Writing 101 Day 2- Lists Part 2- Wednesday, September 9, 2015 (Added Photos)


How I long to fill that page up. I see an empty white page and it screams : ” FILL ME UP”.

Lists – Part 1.

Things I Love

  1. God- My Faith
    2. Danny – Bobby in Heaven
    Grand Opening Of Our Kayak Launch and Dock – A huge year and a half project Danny was given. Only 4 people at the park knew about it for the first year…Danny and I. Our manager and assistant manager. Hush Hush
    It was a labor of love for Danny and I.
    Bobby at 23 .

    3. Family

    Friends at Bok Tower

    Donna and her hubby, Jim and Dad….
    Thanksgiving in Illinois. First one without mom. First time home in 9 years. For me.
    Dan, Bobby and I 1981

    5.Mr. Bojangles – Cat

    Danny and I at Bok Tower August 7, 2015

    6.Sunrises/ Sunsets /Rainbows

    Bobby, Mike and Leah
    My Parents

    7. Mountains

    Blue Jenny Lake – The Grand Tetons

    8.Big Bodies Of Water

    9.Bobby’s Cove

    10. Bobby’s Mountain

    Bobby’s Mountain
    Danny on Top Of Pikes Peak
    Grandma’s House = Bobby’s Mountain Colorado11. Colorado


    Home on the farm. Illinois

    13. Blogging

    14. Writing

    15. Family Meals

    16. Christmas/ Easter

    Christmas Eve at Donna’s
    Wearing Booties that Mom made



    Mr. Bojangles

    19. Music

    20. The Outdoors

    Behind Cheyenne Mountain,
    Outside of Colorado Springs……

    21. Animals

    Our driveway and a deer we see every day.

    Mr. Bojangles

    22. Reading

    23. Dancing With Danny

    24. Dancing In The Rain

    25.Road Trips

    26. Cooking and Eating

    That looks perfect. Just enough for me. OH YEAH.
    I could be bribed if you wanted some.
    But I get the corn on the cob.
    Just tell me what you want?



    28. Family Photos

    My Brother
    Grandma’s Colorado

    29. Any Photo I Can Find Of Bobby


    30. My Memories Of My Childhood


    31. My Memories Of Bobby

    32. Fresh Air

    33. SNOW

    34.  COLD WEATHER (Not cold and damp)

    35. Danny’s Laughter
    36. Danny singing
    37. Danny’s Ass
    38. Cuddling

    39. Chai Lattes

    40. Hot chocolate
    41. Diet Pepsi

    42. Cold Showers In the Summertime

    43. Ice Cream

    44. Chocolate

    45. Whip Cream

    46. Elvis (My I am in an Elvis State of Mind Night. )

    47. Hiking

    48. Camping

    Camping With Danny

    49. Boating

    On the Pontoon

    50. Fishing

    51. Kayaking

    Kayaking around the park. 12 miles

    52. Musicals

    53. Gone With The Wind

    54. Our Nightly Rides (That aren’t so nightly anymore.)

    55. Almost anything with Danny

    Danny and I in a Bar in Cripple Creek Colorado

    56. Staying up late and sleeping in

    Danny and I did this for 2 years before I moved to Florida.

    57. Strawberries

    58. Corn On The Cob dripping in butter

    59. Fondue Nights

    60. Christmas Eve Service

    61. Good Friday Service

    62. My Old Church

    Faith Lutheran Church – Godfrey Illinois
    63. Teaching

    64. Children
    65. Campfires

    66. Old Fashion Letters