Reblogged from Lynz Real Cooking : Mocha Cookie Mousse

OH MY GOODNESS…….Look what I found. It is to die for. I would have to leave out the coffee,,,,,,,but oh the rest of it…..I wouldn’t be able to stop licking the batter. Or the whipped cream. Chocolate heaven.
Lynz from Lynz Real Cooking posted this. Oh My goodness.
Mocha Cookie Mousse
_DSC1185That is just part of the Mousse. It gets even better.
Lynz outdid herself here.

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  1. ladycamecu says:


    1. She has some wonderful recipes.

  2. Catherine says:

    Really? I mean, REALLY? This is dessert porn for me and I’m trying to lose a bit of weight–LOL! Note to self: Screw the weight–make this recipe. NOW!

    1. Laughing. I had to have Danny pick me up something with chocolate and whipped cream. Well, Cool Whip. (which I love.).
      I am enjoying the extra goodies right now We can go back to the SAVE SAVE SAVE when I get home.

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