Daily Motivational Quote- Saturday, September 5, 2015

Saturday-Morning-Quotes-A-beautiful-life-does-not-just-happen-it-is-built-daily-by-prayer-humility-sacrifice-and-love.-May-that-beautiful-life-be-yours-always.Are you experiencing a beautiful life?
Are you living a happy and fulfilled life?
For most of my life I was able to say yes
to both of those questions without hesitation.
Even after Bobby died I was able to say YES I AM.
It was harder and it took more work, but I was
finally living my life as I always wanted to
but never had.
As a wife. A best friend to my husband.
A lover. I had my soul mate. We connected
in a way many people never do.
It is why, now when events have happened once again,
I need to remember those days and make sure
I do everything in my power save what we have.
If nothing else, these past 2 weeks in the hospital
have reminded me how much Danny does love me.
I need to pray a little harder.
Work a little harder.
Dream a little more.
Listen a whole lot more.
Love a little deeper.
Laugh a little louder.
And smile.
Simply Smile like I mean it.

Saturday-Morning-Quotes-A-beautiful-life-does-not-just-happen-it-is-built-daily-by-prayer-humility-sacrifice-and-love.-May-that-beautiful-life-be-yours-always.Happy Saturday,
Love from Our Neck Of The Woods

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  1. Peggy Guiler says:

    You are blessed to have such love.

    1. Peggy, Yes, I am. Very lucky. πŸ™‚

  2. freespirit says:

    What a beautiful post so well worded, hope you are feeling better.X

    1. Thank you. My spirits are definitely better than they were for so long. I am feeling better. Physically and mentally.

      1. freespirit says:

        That is excellent stuff i am so pleased.XX

        1. I need to take some time today and do another week of these. I just realized that Sunday was my last day. I did them ahead of time because I never know how I will feel in the mornings. I need to do more daily and weekly things but can’t seem to get them out on time.
          Happy Sinday to you. I am off to read your blog as soon as I finish my comments. Hugs my friend. Sarah

  3. hope you are doing well dear!

    1. I’m really good. <3

  4. Vibrant says:

    Really beautiful and inspiring post.
    Your words, this picture and quote, all touch me deep.
    I wish you very best Sarah. May you get bliss, happiness and peace.
    Anand <3 <3 <3

    1. I meant every word of it. Anand Hugs to you my friend.

      1. Vibrant says:

        I would love to see all those things happening Sarah πŸ™‚

        Hugs and Love <3

        1. I will post pictures when they start again.

          1. Vibrant says:

            Sure thing, Sarah πŸ™‚

        2. Hugs and love back at you. <3

  5. Erika Kind says:

    Sarah, that really was beautiful. Sometimes we are so caught in our own thoughts that we need to step back a moment and observe the whole picture. We might see a lot more or remember a lot we forgot.

    1. Danny also realized that he had been backsliding on some things. Not treating with respect sometime. Danny seldom apologises but that is what he was doing…It has been nice. I hope it lasts. I am less moody as well. We still have a long ways to go…

      1. Erika Kind says:

        Wow, he really must have gone inside a lot. That is very lovely sign of love.

        1. Yes it is.
          It’s as if he knows I can’t handle much more and he allows himself to open up more. He always shuts down again. We were going to a counselor for awhile. I got sick and we stopped.
          The counselor said about the same thing. Danny didn’t answer one way or another.
          For years after I moved here, Danny kept pushing me away.
          Inside he was afraid I would leave him and he was just making it easier on himself.
          I never had any intention of leaving back then. I take my vows very seriously.

          1. Erika Kind says:

            Sounds kind of my husband to be honest. As soon as he noticed I would get serious he all of a sudden realized what he was about to lose. That was 6 years ago. We had a good time after, lots of ups and down. But I see that things will never be as they were… time will tell…

            1. I came as close to leaving him last summer has I ever have. It was never even a thought until then. I was married. We loved each other. I knew what he was like before we married.
              He had always promised me that if things got so bad in Florida because of the heat and all, we would leave. Last summer he started giving me lectures about never going outside. Staying in the house and not getting things done. Being on the computer all the time.
              I took it and took it until one day, I just BLEW UP. I asked him exactly what I wasn’t getting done. I kept the yard here and at the bunkhouse mowed. I kept the grass mowed from the entrance gate to the second gate near the house.
              I kept all the exotics down in the same area.
              Trash was always picked up at the entrance and down the road on both sides. We are talking the 2 miles to the Ranger Station and back and a little section the other way.
              I was proud of the fact that there was never a lot of trash left from cars along that area.
              I kept the house in good shape. I am not a clean freak so it is never spotless. Even when I clean it seems I always leave something not done. Windows for one.
              So I asked him WHAT WAS NOT GETTING DONE? He had his lunch ready every day. I fixed home cooked meals MOST OF THE TIME. I got his clothes ready for him everyday. I made his COFFEE WHICH I CAN’T STAND. MADE SURE HE HAD HIS TEA. Took the trash too the park as needed. Kept his truck washed when I seldom drove it. Never for pleasure.
              What was I not getting done?
              He stood there for the longest time. For once he kept his mouth shut. Danny is one of those people who can argue about anything and make it come out as if he is right.
              He finally said I wasn’t helping out at the park.
              I reminded him that I was a VOLUNTEER and that if I didn’t want to help out over there in the middle of summer when it was 90 plus degrees out, I didn’t have to. That it was about time the rest of the staff DID THEIR JOBS.
              This year, he hasn’t said a word. I haven’t been able to do anything for the last month. Not much the month before. Before that…I admit. I wasn’t keeping things up outside as much. I really can’t take the heat as well as I used to and that was never very much.
              And the house always needs a good cleaning.
              I will do what I have to do when I can.
              When it cools off….I will do all the things I used to do. Except for Volunteering all the time. I am tired of being used. I will work here at Rolling Meadows most of the time.
              Sorry about the rant.It just came out.
              I really hate feeling like I do about the heat and humidity. I am just hot inside all the time due to hot flashes that are constant.
              I love working outside.
              I can handle working inside when there is fresh air coming in or it is cool enough I don’t have sweat running down my face.
              So Danny keeps quiets for the most part.
              I understand that unless he could find another job with a house included….we can’t even think about moving. Anywhere. I also realize that Danny would freeze if we lived anywhere else.
              I am in a good mood really although this post may not seem like it, Love Ya

              1. Erika Kind says:

                I totally get you, Sarah. Don’t worry about the rant. I was healthy to let it out. But I feel your sadness and frustration if not being heard by the person that measn most to you. So was/is it over here. The problem is that you might be feeling depending on him understanding you and your wish that he wants to understand you. It is not easy and on one point there is only the detachment from that wish or the person. Sounds hard but otherwise the frustration will not end.

                1. I have been doing that a lot. Being detached is hard as well.
                  Danny was picking up on it as well. I know it was bothering him.
                  I don’t ask for hugs or others things like that anymore..Or very seldom. I don’t say I love you’s all the time either. Just often enough I hope. Trying to find the right balance is hard. Needing to be more detached without living separate lives in the same house. I hate that as well.
                  I am starting to spend MORE time doing what I want to do when I want to do it.
                  Sometimes Danny will want to send hours and hours after work rehashing everything. Other times he comes home , we share briefly and he’s off to his own little world in the computer room. I can go in there anytime but if doesn’t pay any attention to anything that goes on in the house when he is there. He will stop what he is doing to answer whatever I ask..but I know it is an imposition.
                  I am not like that. When I am on the computer or reading or whatever…I am USUALLY in tune to what he is doing.
                  Now though, When I want to go and get on the computer (when I really don’t want to hear about work anymore) I will often do so. I also tell him that he is more than welcome in the room with me.
                  I can often do more than ONE thing at a time. Smiling as I said that.
                  It’s been a huge change around here.
                  He is not sure how to handle it.
                  I was always at his beck and call before. Now I’m not..

                  1. Erika Kind says:

                    I hear you, Sarah! I understand you also that you don’t ask for hugs or attention. It is like wishing he would do it because he wants do it out of himself, right?

                    1. Yeah. Who wants a “COLD’ hug?

                    2. Erika Kind says:

                      Right πŸ˜€

                    3. I would love to get away with Danny for any length of time. Anywhere. I’d have only one requirement. AC. LOL
                      We could do so much here if he would just let himself.
                      I love cooking special meals. I miss us watching movies WE both liked to watch. Or Shows we both enjoy watching. When it cools off we could go on picnics. When it dries up we could go 4wheeling. We could go fishing. Hiking. (I am confident I will be able to do that soon). We could rent a boat. Go kayaking. We have 2.
                      Check out a new place to eat. Take a drive to the coast.
                      Visit another park. We get in free and can sometimes get a cabin thrown in.
                      I could even watch some war movies together.
                      Dancing once I am able. The bar is just down the street. We use to go in the middle of the day. No one there. We would dance.
                      None of what I mentioned costs much if anything. The drive and the eating out ?????
                      Bike riding.
                      Working out in the YARD TOGETHER.

                    4. Erika Kind says:

                      Hey, that is awesome!!! So many ideas coming up. Tell him! At least the movies must be possible to start with. Sounds so good!

                    5. I have. We are beginning to do the movies again. I try and have snacks or something to eat while we watch them also.

                    6. Erika Kind says:

                      Yeah!!! Sounds great!!! πŸ™‚

                2. You are right….Danny still has no idea how I feel. How empty he has made me feel.
                  He does know me well enough to know: If I ever left him:
                  I would be OK. Really OK.
                  I would always miss him. Love him. But I don’t need him as much as he needs me.
                  I love being by myself. I love who I am. (Most of the time). I was happy BEFORE I met him. Really happy. Content. I could be again.
                  In many ways : It would be easier than staying .
                  Danny does realize that.
                  I stay only because I love him.
                  But love won’t keep me here if it got much worse….either.
                  I have been thinking about all of this yesterday and today.
                  Warning myself that he will revert to his old ways soon. Once I am up and about again.
                  I will be good.
                  <3 <3

                  1. Erika Kind says:

                    Wow I am having goose bumps since this all sounds so familiar. I was staying with my husband because of the children. The love has gone for a long time already, but he loves me, we are a good team, and there was no reason to tear this family apart. That is the only reason I am still here. As long as you are ok with the situation you don’t need to act. But you pondering about it that much looks like something will change in any way. Did you already talk to him clearly about your thoughts?

                    1. A lot of our problems right now are as much me as him. I have trouble dealing with 8 -9 months of being too hot for me. I was in tears BEFORE Summer started this year because the heat started the first of February. The humidity came in March and April. We have had almost a year and a half of rain. Hormones and just not feeling good. I have to really fight to keep my anger down when a lot of it has nothing to do with him. I can’t take estrogen or other things needed now because of all the life saving meds I take.
                      That said, Things are better now. My mood for one. Also the time in the hospital did help when it usually doesn’t. I DID NEED to get away from my recliner. I needed to see people.
                      Danny and I have talk about EVERYTHING a number of times. His drinking use to be a huge problem. That’s what nearly destroyed us. It never affected his work or anything else so he didn’t think it was a problem. But when he spent more on his beer that I was spending on me for food, then it does affect me. We don’t have make enough to begin with.
                      My disability goes for my meds. The rest I put in a retirement fund that I have had for years.
                      All of my Social Security goes there as well. None of it is all that much.
                      I will not TOUCH it.
                      He doesn’t have a lot in retirement even though he has always worked.
                      I am 56. Danny is 53. He has a lot of health issues. Who knows how much longer he can do all the physical work that he does?
                      Believe me, I have thought everything out.
                      When you are laid up for as long as I sometimes am, you have time to think.
                      We talked a lot while I was in the hospital. He admitted he wasn’t so sure I would come back to Florida when I went back to Illinois (my birth place and family farm there)last Thanksgiving for mom’s memorial.
                      I never thought about NOT coming back.
                      I wasn’t ready to leave my family and come home. I could have used more time. It had been 7 years since I had been home. Four years since I saw my parents.
                      I had always seen them them 3 or 4 times a year before I moved to Florida.
                      Any way, we talked..I told Danny, I could handle the emotional distance UP to A POINT.
                      I understand he can’t help being the way he is.
                      What I won’t put up with is his treating me like I was a servant and not his wife. There was no reason he can’t use please and thank yous every once in awhile with me.
                      He treat everyone else better that he was treating me.
                      He admitted that Mable,(Our grandma type) who works in the office) commented on it one day. He thinks the world of her.
                      He’s doing better.
                      So we are doing better.
                      As soon as I am able: we start counseling again. It is a husband and wife team. The park service pays for most of that.
                      That really helps because it forces us to be more open.
                      It forces Danny to be more aware of life around him.
                      I hate the thought of you not being fulfilled. At least you said you made a good team. That is good especially for the kids. <3

                    2. Erika Kind says:

                      I thank you, Sarah, for telling this all. I am sure it was time to let this all out. I see that there are a lot of issues coming from both of you and one affects the other. In the end you both have to take all of your own issues, investigate it and show them the other one. Ask the other one how this and that issue affectst the other ones life. No accusations just being aware that you both have issues and being clear about one thing: if your love still is big enough to clear out those issues and start over new. It would be wonderful if you both could go on a vacation. And if it is only for a week. That would be a mental therapy for both of you and you could only focus on the other person and your love.
                      Don’t worry about me. I am truly fulfilled. I had my breakthrough 6 years ago. That’s why I wrote my book and told my husband without fear anymore that my love for him had died. The 6 months which followed gave me the distance I needed to grow out of myself and which led to that breakthrough. I got rid from my felt dependency on his ears and understanding. I was ready to go for myself. I really freed myself. That’s why today I am who I am! And life gets brighter for me every single day πŸ™‚

  6. New Journey says:

    isn’t is nice to be truly happy….there were years I wasn’t happy…unable to move forward due to immaturity, but life caught up and helped me through the sad times and I can say that most of my life has been happy and very full filling…..good morning and happy Saturday to you and yours….

    1. I have a long way to go before I am really happy here.in Florida. If I ever can be. Danny and I are doing better but we still have some serious stuff to get through.
      He isn’t a hugger, toucher, kisser…(a good morning kiss as he walks out the door isn’t a kiss..It is a peck.. I am smiling as I write this.
      He will cuddle in bed only. I closeness during the day.
      I feel alone here even when he is here. sometimes. But we love each other. Really love .
      Things will be better for me when it cools off.

      1. New Journey says:

        I to am married to a non romantic type…peck in the morning maybe a hug if I ask for it….we sleep in separate bedrooms, I need the fan and the windows open, cool air to sleep, he uses a dehumidifier, which makes the room like a sauna, and he can’t stand any type of breeze…Ahhhh makes me crazy….but we love each other and work through the difficulties of life…I love to cuddle and be held to, but its not in the cards….he hates to be touched at night when he is sleeping..they say opposite attracts….

        1. I should do that. Danny has the electric blanket on all year. I need the AC turned down low , especially at night. Windows would be opened all winter if he didn’t freeze.
          He sometimes wants the heater on when I am needing AC or the windows opened. I am always hot.
          At least Danny will cuddle at night. Not as much lately though.

  7. Beautiful!!β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ

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