4th Day Of My Hospital Stay -Thursday, August 27, 2015

I knew it was coming but I won’t be going home tomorrow. In fact I won’t be going home at all this weekend.

They also decided to hold off doing much on Friday. I need rest as much as anything and it is the one thing I can’t seem to do.
My ankle is swollen and they have it elevated for me right now, which means I am stuck in bed.
It’s one thing for me not to feel good and have trouble getting out of bed. It is one thing for my ankle to hurt when I walk on it.
I can still manage to get up and go to the bathroom.
Bed Pan, Contour Design

I don’t like bed pans. There is nothing dignified in them.

What I want  more than anything right now (other than being healthy and HAPPY) is to be able to get in the truck and drive. Head to the East Coast. I’d say head West but to do that I have to drive North for 6 hours or more before I could even start my journey WEST.

Feeling confined.
Road Trip, Travel, Trip, Road, Drive, Highway, Sky

  • I don’t like my choices taken away.
    My mood will improve. In a few hours (When I should be sleeping ) I will be more alert and that always makes me feel better.
    I am in a blue mood. Scared because I fear surgery is next and I have been down that road before.
    On a good note, except for the hot flashes (I did let them give me something else for those. I’d been fighting it because I hate pills.) I haven’t been hot.

    Danny wears a long sleeve shirt in here and will still complain that his hands get cold. I told him to bring gloves.

    That was my attempt at humor.
    He didn’t appreciate it.
    He said we had 5 inches of rain at home yesterday.

    There was a huge storm here. Lot’s of lightening and it was windy. He said we have branches and limbs down all over our yard and at the park.
    So we are a bit Soggy at home now again.

    The park, itself, only had an inch. It is amazing how that works sometimes.
    Closing for now….
    I was given a sleeping pill a little while ago. Praying it works. Danny went home around 9 PM tonight.

    They are really good about letting him stay.
    Love for Our Neck Of The Woods
    via a hospital bed.
    Thanks again for ALL of the wonderful messages. Thank you also for the cards I got. Danny brought me a handful today. Amazed  at them all.

    He said that some of the park staff have asked if they could stop by but weren’t surprised when he said that I didn’t like visitors. They are used to that.
    I don’t like them at home either.
    It is unusual for me to even let anyone else know what is going on here.
    This is new for me.
    Love S

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  1. I need to look that up; made one not long ago, nobody here wanted it but my daughter in law, who’d happened in, loved it

    1. Donna, I am not sure what you need to look up. Glad your daughter-in-law liked what ever it was.

      1. yes, I realized after it posted that even though I did it as a reply, it didn’t post there – it was the Chicken pot pie recipe – how are you doing?

        1. I get out of here in about 90 minutes. Or whenever Danny can get me. He is tied up at work. Problems there.
          I am good. Much better.

          1. wonderful! so your foot and ankle’s better?

            1. Far from it. The medicines seem to be keeping the selling down as long as I stay off of it. It has reduced the pain. Still painful to walk on.

              1. wow, so they let you come home when you can still hardly walk on it? is there a plan now? I mean, I understand the whole probable linked to the lupus/fibro; are you seeing an arthritis doctor?

                1. Yes to the arthritis doctor. There was nothing more the hospital could do for me and my insurance company was already wanting me out of there. They were giving ME a hard time.

                  1. oh, don’t you just love the insurance companies? sometimes I think you do better without them; at least I have a friend who didn’t have insurance and she’s been in for a week twice lately and nobody seemed to be pushing her out

                    1. They are more trouble that they use to be. That’s for sure.

                    2. so I here, although actually I haven’t really had much problem with mine but then I haven’t been in the hospital either

  2. I know our first thought is to hide when we have something wrong with us, but with Danny gone to work so much those extra “friends” in the park can be a life saver. It would be great if you could find a neighbor or two to have coffee with. Someone who will pick you up at home and take you to a coffee house. It is good to have someone who will get you out of the house and to a museum or a play. Somewhere to take your mind off of what is going on with you. Tell that person, I need to laugh, I need to play, I need someone who is willing to not talk about my issues with but is willing to be my partner in adventures. That is how I have been able to overcome. I had a rough time in 2009 with my ex. He tried to kill us. I ended up with PTSD as a chronic symptom. I had major depressive disorder. I had anxiety so bad I was shaking like a chihuahua. I had people tell me not to hide. I had them at my door not taking no for an answer. I had them taking me shopping, to the movies, and out for coffee. They did it while the girls were in school. They took me to comedy night shows and even helped me find people I trusted to watch the girls while I went. They took all 3 of us to events in the parks or where ever they were that were free and entertaining. I miss Colorado because of this. You need that Sarah. It will even help with your depression. You need to get out of the house and laugh.

    1. You are so right. I do need that. There was a lady and her hubby who were volunteers at the park for years. We would do things like that. I was in a good place then …..volunteering and feeling good. So was she. I miss that.
      I am at the pace now, if someone offered to help out, I would let them…
      We live so far out that we don’t have a lot of places to go to….But one place I would love to go …is the library…..
      I miss that. They will send books here and pay for the shipping etc….I miss the library itself.
      When It dries up around here, I can go for rides again. We got permission for us to take our personal truck if I need to because it has AC in it. We normally have to use state equipment.But here on Rolling Meadows we don’t have guests here. Anyone that is here works for the state so they all know our truck anyway.
      I would use a state truck at the park. It sounds like you have some awesome friends. WOW, That is amazing what they did.
      Is your ex is prison?
      Colorado does have a lot of FREE events. I miss them as well.
      How are you doing? I am behind on visiting? Hugs And thank you for this….

      1. No. He never went to prison.

    2. This is the first time I have been in the hospital that I have let any one outside of family and a few friends in on my day to day life here inn the hospital.
      It’s been hard (although not as hard as I thought it would be) to let everyone in.
      It’s felt good to be getting the feedback like this. I don’t feel as If I am doing it by myself. So thank you.

  3. God bless you, Sarah. *hugs* Hang in there. Keeping you in my prayers! Audrey

    1. Audrey, Today was a better day. They held off doing anything major. I was left in my room to rest. Still can’t get the swelling to go down. But the pain is a bit better.
      Do you have any plans for this weekend? Enjoy. Sarah

      1. Just taking it easy. You do the same! You’ll get through this! Hang in there. *hugs* Audrey

        1. I’m good .Just restless. Wanting to KNOW what to expect….NOW. Then I can DEAL WITH IT…..Audrey, thank you.

          1. The waiting really is a killer! Keeping you in my prayers!

  4. Oh dear! Hope you get better news in the am! {HUGS}

    1. No news yet, although they are really talking about surgery.
      My spirits are certainly going up and down.
      Way down at times.
      Enjoy the weekend with the kids. <3

      1. Boo 🙁 Sending you hugs and love <3

  5. Hi Sarah! thanks for the update! Glad you are ok!! Thinking of you!

    1. Hi there. The post of yours I reblogged last week or the week before….is one of my bests posts. People love it. I need to share more.
      Any plans for this weekend? What’s on the menu? HUGS Lynz

      1. Which one did you reblog ? Thanks you are so sweet!

        1. Your Chicken Pot Pie one…I think…..My memory is shot.

          1. Ok sorry Sarah, I so appreciate that! I am running getting ready for school so I am a big scattered!

            1. Scattered is find. 🙂

    2. Hi there. The post of yours I reblogged last week or the week before….is one of my bests posts. People love it. I need to share more.
      Any plans for this weekend? What’s on the menu? HUGS Lynz

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