Margaret Ann Kasch: Sunrise May 5, 1938 -Sunset August 26, 2014

I’ve been at loss as to how to write this post for today. I am not quite ready to write the one I want to. Need to. I want to be home in my own chair. Comfy…….to write about my mom and dad. I can’t write about one and not write about the other.
So for today I am going to share a some photos of mom her life and the man who calls their story a “Love Story.” And it was :Is and Will alway be just that. A love story.
I am sorry but these are photos of photos.
I loss all of mine in a fire.

What mom was working on when she died..
What mom was working on when she died..
Dad has carried a smaller version of this photo with him since this was taken in 1968? It is is favorite photo of his wife…..
Mom and Donna on the farm….Above them Me: Debbie and her babies. This was around 1975. 
Mom and Dad : A church photo.
Early days. 1956-57?
Home : They were holding hands. Christmas 1979?
Dad, Leslee, My cousin and Mom
Mom and my Aunt Sandy. Just a few years ago. 
Mom, Dad , John , Donna and Me.
Grandma with Bobby and Mike 1981

Mom and I at our Cabin in Colorado


Earning her Cap and Gown
Still at home with her parents.
One of my favorite photos of her. 
Mom, John and I. 1962?  

She was know to her family and close friends as Margie…Margee.

Dad and Mom and close friends. See how close mom and dad are?
 Mom – camping
At one of our many ball games.
At one of our many ball games.
At the Cabin
At the Cabin
I have this photo at home. Mom and Dad just a few months before she died. 

My mom.
Marge Kasch

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  1. Rellick says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. I get the impression you were close to your mom. Beautiful pictures. Keep the memories alive in your writings. Blessings 🙂

    1. Thank you for this. Yes, We were very close. Dad and I have become even closer with mom gone. I was on your blog for a short time last night. I really enjoyed it.
      Have a wonderful weekend. Any plans?

      1. Rellick says:

        Spending time with my love. Have a great weekend. Did you get any good news on your illness?

        1. No. No new news yet. It what they haven’t said that bothers me. I have been here too many times to know when they ar worried. They just don’t know how to handle everything.
          My mood is good for now.
          Thanks for ASKING, especially since you don’t know me. I really appreciate it. Hugs Sarah

        2. Here’s to an awesome weekend for you both.

  2. love this so much, Sarah – but you had those pics with you at the hospital?

    1. Danny and I have a server at home that connects all of our computers and my smart phone ( no phone service). It also has thousands of my pictures on it. I need to upload the one from my external drive. I wanted those earlier.
      I had lost all of my photos of Bobby and my life I am NOT losing anything else SO I save everything all over.

      1. router?
        what happened to all your pix of Bobby? that’s horrible; you don’t have any?

    2. Because I don’t trust a fire or hurricane ??? from destroying the server (Which is actually an desk top with tons of storage and duplicate storage. ) I save as much as I can ON LINE. Facebook has Most of my stuff that I don’t want to lose. This blog will eventually as well.

      1. oh, duh, you already had them scanned…maybe that’s what I should spend today doing, now that I feel more confident in being able to do that

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful and cherished memories, Sarah, so that we can cherish them with you. <3

    1. I hate having to share such bad photos when I had so many good ones. I remember them. That is what counts. I looked at all of my photos all the time so I really do remember how a lot of the pictures looked. Therefore I still have those images locked in my mind. Have a good Thursday. Sarah

  4. MeRaw says:

    Such lovely memories xx

    1. I wish I had all my pictures. THINGS. I know you understand.

      1. MeRaw says:

        I sure do.
        Love and hugs x

  5. Thanks for sharing your mom (and dad) with us. I love looking at old photos.

    1. Cathy, Thank you.
      I love old photos as well.
      I saved the song for Justine . I won’t forget to listen.

  6. Sarah, your photos truly touched my heart! I guess the thing that I’m starting to see in my loss (and yours as well!) is that we had such a rich relationship with our parents that taught us something, contributed to the circumstances surrounding our lives which had us be the people/parents that we are today. It hurts more when you are so close to your parents when they are gone from us, but look what they gave us! So much! One of the things I miss the most is just talking to him. He would call about 3 times a week and ask the same question, “Anything new, thrilling, and exciting?” Every call he started like that. Used to make me roll my eyes and sigh on some days. Now I’d give anything to hear it on the phone from him right now! I’m hoping he’s happy with the things I’m doing. I’m hoping that I make him proud. I have doubts in that area.

    I think we’ve been blessed, dear Sarah! It hurts, but we’ve gotten such a treasure trove of love and life experience from them! I think sharing that with friends and family only contributes to their lives as well. Look at the connection we’ve made! I just sat down one day and decided to blog about my dad. When someone gets you it’s so satisfying. Thank you for sharing your mom and dad with us. I feel your loss. It reminds me of my dad. But it also reminds me of what he gave me! Hang in there! Feel better! 🙂

    1. Diane, I will answers this message when things calm down around here. They haven’t kicked Danny out of my hospital room yet. I love what you wrote. Very much. 🙂

    2. Diana, Love this post. I almost laughed at the
      Way your dad greeted you every single time…..Laughed because it reminded me of our close my parents and I were. Now Dad and I. Mom always always called me a “stranger” if I didn’t call EVERY WEEK. I almost always did.
      I think you and I have an unending supply of stories to tell.
      And they’d all have at one one thing in comment….LOVE
      I always knew My parents were SPECIAL. They really loved each other. They each were individuals and yet, when Most people thought of them …They were one. Always together. They taught my brother, sister and I how to love.
      I then taught my son to love.
      Bobby and I were closer than most mom’s and son’s. We were definitely Mom and Son. We were best friends in many ways. Best friends meaning we really did enjoy each others company. Even as Bobby grew up and started dating…there were certain things we always did together.
      The neat thing about it was that Bobby was not a Momma’s boy. Everyone always said that.
      I know the road ahead will be lonely at times. There is so much I want to say. To help. I am here if you want to cry or laugh or just tell stories about your dad.
      I look forward to getting to know your dad through your blog.Your writings. Love Sarah 🙂

      1. Thank you Sarah! I look forward to sharing more with you and getting to know you better as well.

  7. Great family pics! G-uno

    1. Thank you…..I really appreciate you dropping by.
      I will visit you ASAP. Sarah

    2. You have a wonderful blog. I really can’t wait to read more.
      I also forgot to say the most important thing while I was there. Happy Anniversary.

    3. You have a wonderful blog. I really can’t wait to read more.
      I also forgot to say the most important thing while I was there. Happy Anniversary.

      1. Why thank you so much! I am equally excited to have found your blog as well, and I am looking forward to your future posts! G-uno

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