Day 11 Of my Hospital Stay – Thursday, September 3, 2015

Good news….The swelling is finally going down in my ankle/foot. It is still swollen but not nearly as much.
The medicine seems to be working there. The pain has lessened but then I am still NOT allowed to walk on it.
They are letting Go to the BATHROOM with help. That sure beats a bedpan.
The best news :
I get to go home tomorrow afternoon….
As long as the swelling stays down…
That’s it for the moment
I wore myself out this morning .
Love From Our Neck Of The Woods,

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  1. aFrankAngle says:

    Awesome news … wishing you all the best for continued improvement.

    1. Thanks Frank….Looking forward to just being home. Catching up with everyone here. Do you and your wife have any plans for the holiday weekend? I will miss working at the park. Helping out. I will also miss BBQing. I am not up to that .
      By the way? What is your wife’ name? I hate to keep calling her your wife.

      1. aFrankAngle says:

        I’m sure you are ready to go home … but, no BBQ for you … well, unless you get a volunteer.

        Every once in a while my wife comments on my blog, and she goes by The Right Angle … so some bloggers refer to her as that.

        We will be active this weekend, but not overloaded. Let’s see …. dancing, a college football game, and more.

        1. Well, tell the RIght Angle I said hello. Smiling at that.
          I am looking forward to football games. Wish the lightning would stop so we can leave the antenna hooked up. It’s been BAD this year. Storms every afternoon and evening. Hours of thunder and lightning sometimes. It’s unusual even for us.
          I would love to go dancing. I laughed at myself there. I don’t think that is in the GAME PLAN FOR A WHILE YET.
          Enjoy your time together. Hugs Frank…xxxx

        2. I wouldn’t be surprised if I get food all weekend. Seriously, I hope I do. Danny didn’t go shopping while I was in the hospital. He says he picked up a few DINNERS for the weekend.
          A lot of regulars come to the park. We get fed well.
          Park Rangers really aren’t supposed to take anything from the guests but VOLUNTEERS don’t have that same problem.
          They have always OVERLOADED my plates so we have enough for both of us. USually more than enough.
          chances are Danny will end up with more food than he wants to carry home.
          He just better NOT FORGET IT.
          I like FOOD too much for that.
          In case you can’t tell, I AM FEELING BETTER IN EVERY WAY.

  2. Annie says:

    Great news Sarah!

    1. Annie, Yes, It it. Really good news. I am ready to get out of here. Do you have any plans for this weekend? HUGS

      1. Annie says:

        The plan this weekend is to have no plans 🙂 so good to hear you’re going home soon! xx

        1. I understand that sentiment.xxxx

  3. Amazing news! Out of the hospital and on your way home! Finally. Great news indeed!

    1. Rob, Yes, it is….Danny traded with someone so he worked this morning and can pick me up this afternoon. Then I can enjoy a peace and quiet weekend. Danny will leave around 11:30 and get home around 8:45. He may drop in to see me but….I really hope he doesn’t worry to much. It will be way too busy for him to leave. It’s a 3 mile drive from the Ranger Station and another 4 mile drive from the day use /marina area.
      I will be wearing a brace for my ankle and there is a wheel chair here if I need it.
      I won’t but I leave it out to make him happy. Plus, I will be in no shape to put it up. LOL. I also have crutches to use but I have trouble with them.
      Hey, thanks again for the shout out yesterday…..I need to learn out to ADD the name like you did for the link….I missed the how to lesson in Blogging 101.
      Enjoy your weekend. I will catch up with you asap. Love Sarah

      1. Take care and as usual, loads of hugs x

  4. Anand says:

    Best news of the week. In another week or two from now your ankle should be good as new. Then you can sprint over to my blog 😀

  5. That’s great, Sarah! I’m sure you’re looking forward to going home!

  6. warmsio2 says:

    That is fabulous!!!

  7. Glad to hear you will are doing better and heading home tomorrow. You get to enjoy the long weekend at home. Hope you continue to feel better.

    1. I am ready for a long quiet weekend at home. There won’t be any one working so I shouldn’t see anyone at all.
      Have a great weekend yourself.

      1. Thank you Sarah. My weekend is going to be far from quiet. I have to bake for farmers market on Saturday and then I run a half marathon on Sunday and then pack my bags for my trip on Monday night. The only break I will have is on the long flight.

        1. WOw , you will be busy, The baking sound wonderful. The run….did you hear my groan . Good luck with that and more power to you. I can’t wait foe my foot/ankle to get better so I can at least walk again.
          where are you flying to? Enjoy your trip. xxxx

          1. Sarah, right now I hear myself groan thinking of the run… I keep saying that and signing up for races. I am going to visit my parents who live in Sri Lanka. Hope you enjoy being back at home.

            1. I am glad to be back home. Very glad. Enjoy your visit with you parents. 🙂 🙂

  8. Great news, I am so happy for you !!!

    1. Stephie,
      Hi there. How are you this week? Any plans for the Labor Day Weekend?

  9. Praying the swelling stays down, then! I sure you’re WAY past ready to be headed home!

    1. Yes, I am….I am leaving today ….period. They’d have trouble making me stay.
      They know it also. I shouldn’t complain. I’ve been well taken care off. They really take care of there GUESTS (Ha HA). I am going to miss having the AC down to 70. We can’t afford to do that at home.
      I will also miss the internett. It fast here.It is snail slow as home.

  10. Oh Cathy, It is wonderful news.
    Earlier this morning they didn’t think I would be going home till Saturday or Sunday.

  11. That’s good news!

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