Bible Study- Acts Chapter 2 For Tuesday. (Late Getting It Posted)

Reading the Book Of Acts this September.
I read it yesterday but never posted it.
Tuesday I read Acts Chapter 2  then joined The Good Morning Girls For their take on it.

I wish I had a Study Bible. I had a few back in Colorado. One was worn out.
I use my OLD KJV And An online Study Bible. I just can’t mark anything like I want to. So I have to write long handed (which really hurts if I do to much) .
I enjoy it though. Wish there was a group here that was interested n Bible Studies.

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  1. Vibrant says:

    Hey Sarah 🙂
    Up so early?
    Or didn’t sleep?
    Nice pictures 🙂
    I feel you might find such groups online 🙂


    1. Anand, I couldn’t sleep. Nausea from the chemo I think.
      I would love to find the right one. Right now I am in a huge group. Way to many people.

      1. Vibrant says:

        Oh, I am sorry Sarah. I hope you get relieved and get proper sleep.
        Will you like to try some binaural beats meditation?
        I also hope you will get a better group 🙂

        1. I am hesitant to try anything new right now.
          How does it affect your breathing? I have ASTHMA.
          I don’t even know what BINAURAL BEATS means.
          So teach me.

          1. Vibrant says:

            You can begin with this one :

            These are sounds which help you relax and sleep. You need to use a headphone and low volume.
            There is no problem with Asthma too.
            You can’t do the breathing exercises I shared previously if you have asthma.
            But binaural beats are fine and you can easily find many samples online. They are kind of harmless.

            Anand 🙂

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