Writing 101 – Day 3 My Word Is Treasure – Wednesday, September 9, 2015

It was easy for me to pick out the word I wanted for today’s assignment. I couldn’t help but see it right away. Right there on top was the word “Treasure”.

How could I not pick out that word?
The name of my blog is Sarah’s Attic of Treasures.
When I hear the word treasures, Unlike Danny or many of you, I don’t think “buried treasures”. My mind conjures up  attics and basement and old houses and treasures found within.

atticOh WOW. My heart just pounds at the site shown here.
What is the history behind all of these clothes? The work boots?
I’d wear the hat if nothing fit.
Oh What Treasures I see.
I remember playing dress up at both my great aunt’s and my great grandparent’s houses.
All by myself. I never needed anyone else.
I was in a world of my own.
I would sit and write there as well. I can still see in my mind what happened and what I did.
attic tumblr_l0ilcvHoUa1qzv83io1_400
I’d love an attic for my writing room. Hopefully with a huge window to let in the air.
I’d want to stay there forever.
When I was living in a subdivision in my early teens, I had a room downstairs. In the basement.
I took over the whole place except for the laundry room and the little TV room.
It was My Place. My Haven.
My place to dream.
I need to come up with a proper logo and cover for Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures.
I need to find the right photo I could use and then somehow learn to make them.
An old attic made into a writing room. Still filled with trunks and clothes and children’s things.
A place that lives in my dreams.
Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures is where I go searching other blogs and pages and find all sorts of Treasures. Then I save what I have found.
It started off on Facebook.  I have written and shared exactly how that came about.
I needed a storage place to save what I liked. What I found and read and wanted to keep.
I thought of the attics I had seen growing up.  People stored their past there. What they couldn’t part with. “Their treasures”.  Broken or not. Everything had been loved at one time.
attic-treasureLook at the treasures here.I could find a place in my house for most of them. Our house is filled with hand me downs. Not old just not new.
I would love to add various dolls and toys and a high chair or 2.
I would be in Heaven with a chance like that.

So my word is “Treasures” . Old houses and the treasures inside of them.

Old Houses are treasures themselves.
I want to know the history of them. When they were built and when they last had people caring for them. Loving them. I want to hear their stories.
Houses call to me.

I was fortunate to have several old houses in our family while growing up.
Lived in houses. They still had love inside of them. I knew every crook and corner in them as well.
I loved hearing the stories.
In the near future:
Stories about the “Treasures” from my life. The old farm my great aunt lived in until she died.
The old farm house on the other side of the family.
My great grandparents lived there until their 90’s.
I have lot’s of stories to tell. “lot’s of Treasure” waiting to share.
Love from Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures.

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  1. Reblogged this on Sarah's Attic Of Treasures and commented:

    Why did I up and stop writing and sharing? These posts made me happy.

  2. New Journey says:

    Great post….I love the pictures and I too would love to have one of those old houses now….when I saw the treasure, my first thought was the treasures of my heart…all my memories and things I have loved, both people, places and things….I love the way your mind thinks…..how are you doing….??/Inquiring minds want to know..Lol !! XXXKat

    1. Much better. This morning was really hard though. I hope to feel good enough to go for a while tomorrow.
      They will be here all day again.

  3. Anand says:

    I’d love to live in an attic room too. Unfortunately, our Indian houses have flat roofs and so we never have attics. Fortunately, I work in a room that has a huge window overlooking a park. Loved the pictures and the thoughts you shared. Hope you are recuperating at lightening speed.

      1. Anand says:

        Take good care of that ankle.

  4. Gen says:

    I love that you picked ‘treasures’! I also live in an old house, so much history and intrigue! How are you feeling?

    1. Today was a bad day.I started Chemo and it hit hard. Plus I had to sit here and watch everyone go for a working tour of Rolling Meadows Ranch. Part of a huge project we have going for the Restoration here.
      It got better. All is good. Or will be.

      1. Gen says:

        Oh no 🙁 How long is your chemo course? Thinking about you and wishing you strength and peace. Xxx

        1. Hopefully JUST this MONTH. It hasn’t even been a week yet. The nausea meds started working. A day too late but at least better late than never.
          I am doing good, Overall. Hugs Gen

  5. Wow, Sarah, amazing pictures! And I am not surprised you picked the word treaure for your challenge, that is the best word for you too! You are indeed a treasure to the blogging world.

    1. Rashmi,
      I had trouble stopping at the point I did. I wanted to go on and write about the ancestral homes and my memories there .
      Which means time spent going through some really bad copies of old photos to find pictures of the houses in question.
      If I had my albums I could have just gone and gotten the photos and taken a good shot of them. I can still see the photos I want in the albums.
      I am just too tired to do that tonight.
      It’s a good tired. I have been doing more everyday.
      Thank you for your wonderful comment.
      How are you this evening?
      I am off to read from your blog.
      Love Sarah

      1. Sarah, I am glad that you are getting more done during the day. That is a good sign.
        I am a little tired this evening, had a hectic schedule at work! But looking forward to a better tomorrow!

        1. Hugs and Goodnight to you as well.
          I have yet to look at our new assignment . LOve and hugs

  6. When I watch old movies, especially Hollywood movies, I always loved to see in them the scene where they show an attic. I would love to have one but unfortunately it is not possible 🙂 Yes, they have treasures, fir me treasures are not material things but memories, knowledge and people that I love. 🙂

    1. I understand that concept as well. My son was always and is now “My best
      treasure”. Memories are all that I have.
      I love watching old movies.

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