Life Is Good – Saturday, September 5, 2015

44425f9fd85525f34098985ebe3e7044The medicine is WORKING. The swelling is down. I still have pain, especially when I step on it a certain way. But I don’t feel like screaming from it any more.
Danny is working late field all weekend. He surprised me around 2 PM when he pulled in the driveway.  He had 4 huge containers of BBQ. Chicken, Pork, Beef and 2 Steaks.

Plus containers of baked beans, swamp cabbage, green beans and potatoes, sweet corn and  a gallon of lemonade..

We have FOOD. BBQ. STEAK. All of the fixins and I don’t have to cook or clean it up.
He fixed me a huge plate. He put  everything away exactly where I told him to…
Then he said that 2 different couples and their families were there that we knew. They wanted to know if they could drop by for a visit Sunday afternoon. Just for a few minutes to say hello. That they’d missed me.
My first instinct was to say no.
I don’t do visitors when I am not feel well. I was also aware that they hadn’t seen me since I had the extra 50 pounds. The house needs a good cleaning. ETC ETC.

I said, “Yes.”

Danny stayed for a little while then left.
The campground is almost full. A few tent campers never showed up.
Smart people.
We’ve had more rain. More Storms.
It’s been a good day in Our Neck Of The Woods,
Love Sarah

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  1. Hi Sarah/Debbie Sue,

    I just read this post and I am glad you are feeling okay. I am having a hard time using my wordpress up to read and I usually use my phone to read post but I have to type the correct address in the browser. Anyway, I am glad to know you are feeling better and that the medicine worked for you. 🙂 If it is not too much of a bother, can I have your email address so that I could send an email to you too 🙂

    Hugs and kisses to you.

    Love, Shine

      I usually give out but I may never see it with all the emails I keep getting. Shine,I look forward to it. Love Sarah

      1. Thank you Sarah, expect me to send you email this week 🙂 I might send my pictures too, you may never know lol 😛 love lots!

          1. I think I got it right now. The other one in hotmail I’ve done correctly. my email is the same with my name here so you will see that. i just sent an email to you. i hope you are able to read it. lots of hugs to you! 🙂

      2. Hi Sarah, my mail to failed. There seems to be an error and it says google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by however, i sent it also to if you can read it that would be great 🙂 Let me know if you are able to read it. lots of love, Shine.


          You spelled the last name wrong. kasch not kash. An easy fix. Shine, What is your email address?

  2. Glad to see your spirits are up. Tomorrow night my daughter and crew will be up for five days. First time on a plane for her boyfriend and the three kids. She has not seen her brother and his four-year-old for three years. May need a second mortgage to finance my food bill.

    1. How wonderful. I envy you your family. I miss all of that. Enjoy. Carl, hugs

  3. They say that nothing heals faster than a loved soul! I’m glad that it is proving true in your case. 🙂

    1. It certainly helps move things along. 🙂

  4. Peggy Guiler says:

    Glad to hear things are getting better.

    1. A lot better. Hugs

  5. Everything sound great! I’m happy you said yes when you wanted to say no.

    1. I really wanted to say no but I also really like them.
      It is just hard having them HERE. I should be THERE.
      Next year I will be.
      Smiling here.
      How was your Saturday?

      1. Very good! I painted a portrait of my brother-in-law to give to my sister. He died last week.

        1. Oh No. Cathy, I am so sorry. Oh my gosh.

          1. We’re you looking for this?
            Am I Debbie Or Am I Sarah ? : Originally Posted On Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures On Facebook (January 12, 2013) | Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures

            1. I posted that : after I couldn’t find it anywhere. I never did find the one I had posted months ago.

              1. OK! I just happened to see it and remembered reading that you had been looking for it.

                1. It was frustrating because someone was looking for it.

  6. New Journey says:

    what a guy….and good for you….it nice to be loved……glad your feeling better

    1. I really am. I was hoping to spend a lot of time catching up here. That hasn’t happened. I am resting and dozing. Tired but good. Hugs.

      1. New Journey says:

        dozing is good, your healing….I just looked up your lake, we spent 11 days in Florida, but went down the west side to the tip and back up the East side…never seen such a flat state…LOl beautiful country….

        1. IT IS FLAT all right. Boringly FLAT. I grew up in Illinois. Lived in Colorado. Then I come here and we can’t get phone signals. I got good service all over Colorado. We can’t get much here.
          And It’s flat.

          1. New Journey says:

            Yes we thought it was crazy, when we left there and headed into Georgia the car immediately was tilted upward….craziest feeling ever…you kinda live out in the middle of now where….petition to get a tower put in closer….use the park as a motive…just sayin….

            1. We have a small tower in our yard that could be used.
              It’s on state property. No one is interested.
              We, as state employees, have learned not to rock the boat. Bureaucracy makes me mad.
              What to know what is worse? Our Landlines go out all the time as well.Verizon won’t upgrade anything. They are trying to sell to Frontier. So they fix one line and other one goes out. No JOKE. It is unreal.

              1. New Journey says:

                we live at the end of the AT&T line…ours was so bad the repair guys gave us there cell #s so we don’t have to keep calling another country and arguing with them…and the also gave us business style router free….so its better at our house but not real good..forget it if we have sun spots, the cells phones go our…we don’t have cable for the TV we use an antenna, we hate spending money…LOL.

                1. Same here. End of Verizon’s line. We have them for both landline and cell phone. Or rather Danny has them for his cell phone. I don’t have cell phone service.
                  We have our Repair guys phone numbers as well.
                  We are actually in better shape than everyone else.
                  OUR LANDLINE usually works. When I say works…we have a dial tone. There is so much static that it makes calling hard. But we can if I need to. And if the person at the other end can hear me….
                  It goes out for everyone else for days at a time.When there’s goes out …so does their internet.
                  Our may be SNAIL SLOW but it seldom stay outs.
                  We are on the end of the road on our side. They worked on the OTHER side of the road a few years ago but never finished it. The park is on the other side of the road. There are times when they will NOT have phone service at the park for a couple of days. No Internet either. No COMPUTERS.
                  I will never understand HOW THAT CAN BE ACCEPTABLE in this DAY AND AGE.
                  We don’t have cable either, Too much lightning now to have the antenna hooked up. So no TV. Thank Heavens there is a lot to watch on the computer for free. If I can get it to come in.

                  1. New Journey says:

                    you should see if Verizon will put up an atenna on your tower, it could be a power booster, after all you are good customers and putting up with there bad reception…LOL yes we feel the same about TV…however we did put an antenna for the local channels…but we use out computers most the time…I remember the afternoon thunder and lightening storms…I remember I had to get out of the pool at this one park due to the weather….

                    1. Verizon wasn’t willing to. Sad, isn’t it

                    2. New Journey says:

                      did you try a supervisor and writing to the administration….???

                    3. New Journey says:

                      bummer….I am out of suggestions unless you guys buy a booster antenna for the tower….

                    4. Good Idea.
                      We would both be happier if we could watch TV more. We have 2 nice ones. Sad because they seldom get used.

                    5. New Journey says:

                      might be worth the money….what’s life unless your happy….

                    6. It would be worth it to me.

                    7. New Journey says:

                      you can get them on line….

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