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This sent shivers down my body. Heart wrenching. Shared From JB and Tea. Cookies (Writing 101)window

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  1. New Journey says:

    Wow that was a moving post….like you I got shivers….thank you for reblogging it I would of missed those words written with such emotion….wow is all I can say….kat

    1. Kat, She had me in tears. I saw her there in that attic.
      Such a different take on it than I had. HUGS.

      1. New Journey says:

        that’s the beauty in reading someone else words….we all see, feel and hear something different….I love it…..and hugs right back at you….but I step very carefully around your foot….

        1. You just made me smile and laugh.

          1. New Journey says:

            good that’s what this is all about, support, friendship, and caring….and if I made someone smile and laugh today that is a bonus for me….LOL

              1. New Journey says:

                I am smiling now!!!!

                1. Good.
                  Oh, Just so you know, I haven’t had a chance to read my emails as yet so if you sent anything I haven’t seen it yet

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