea what he is picking up for me.
I hate the thought of what all the extra food and entertainment stuff is costing us. We don’t need another monthly bill. Yet, It is wonderful to be pampered a bit….
It is also wonderful having high speed internet that is really high speed.
Sad thing is, I haven’t used it much…..
Everything is going like it should. They took x-rays of my ankle and foot today. They are concerned about the pain I am having and why? The last x-ray I had a few weeks ago didn’t show anything except swelling.
I am concerned about the pain.
That’s enough for tonight.
Thank you for all the wonderful comments, prayers and love…..
You’ve been wonderful.
Good night from Our Neck Of The Woods (via my hospital room )

Love Sarah

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  1. See how you are with the heat? That’s how I am about the cold. Can’t stand to be cold! Yes, even being from New Orleans where you’d think I would welcome the cold; I hate it! The heat never bothered me. It just was. I am cold here all the time. But I want you to feel better. So you freeze your little tush off and let’s get your foot heeled (get it??). Gosh, that’s my dad coming out in me. I never make jokes like that. I called them “groaners”. Anyway, I hope you’re feeling better tomorrow. Take care of yourself and get comfortable! Good night Sarah!

    1. Diane, This made me smile. Loved the “freeze my little tush off”. My tush is anything but little.
      You and Danny would get along.He gets cold when it is in the 70’s…
      Yet, this year, even he is having trouble with our heat and humidity. We are breaking records right and left.
      Good Night Diane.

  2. Oh Sarah, I’ve missed your posts somehow. They appear on my reader but not in my email. I am sorry to hear you are in hospital. Sending you hugs and light. Please feel better soon.

    1. Except for the left ankle /foot which is a huge issue and HURTS all the time…..I am actually feeling better OVERALL than I did a few weeks ago.
      My meds are in need of changing and I was due to take the tests anyway.
      Sending love and light back to you. Hugs.

    2. I wonder why they aren’t appearing in your email. I have the tab for it. As far as I know it works.

  3. hope you are doing better!

    1. Exhausted but anyone would be. I am good.

      1. I am glad to hear it!

        1. So what are you doing besides messaging me?

          1. cleaning, cooking the usual ha ha

        2. I am off to your blog.

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