Remembering 9-11.

Where Were You?
That question has been asked over and over again.
It is a day we remember vividly.
Or at least from the moment we heard.
” Oh No!”
“It Can’t Be Happening”
“Debbie, Turn On The TV! NOW!”

It had started out as a typical day for me.
I was at home with the 5 kids I normally had for the day. It was early in the morning. We were just beginning to have our first lesson of the day.

It never got done. I couldn’t even tell you what I had been planning. It doesn’t even matter.
I remember hearing voices outside the house. They got louder and louder.
People were yelling.

I lived in a nice and quiet neighborhood not far from Ft. Carson.

(Oh how I miss that house )
About the same time I heard something about “The tower “being hit and not knowing what they were talking about and  turning on the TV , the phone rang…..It was one of the parents calling from the base.
“Be Prepared. You will be getting a number of kids anytime. The base has been closed and you are the only person I could think of to call. ”
I said ok…Still not having a clue as to the magnitude of what was happening, I watch the news On TV.

The reality hit me about the same time as the second tower was hit.
Our Country was under attack.
My next thought was Oh Bobby, I wish you were here.

I tried to call but couldn’t get through.
I tried and tried to get through.

I started getting kids being dropped off.
Names and information quickly given.
I didn’t know these kids and they didn’t know me.

There parent’s were Army parent’s who had planned on taking their kids to the Army Daycare. Everything was shut down.
They were afraid of attacks on the base.
On NORAD which was only miles from where I lived.

I didn’t feel safe any more.

Hours dragged by.

I had kids to take care of. I also needed help.
I needed more food and supplies.
I had no idea how long they would be with me.
The morning went to afternoon.

Cheyenne Mountain and NORAD

It was a nightmare there.
They shut down traffic within a 10 mile radius of the base.
That meant….no one was getting in or out.
I had 17 kids. One of the neighbors came and helped.She didn’t have a TV and was glad to at least be able to hear what was going on.
Image result for NORAD
Another lady went to King Sooper just down the road from us. She bought all sorts of snacks and treats for the kids. Vegetables and fruit. She was a life saver. Sandwich fixings. Drinks.

She wouldn’t allow me to reimburse her either.

No calls were going out or coming in.

I didn’t know where Bobby was.

We didn’t know what was going on in  Our Area.

Then a miracle happened for me.


My son walked in the door.
He was safe.
He brought supplies.
I asked him how he got here.

“I walked” .

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  1. I was in Detroit when it happened. I was due to fly to the UK, then to Malta, on the 12th, but I remained in Michigan for three more weeks, due to shortage of flights and overbooking during the days after that tragic day. My mom called me and said “Are you near a TV? Can you watch? Do you know what’s happening?!” It was a terrible day. I remember the day every passing year.

  2. Tears and goosebumps. We cannot, must not, forget the day, nor the emotions.

    1. Not sure how I missed this from you. Somehow I missed a whole bunch of post from 9/11/
      I know I will never ever forget that day.

  3. I was on my lunch break and walked passed a shop with a TV and watched it the second plane hit in real time. It was unbelievable 🙁

  4. Scary memories! I was at work, in a classroom.

  5. I was 3 months pregnant with NSLM and I awoke to “chaos in New York City” and “Mayor Rudy Gulliani” on the radio. I couldn’t comprehend what was going on through my sleep haze and ran down stairs and turned on the tv and sat there, horrified, my hand pressed to my little bump thinking “Oh my god…” I called my mom-she was driving to Memphis to look for places to live as my dad was transferring there. I remember asking where she was and of she heard. She said no so I told her. I remember her saying “There aren’t any vapor trails” from any planes. When you grow up near the airport, you’re used to them. I told her to be safe and to call when she got down there. I sat horrifiedly transfixed to the TV, and cried. I remember satellite images of the smoke being seen. The images…I’ll never get them out of my head. And I’m only a Midwest girl 1500 miles or so from New York City.

    So glad bobby got home that day. Love you <3

  6. Chris White says:

    What a heartfelt post. Such woeful destruction. It was unreal watching it in the UK. I hope your post gets Freshly Pressed as it deserves to be.
    All the very best.

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