Reposting A Favorite Blogger – From Facebook To Bloggerland- Ally’s Kitchen

Today I am featuring a favorite blogger whom I first met on Facebook.
I call her friend.
I have never met her.
She is just a friend to everyone she meets.

Dr. Alice D’Antoni Phillips
From Ally’s Kitchen


Ally's Kitchen

What’s Cooking For Dinner?
Ally’s Kitchen
I first started following Ally on Facebook.
I would get all of her posts. Then I started following her website and was hooked.
Where to start reading about her?

The following was Copied and Pasted
A life well lived and more to come~~

A glimpse of the story that is Dr. Alice D’Antoni Phillips


And Again I copied and pasted the following:

Ally's Story

“Her friends and family know her as Alice or her alter ego, Ally. Her trademark cuisine is most aptly described as ‘Bohemian Bold’-simple, albeit sophisticated dishes – seasonal vegetables,
traditional cuts of meats, seafood, fresh herbs, spices and seasonings, fashioned into unlikely combinations resulting in eclectic ‘new’ dishes with varied cultural influences -Italian, Greek, Creole, Southern, European, African and Native American, Mediterranean, and Asian to name a few.”

From Sarah: I love reading about where she grew up. Her family. Their way of life.
Not too long ago, I posted an post Ally had written about her Aunt and her Aunt’s Kitchen.
It tells more of Ally’s story.

The Passing Of A Kitchen

Here is my original post on it.

The next section is from that post of mine…Again I C/P/

The following Was COPIED AND PASTED :
“There is no death, not even in a kitchen—only the passing of history, culture,  lifestyle, memories and stories. I’m so honored to be the keeper of some of my Aunt Ruth’s ‘stuff’, which I’ll be sharing down the road in my cooking and photographs. Some of these keepsakes I’m sure I’ll be using regularly. It’ll be alongside the other kitchen ‘stuff’ passings from other strong and delicious women who have made me who I am today—my Mom, Mama Helen and Dr. Wellman. “
From Sarah:
I loved this post. I really did. One last addition. My favorite picture and the one that TELLS THE STORY THE BEST.

the passing of a kitchen

From Sarah:

This a a very special post.
One I hope you will take the time and read. Family history. A special aunt and her kitchen.
Ally was given the best kind of gift after her aunt passed away.

From Sarah:
Recipe Posts

spring salad couture collection

Spring Salad Couture Collection.
MARCH 19, 2015

spring salad couture collection

From Sarah:
Awesome looking salads. Click on her pictures and the recipe shows up.

5 tips for veggie nirvana

rainbow kale roasted potatoes bacon & maple syrup
rainbow kale roasted potatoes bacon & maple syrup

The Mountain Hippie Grilled Cheese

From Sarah. I love these kind of side dished. I could and have eaten them as a MEAL.
I would do it more often but Danny doesn’t like it or anything like this.
So Sad.

Anyone like Cheese Sandwiches?
Try this one:
the mountain hippie grilled cheese

bleu cheese coleslaw

Last one:
bleu cheese coleslaw

From Sarah:
I have always loved a good cole slaw. I love it anyway I can get it.
I never imagined it with blue cheese in it.
Guess what I will be trying soon?
Yep……How can I not.
Blue cheese is awesome.
Full of taste.

I could post more and more:
I just enjoy my visits here with Ally.
So if you love food, history, Traveling and different cuisines… MUST check her out.

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