Friday’s Motivational Quote- Friday, August 28, 2015

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(Hospital Room)
Love From Our Neck Of The Woods

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  1. You might be stuck in a hospital room, but you have WP followers/readers to keep you company. There is always next friday to be even more amazing. Hope you feel better.

    1. You are so right. This is the first time I have been hospitalized that I have ALLOWED ANYONE in …..meaning before this…..I never talked about it. It was hard. It is still hard but I need it this time. So thank you.
      Thank you for being here with me….

      1. Glad you stopped by my blog, which in turn resulted in me finding yours. I understand how sometimes we shut everyone out, but I am glad that this time you chose to allow everyone in.Hope you feel better and be back home soon.

        1. For the last couple of years I have pretty much shut everyone out. I went from being outgoing to becoming a hermit almost overnight.

  2. Vibrant says:

    Hahaha, yes ludicrous, ridiculous, lugubriously amazing, bizarre and eerie. I am working on it lol πŸ˜€

  3. I am working on it !! I hope you have a great Friday too !!

    1. Trying to. I am having trouble being cooped up in this hospital room all week. Stuck here over the weekend, You have a good night.

      1. Oh no, so sorry to hear that !! Hang in there , you will be home soon !! You have a good night too !!

        1. We are enjoying it.

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