Nap Time- Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I slept for 4 hours. I barely opened my eyes when supper came. She just whispered, something about bringing it back later and left. My medicines were left on the table.
I slept. That doesn’t happen much any more so when it do sleep it is newsworthy.

Happy Wednesday evening. 
ALL is good.
I need to call Danny. He me to call him when I got up.
Calling him will not be as easy as all of that. Unless he is in an area where he gets a signal.
So I will call him….Leave a message, which he won’t even get until he gets closer to home. If then.

So I will text him. At least he gets that.
It was hard for him to leave here this morning to go to work.
It’s a busy time for them.

The mile long road coming IN .
The mile long road coming IN .
The road coming in
The road coming in

Lot’s of cleanup from all the storms we have been having. At least they don’t have to mow, except for the Ranger Station…It is on higher ground. Park Drive was flooded most of the week…Meaning there was water covering it for most of the 4 miles.
I hate the thought of some of the campers trying to camp this weekend. It is that bad here.
The SKEETERS love it.
Danny said that there was still standing water all over our yard.
He also said someone drove down our lane yesterday, hitting every mud hole and tearing up the road.
AS wet as it is, no one should be going out to Rolling Meadows Ranch anyway, except our cattle leese. Howard knows how to drive without tearing up the road.
I really don’t understand people who knowingly mess up a road.
I must be feeling better if I am talking about the rain and the bad driveway to our place.
Yep, I must be feeling better.
Good night from Our Neck Of The Woods,

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  1. Lady CAS says:

    Are you able to skype? That was something that saved me? I skyped and video chatted with the outside world a bit when I was up to it just to be able to talk and see face, hear voices, and see my lil animals at home because I missed hearing them and watching them. I missed seeing my things. But until then nap away when possible they really are great for the body. Recharge those energy cells!

    1. Our internet is too SLOW for us to do it at home.I never have before.
      I would love to Skype with my family.
      and see my cat.
      I even missed Danny

      1. Lady CAS says:

        Aww! Well that maybe a quick video can be taken to show you the next time you are there so you can just have that quick moment. My husband is always videoing our ‘pups’ though they are 8 and 10 they still act like puppies, lol. It always give me a little smile on my saddest days.

        1. Danny has been taking videos of the cat and sending them to me. I have talked to the cat and Danny has recorded him trying to find out where I him.

          1. Lady CAS says:

            So CUTE! I love it!

  2. I’m glad you are able to rest…I hope you will feel better and energized everyday but I guess we both need that! There’s a lot to do but so little time and we sometimes push ourselves too hard…It’s nice to have a nap time, a rest once in awhile…Take care always!

    1. You do the same. I am so glad you found me here. Hugs

      1. I’m also glad to find you here 🙂 Many hugs to you too!

  3. I hope you’re able to get lots of healing rest, Sarah! God bless you!

    1. I am getting it bit by bit. Today was the longest I have slept in weeks. 4 hours this afternoon.

  4. Nice to see a smile!

    1. Diane, I am trying. I do feel pretty positive. How is your week coming along?

      1. Very busy! Back in school with homework and my work schedule is busier also. I miss blogging so I set aside some time to WordPress tonight. Paying for ya, Sarah!

        1. Diane, I am glad you found some time to visit. I am actually starting to feel some improvement in my ankle/foot.I think. Hard to tell because of the pain pills. It isn’t nearly as swollen.
          Don’t work to hard at either your job or in school. Take some “Me” time for yourself. Hugs

          1. I need help in that area. Thanks Sarah I’ll work on that!

            1. It took me years to learn to take time out of my day for just “me” .

  5. Naps are nirvana! Love my naps! Why the “Sarah”, if you’re Debbie Sue? Sorry if you’ve already answered that somewhere. Since I’m new, as you know!, I am curious. Some people even call it nosy. Thanks for liking, and following me.

    1. Laughing at that……Long story and Yes I have answered it…..Many times. Melinda, thanks for giving me your name. I always try to look it up and that takes time.
      Please be curious.
      My brain is fogging but I think I have my AM I Debbie or Sarah? up as a Sticky note…..
      I like curious people. It means they really want to know WHO YOU ARE. How is that bad?
      You can ask me anything.
      About my son. Anything…..

      1. Lol! I love that you have that sticky note!!! Yup, I think curiosity is a good thing!

        1. I don’t see it listed as a sticky note. In fact I am missing a couple of them. I will find the Am I Debbie Or Sarah for you. It was there not long ago.

            1. I really don’t sleep like most people do so when I am able to sleep for more than a couple of hours it is cause for celebration.

          1. I reposted it as a new post. Under Am I Debbie Or Sarah?

        2. I don’t know what happen to the original sticky note.

  6. Glad you slept!! hugs

  7. I’m happy you are feeling better. You must miss your home.

    1. Oh Cathy, I do. I miss my cat.Rabbit. My things although we brought a suitcase full of them here. I miss my bed and Danny. My recliner, although the one here is more comfy. I miss a view.

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