Chit Chat…… By Sarah

Chit Chat:

I had a fellow blogger tell me he wanted some “chit chat”.
That certainly made my day.
So what is chit chat anyway?
Google Search:

noun: chit-chat
  1. 1.
    inconsequential conversation.
    synonyms: small talk, chatter, gossip, chat, chatting, prattle

    “we ran into each other at the pharmacy and had a little chitchat”
verb: chit-chat
  1. 1.
    talk about trivial matters.

    “I can’t stand around chitchatting” ”

    Once I stopped laughing and thought about what to write MY MIND WENT BLANK.
    Chit Chat?
    I couldn’t think of anything to GOSSIP about.

    Small Talk?

    Ok, Let’s try this…..
    I don’t know where all I mentioned it but Danny says we had 5 inches of rain the day before last. Or was it 2 days ago? They all run together.
    Anyway, Rolling Meadows is flooded.
    Lake Kissimmee State Park only got an inch.
    We are only 3 miles from the Park Entrance and the Ranger Station.

    I just finished watching Season One Of Cedar Cove.
    Now if only I could get the rest of the seasons.
    I read the whole series of books by Debbie Macomber a long time ago.
    Then when I saw that BB was going to be in it I couldn’t wait to watch it.
    It just came on on Netflix – DVD’S

    Cedar Cove
    Cedar Cove

    Want to know a secret? I love Bruce Boxleitner.
    DSCN3919 DSCN3920 I started watching him on
    Our The West Was Won.

    B.B. How The West Was Won

    Then I watched
    Scarecrow and Mrs King.

    My favorite role was Down The Long Hills – Louis L’Amour 

    Yes, I had a crush on him.
    Do I still? YEPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Had enough Chit Chat?

    For Scott Only:
    Thanks Scott.

    Danny should be here soon.
    I am in better spirits.
    I got some much needed sleep.
    Not very long but every little bit helps.
    Happy Friday.
    Love From Our Neck Of The Woods

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  1. Hey, Sarah, appears the other didn’t work then apparently did something wrong but Down the Long Hills! long story but Saturday before last went to repair young son’s bedroom door and oh, all the Louis L’Amour books all over his room; decided to crate them up and – found “my”; turns out actually had – 2 – ! copies of that book so I scarfed mine back to finish reading – remember getting the first one for him as a kid because had never seen a basically a kids book by him – so never found out what happened – though assume I know, but just not how – but now gotta get caught back up – so glad to have found this!

    1. Oh Donna, Loved this post of yours. My dad got me hooked on L’Amour’s books. He had them all in a collector’s edition. Bob and I had them in paperback. All of them. Some doubled.
      I love it when kids are readers.

    2. Oh Donna, Loved this post of yours. My dad got me hooked on L’Amour’s books. He had them all in a collector’s edition. Bob and I had them in paperback. All of them. Some doubled.
      I love it when kids are readers.

      1. like me with that particular one – most of ours our just paperbacks – oh, one more double – The Walking Drum, not one of his westerns, though; do you have it? but wasn’t my dad, guess in a way, one of the good legacies from the ex

        1. I only have a few books at all any more. I lost everything I owed a in a fire shortly after moving here. Danny and I were suppose to go back and get my things. Bobby’s things. The fire broke was in Colorado Springs. One of the big ones…
          I know I have read it before. Oh I miss my stuff. My books.

          1. okay, first of all, after your new big post, I want to know what you want me to call you – but for starters, now with online and all and older books being easy to get fairly cheap can you begin to replace what you had? but do want to say how sorry I am about all that; I’m sure there were probably some irreplaceable things in there – that happened to my parents even though they had moved their stuff; they had to put it in storage where they moved to while waiting on renters to get out of their house – no, don’t fully understand all that, but story I always got – and it caught fire and burned it all up – and not sure if considered better or worse, not sure about books, maybe that’s why we hardly any either and know some of dad’s Army stuff was in it but what I mostly got out of them that they lost was all the stuff they’d saved and bought to remodel that house they were going to move into, so they/we ended up just moving into it anyway once the renters were out but then ended up not staying long because, partly, I think, because of what had happened they just didn’t have the heart to go through with trying to start it all over again

            1. Sarah is good. I only reblogged the post because I was getting new followers asking about the names. I am very comfortable with both of them. Most of the time I don’t have any problems.
              We really don’t have the extra money to spend on books. I wish they had a used bookstore here. Then I could at least but by some and keep returning them and it wouldn’t cost as much.
              It would be nice if I could get to the library.
              Not that I am not able to do much…maybe I can get on there mailing list and have them send me some books.
              We have a bookshelf in the Ranger Station. I get some there.
              I had most of the family’s antiques and collectables. Bobby and I had collected all sorts of things.
              I lost all of Bobby’s things. Photos. All of my writings and journals. Irreplaceable.

              1. first, now, see, I’m up now; wasn’t quite before, on my phone, why kept it short, so doing my usual but really shouldn’t be – hub’s out trimming, feel I should be doing something but then you probably do, too, now that you’re home, but you did just get out of the hospital so I’m giving you the weekend off 🙂 Sarah, then, it will continue to be
                understand about no money for books, why I said what I did about online used but know not the same as swapping back at used bookstore – what about that paperback book swap thing online? And I have known people who’ve gotten books by mail from the library or even now borrowing them online, if you don’t mind e-books; I’m reading one now, funny Worldcat had a local library listed as having this book, so went over there and they didn’t know what I was talking about till they finally dug deeper themselves and it was an e-book; if I’d looked at it closer might not have even had to go
                the shelf there might not be a bad idea – does it do swap? found something like that at a campground near here but assume it’s only for campers but would almost like to find out; did look through and places like that are often where you find the neatest books.
                and I am so sorry for all you lost in the fire – especially you had gotten them with you living out of state? is that when your dad moved out there? guess would have just thought that all that would have still been where you’re from – is there anything still there? sounds like you and Bobby had a real special relationship – would still love – either FB msg or have you tried my email through my blog (not sure, why asking) – to hear more about your move with him – I mean, I saw about the weather, but that was all?
                and just so sorry for losing his stuff – makes me think – surprised or maybe I was still that small – that mom must not have had my stuff, or at least not all of it, in storage, since some of it I found when she passed away – interesting –
                at least you didn’t lose yourself – and I don’t mean just that it wasn’t a fire where you were – mom had a really hard time with theirs, not that you didn’t, not sure how to say it, but she really couldn’t deal with it for a while

                1. I read anything and everything I can on line. There are a lot of free books to read.
                  What move are you talking about? My move with Bobby to Colorado or my move to Florida After Bobby died?

                  1. your move with Bobby to Colorado – you moved to Florida because of your husband, right?

                    1. I moved to Colorado From Illinois in 1982. Bobby was 2. I was never married until I married Danny in Florida.
                      I move here in 2006. I was planning to move here that summer and get married in July. Bobby died in May so everything was delayed for a few months. I married Danny when I came here for a visit in October. Things weren’t quite settled in Colorado yet. I finished settling Bobby’s affairs and moved here Thanksgiving week. 2006.
                      Danny and I met in 2004.

                    2. see, really would love to talk about this more, if we could somehow if need be more privately; but I did somewhat the same thing with my oldest, moved from Kentucky to Mississippi in 1981 when he was 3; was technically still married although had been separated at that point for over a year, longest ever, since that being the 6th time in 3 yrs., was the time I decided wasn’t going through it anymore but not sure that was so much the issue as moving him away from my parents that I think I’d somewhat gotten the idea Bobby was close to yours or maybe I was projecting my situation onto yours; was that not an issue for any of ya’ll?

                    3. Bobby was very close to my parents and my sister. Very close.

                    4. so did it bother him to move?

                    5. I thought I had already answered this But I don’t see it anywhere.
                      Bobby was only 2 when we left Illinois.
                      He would go visit the farm in the summer months, with or without me. We also saw my parents a lot in Colorado.
                      So he never really was far away from them

                    6. don’t remember, except you did say he was 2 – and you did say your parents built a cabin in Colorado but wasn’t sure when, like how long you’d been out there when they did – did your dad somewhat follow you out there? but guess that’s one difference; I probably should have let mine go back and spend the summers with mine or maybe they should have come more but then I guess I made it worse by remarrying – did you not ever consider that?

                    7. The cabin was built in 1972???? I haven’t been back to Colorado since January 2007. Too DAMN (Excuse my language) long.
                      Not sure what you mean by my dad following me out there. Bobby and I moved to Colorado in 1982. My parents built the cabin as a vacation home. Mom and dad have always traveled to Colorado. They started RVing in the 90’s. Full time around 2000. They lived in Illinois until they RV’D full time. They divided their time between Arizona and New Mexico. They still traveled all over the place.They came to Florida in 2010.
                      Mom died last August.

                    8. I’m sorry, Sarah, guess didn’t realize the cabin was already there, maybe that’s where you actually moved to; I moved to Mississippi somewhat because that’s where a good friend of the family that always used to come see us once a year said he/they used to go once a year to something I would have like to have been a part of but it wasn’t there anymore; oh, that’s confusing, isn’t it, sorry. I’m glad your parents did come see you in Florida, though. Guess was relating it to my dad planned to come see me in MS before I ever left to go down there; he told me he’d see me in 3 mos. and they did come just like he said; always meant so much to me, guess like get the idea yours coming to see you meant to you. Sounds like we made our moves at about the same time; my son and I moved in 1981.
                      when did you move to Florida?

                    9. No the cabin is in the mountains. I spent most of the summers there. I moved to Florida November 2006.

                    10. the cabin’s in Colorado, right?

                    11. Yes, In the mountains North Of Florissant Colorado. Off of Highway 24.

                    12. Also not sure what you meant by
                      ” did you not ever consider that?”
                      I’ve only been married once. I was not married to Bobby’s FATHER. I never dated until Danny.

                    13. guess the dating what talking about, that you apparently didn’t while Bobby growing up; guess just wondered if that was deliberate or just didn’t meet anybody – or maybe should say nobody met you

                    14. Well, I wasn’t married so that had a lot to do with it at first. I’d only dated 2 people. Then as Bobby grew up, I was teaching, helping to raise my sister’s kids. I never really missed it.

                    15. so did she live out there too? because now she lives back out at where the farm is, right?

                    16. Donna lived there years and years ago.
                      She lives on the farm my parent’s had.

                  2. you talking about public domain books?

                    1. read those as well but you know there are others you can get free as well, that they’ll put up for limited times, don’t you?

                    2. Yes, I usually don’t see them in time though.

                    3. I used to frequent a blog – still can go to it, used to more, before I started all this 🙂 – that would have at least her picks posted of those every Sunday; I could try to start again or send you there, if you’d like

                    4. Sounds good to me.

  2. I love Cedar Cove. Every time I watch an episode, I have this great urge to pack my bags and move there.

    1. I love the setting/ They feature it in everything. It is it’s own STAR of the show.

      1. The place is so quaint, everyone riding their bike around…. It would be an deal place to move to and maybe find inspiration to write a book.

        1. I know…I laugh at the cell phone service though because we have the same problem.

  3. Great chit chat! Bruce sure was a cutie. My best friend had a huge crush on him.

    1. Smiling. When I started the post, I certainly hadn’t planned on BB being the a huge part of the topic. Once I mentioned Cedar Cove, How could he not have been?
      It was hard coming up with something to “Chit Chat” about once I got past the weather.
      I do enough talking about that to include another post about out lousy climate here.
      Watching Cedar Cove is about the only exciting thing I have done in a long time. That’s sad.

      1. No. It’s not. There are shows like that. Breaking bad was a huge event!!

        1. I haven’t watched much TV in years. We just don’t get good reception here.
          I get hooked on certain series though. Usually LONG AFTER they went off the air. McLeod’s Daughters. Australian.
          There were 2 other Australian TV Shows I couldn’t watch fast enough. They even had the same character in them for awhile. For the life of me I can’t think of them now. Looking them up.
          All Saints….And Packed To The Rafter’s….. Can’t believe I couldn’t think of them. I went on a Marathon when I was wanting them. I would watch for hours and hours. TV DEPRIVED!!!!

          1. Sounds like me with “Breaking Bad” and “Dexter”.

            1. They do help in getting in making us forget about our lives for a short while.

            2. I loved watching Mini series with my parents. We never watched much TV, There wasn’t a lot to watch back then.
              So when there was a mini series on it was a chance for us to break the eating at the dinner table rule and eat while watching TV. Great family times. Dad and I talked about the books we read. I learned to appreciate Louis L’Amour from him.

              1. My dad introduced me to my love of movies. He showed me “Oklahoman” “Carousel” “Camelot” “My Fair Lady” and lots of other genres. We loved movies together!!

                1. Then you probably know all the lyrics to all of the songs. “Sound of Music” is My favorite. “Showboat.” “Annie”

                  1. “sound of music” was one of Dad’s favorites. Loved Julie Andrews! I loved “Showboat”!

                    1. Julie Andrews still looks and sounds great. Dad always sang Ol Man River to us growing up.
                      I can’t get Danny to watch any musical with me……

                    2. Maybe when he’s older. My son is starting to come around.

                    3. Danny is my hubby. He won’t even give anything he doesn’t like a chance.
                      He always wants me to listen ever he listens to or watches . It’s comment is always”But this is good music or this is cool to watch”. Yes, It is….
                      To him. Laughing.
                      How old is your son?
                      I miss those days.

                    4. My son is 17. Sorry I misunderstood who is who. I get what you’re saying about the situation with your husband. Mine has a bit of that also. Lots of arrogance. He’s a psychologist so he really DOES know better… 😉

                    5. Laughing at the psychologist part.

                    6. Yes, it’s funny isn’t it? 😉

                    7. Diane, If I ever confuse you or if you ever have a question…JUST ASK. ….I am pretty much an open book any more.
                      At least here.

                    8. Yeah, I’m getting that from you, Sarah! Thank you. Open books are much easier to read!

                    9. Yes they are.
                      I have times when I shut down.
                      I have shut myself off from everyone around here.
                      In that case: Anger and frustration got to me and it is the only way I can deal with us living here.
                      Staff are not getting along and we refuse to be caught in the middle.
                      I was being taken advantage of as a volunteer. I am always here.
                      So I stay away.
                      In the end, it has hurt me. So Now I blog…..

                    10. Even to me saying I BLOG sounds funny.

  4. Vibrant says:

    Dear Sarah,

    It was a very fun read. We all need some chit chat every now and then. 🙂
    Some hugs, pats on back and smiles 🙂

    We humans crave them and they are nutritious for us. I am glad you are enjoying your stay.

    Please say my hello to Danny 🙂

    Hugs and love <3


    1. Love and hugs being sent your way. I just told Danny. Hello to you from him.
      Do you and wifey have any special plans for the weekend?

      1. Vibrant says:

        Thanks Sarah 🙂
        More love and hugs your way 🙂
        I am single and I mostly enjoy meditation, music and blogging unless some guests come to meet.

        1. I thought you were married.

          1. Vibrant says:

            No problem Sarah 🙂

  5. Hi Sarah,
    I enjoyed the chit chat too !!! I love Cedar Cove and also read the books many years ago. My husband and I watch it every week !! I think the cast is pretty great !! How fun you get to watch someone you have always really liked on the show !!
    Glad you got some sleep, that seems to be an issue with a lot of people these days. It has to be exhausting when you cannot get enough sleep !!
    I hope you have a great Friday !!!

    1. Stephie,
      I just wish I could get the whole series. We don’t have cable.I wish Danny would give in . He is stubborn. Sad thing is, He would be a lot happier of he would just bite the bullet and get it. It would save on us in the long run I think….He always wants to go out to eat because he get’s bored. He will watch TV there.
      I hate not being able to watch it. Now that I have seen Season One I can’t wait for the rest of it. Netflix hasn’t released the rest of it yet. Or the show hasn’t.
      I love shows like that. And the scenery is awesome….
      Happy Friday. Sarah

      1. Sarah,
        I know, we have Direct tv and it is expensive, but it is our entertainment so we will never cut it out !! I think it is worth it to have so much to watch and enjoy !! We had to wait for episdoes to get on netflx when we were late to a series and we would trecord the new season, and wait until we watched the last one when it came out on Netflix , and then we could watch the new season on the dvr, lol. I am sorry you cannot watch the rest of it !! Something to look forward to though !!
        I Hope you have a wonderful weekend !!!

        1. We really can’t afford it but if we (HE) would cut out a few things he does and I give up a few things we could do it. We’d be happier. We would also be able o watch whatever we wanted because we have 2 new TV sets. Log story there. LOL His doing,
          He does usually spend foolishly…..

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