Day 12 – Going Home

It’s been an eventful 12 days here. I’ve loved the AC (not having to worry about paying THAT bill) and the FAST INTERNET. It made me  appreciate MY home again.
I  am glad I haven’t had to look out and see all the Caesar Weed growing where it shouldn’t be. The grass that is too wet to mow. I haven’t had to hear all of the thunder, just some of the louder boomers.
Danny says Mr. Bojangles has hid most of the last 2 weeks during the storms. They have been BAD.
They are busy at the park right now, moving large limbs and other debris so we can, somewhat, accommodate all the campers who will brave the weather and come anyway. Although, I really hope the TENT and POP UP campers will stay home.
The campground has water right up to many of the sites. They have warned everyone online but there in no way to call everyone to say, “In case you have MISSED ALL THE RAIN where you live, we ARE FLOODED”.  They have also warned everyone as much as they can that if the road floods as it has been….they won’t be going in and out all day long. Once in…STAY IN.
It is that bad.
Most Floridians are use to it but it has never been this bad.
I have actually MISSED the radio going off all day. I didn’t the first week. I may regret it soon. Probably tomorrow morning.
I am in good spirits.
Ankle is swollen but not bad. Less than it has been in weeks. The medicines seem to be working. I need to figure out what I am taking for what. What doses. I have a lot of reading up to do.
I take too many meds not to research them. Danny will also.
Danny works all weekend. He plans to go in early. Then come home to help me out…..then go back and close the park.
It is nice knowing that if I need him all I have to do is radio him. He can be home in 20 minutes or so. Usually.
I am already feeling left out that I can’t work at the park this weekend. There are a number of regulars that have become family friends. For both of us. I will miss them.
The MAIN thing is: I will be home. I can sleep (if I sleep)in my own bed and next to my hubby.
I have missed that. I haven’t missed the snoring.
I can’t complain. I snore also.
I am going ahead and posting this. Then I will add tags etc afterwards.
Once I leave here I will have my hand full for awhile.
So for now….
Love from Our Neck Of The Woods,

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  1. warmsio2 says:

    What kind of a park do you have? It sounds like a camping park. Always new people to meet!

    1. We live and work at Lake Kissimmee State Park. It’s year round, camping, fishing, boating and hiking park. We are open 365 days a year.Danny and I live in a state owned house on another section of state property which is connected to the park. We work there as well.

      1. warmsio2 says:

        That sounds like fun! If I am down in that area I will look you up!

  2. Sarah….so happy to have you back home safe and sound! Enjoy settling back in! 🙂

    1. Rashmi, I am settled. SO is Danny. He keeps forgetting that I may need something. LOL How are you. I really need to catch up with you. 🙂

      1. Lol, I’m glad you both are settled in 🙂
        I’m doing well, thank you! Yes, we will catch up as you settle in fully and start catching up on your reading. 🙂
        Take care….and have a relaxed weekend.

        1. You have a relaxing weekend as well.

  3. Kathy says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Just now figuring out what’s been happening to you and I’m quite embarrassed to say I now realize that because of my sporadic attendance, I have missed so much of your recent health ordeal. I didn’t realize all that you’ve been through. Apologies for that and I’m happy to read you are going home!!! All the best to you, enjoy being home and take good care.

    1. Kathy, You have a life to live. I haven’t been able to keep up with you or anyone else lately. I manage to read through comments when I can and answer them. Yet, I seldom get a chance to visit on your home ground. That is my plan for this weekend. Catching up on my favorite blogs. Your is one. 🙂

      1. Kathy says:

        Hi Sarah – hope you’re enjoying a weekend at HOME and that things are looking better for you! Yes, I guess we all have busy lives and do the best we can. Seems like I’m only getting to WP once a week right now. Just have to do the best I can… 🙂

        1. I don’t know where all the time as gone. I so wanted to get caught up here with everyone. Read their blogs. But I am sleeping a bit and resting a lot so that is good. Have a good week and just get on here when you can. Hugs Kathy.

          1. Kathy says:

            Thanks Sarah! Good week to you too! Take care!

  4. Vibrant says:

    Dear Sarah,
    Nice to read about your release. 🙂
    The weather here has been the diametrically opposite of your state. We have had less than sufficient rain. Actually it rained only thrice for many hours in the whole rainy season. Last year it kept raining in winter. Seasons have been changing. This city is developing super-fast so trees have been cut and that might be the reason of lesser rain year after year.
    I wonder who Mr. Bojangles is.
    I wish you very best.
    Anand 🙂

    1. My 2 year old cat. 🙂

      1. Vibrant says:

        Oh, that’s a wonderful name, where did you get inspiration from?

        1. Mr. Bojangles is a song sung by the group Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Bobby and I love the song. Bobby named his first cat Mr. Bojangles. Nicknamed BJ.
          When I first saw my cat at 4 weeks old, I thought he looked like BJ. I call him Mr. Bojangles.

          1. Vibrant says:

            Hahaha, interesting anecdote Sarah. I love the sound behind this name and the story behind it is wonderful. Thanks 🙂 Anand

              1. Vibrant says:

                🙂 🙂

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