Day 7 OF My Hospital Stay- Sunday, August 30, 2015

I want out of here. I am not in the best mood. Grouchy. Not bad just tired of being here.
Nothing new to report.
I will know tomorrow what they are going to do about my ankle. Whether I have a mini operation with the probe or major surgery.
It’s this waiting that is hard for me.
And Danny.
That’s it for tonight. At least for now.
I haven’t answered any of the comments in the last 14 hours or so and I saw a bunch of them.
All is good.
Love from Our Neck Of The Woods

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  1. I think public hospital need to be like the VA hospital and have bingo night for anyone that is there. The VA hospitals have a room where anyone there can meet with others. I like the whole community room thing. You can find someone there waiting to complain about an issue just like you. My dad goes to the VA hospital all the time. I wish I could. I should have joined just for the hospital stays. They have tons for them to do besides lay in bed watching the telly. I think our public hospitals could use a good dose of VA policy.

    1. Yes they could. And they really should do more for the patients. There are a lot of long term patients in hospital and other places not getting the MENTAL SUPPORT they need,

  2. Catch up on book reading.

    1. I am. Danny actually picked out a few good romance novels….I have a book I may reread on John Adams. It’s been awhile since I first read it. Thomas Jefferson is after that. I need to get Washington’s Bio sometime.
      Reading a lot of other blogs and learning , learning learning…..xxxxx

  3. In Afrikaans I say “VASBYT”. It means: hang is there. “Doing the best at this moment pits you in the best place for the next moment” – Oprah

    1. Nelia, Yes it does. I had the minor operation today. They used a probe to go in and get the cancer. So I didn’t have to have major surgery.
      Thanks for the language lesson. Love the saying……Love Oprah’s as well. xxxxx

  4. avenscent says:

    You will be ok whatever they decide.

    1. I had the minor operation today. They used a probe to go in and get the cancer. So I didn’t have to have major surgery. All in good. xxxx

      1. avenscent says:

        That must be a relief hope you feel better soon god bless.X

        1. It’s a relief all right. If my ankle /foot wouldn’t have hurt so bad we wouldn’t have discovered the cancer. They almost missed it the second time x rays were taken.
          Now they need to figure out what to do about the original pain? I still can’t walk without wanting to scream sometimes. God Bless you also.

  5. I know it’s hard being in hospital, try this. Get on Twitter and put positive words in the search box like positivity, love, encouragement. Anything like that. You will be surprised at how much the quotes you read lift you. Sending our love to you right now xx

    1. Mark, I saw this post when it came it….Sorry I didn’t answer it then. I wasn’t in a talkative mood. Then things got busy and I never got back here. I did do exactly what you said and it did help. I also remembered that in my albums on Facebook are quotes for everything . Great ones. xx

    2. still don’t know exactly what happened with your foot and ankle but sounds like good thing; like hub’s co-worker fell down her son’s steps – opened wrong door or something like that but in the treating of that found her cancer – just glad they found yours with the almost missing it – but also sounds like hub – he went to doc complaining of stomach pain; ended up having hernia surgery – fine – but he still has his original pain

  6. Hugs from Sass

    1. HUGS ….You may have written about it and I haven’t seen it yet……How was the cleanup at the hubby’s? That had to be hard.
      You have my love, prayers and support. Too bad you can’t get rid of the hubby and keep the house…..

      1. No I haven’t posted yet…its..ugh.
        I hope I get it all and he gets shit, that’s all I’m gonna say on that.
        Thanks for all the hugs and prayers <3

  7. alfgarnet says:

    Every thing çrossed here that you get the news u want ánd go he …hate ho§pitas. .huggies.xxxxx

    1. I usually hate them also. It’s been better this time. The house was feeling like a prison. Not this place is. I hate white walls.
      Sending huge hugs back at you. xxxxx kisses as well. ooooooo

  8. Anand says:

    Hello Sarah. It’s morning here. 6 AM. Just got into the Reader and saw your post. The dog woke me up at 2 in the morning then I couldn’t go back to bed (she, on the other hand, was snoring away 10 minutes after having woken me up.) So I did some programming. Then did the mistake of waking wifey up so that she may make some tea. She was sleeping like a log, and when I tried to wake her up, she tossed, turned, and then managed to hit me right in the face. I “ouched” extra-loud, hoping that it would wake her up, but it didn’t. My nose still aches at little, but I’ve made myself a cup of tea and it smells rather good.

    So that’s how the day has begun for me. I don’t want to spam your blog, so I am not leaving the link of the QSM magazine here – but if you think that some more of my quirky malarkey could help you temporarily forget your pain and worries, just find the link on the sidebar of my blog.

    I hear some commotion outside. The ladies of the house have woken up. Mom appears to be unhappy that I had to prepare my tea myself, while wifey slept. Mom really needs to mend her ways…

    1. Laughing, You deserved to be hit in the face. Shame on you for wanting her to make your tea.
      Danny does it to me all the time…. Wakes me up.
      Spam my blog anytime… I will look up the link to QSM Magazine…..ASAP.

      1. Anand says:

        I’m up. Following in Danny’s footsteps and preparing tea for her.Can’t guarantee the taste though. Now if she repeats her shenanigans, the cup will be hit not I…you can imagine the rest 😀 I read your post – glad you are feeling better. Keep smiling.

        1. I am. Love the tea story.

          1. Anand says:

            I love the tea. Don’t read it all at once. The next issue isn’t coming out for a month at least.

  9. belinda o says:

    Take care!

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