Writing 101 – Assignment Day 5- Let Social Media Inspire You- Friday, September 11, 2015

To those that read my earlier RANT on this assignment, I am here to do my best with the assignment given us.

“Day 5: Let social media inspire you

One of the goals of Writing 101 is to tap into new and unexpected places for post ideas. Today, let’s look to Twitter for inspiration. Don’t worry — you don’t need a Twitter account to participate in this prompt. Below, you’ll see five tweets: each tweet is interesting in its own way, and we hope one will elicit a response from you.”

OK, I have already said, Twitter doesn’t not inspire me. I am not saying there aren’t any good posts on there. There are a lot of them. MINE for one. Since Blogging 201 in July, All of my blogging posts go to TWITTER,
OOPS…….A BIG OOPS. (The light just came on in my head)

Guess who just figured out: ALL OF MY BLOGGING POSTS GO TO TWITTER. RIGHT?????

I admit, I wasn’t thinking about Today’s Posts Going To Twitter.
I probably would not have written my earlier post.

I said “Twiiter leaves me cold”.
When I go to Twitter, there are too many people that I see.
I don’t know many of them. They certainly don’t know me.
I have trouble ONLY being able to write a brief message.

Most of the problem is me.
I haven’t given it much thought. I haven’t even started using Hashtags.
Yep, I don’t use Hashtags.
Because the whole TWEETING “thing” scares me. Overwhelms me may be more like it.
I have trouble navigating it. Why can’t I see posts from People I know and follow elsewhere?
I know they tweet and tweet a lot. Yet, I don’t see them.
Twitter gives me a headache because of the number of TWEETS there are. It’s endless.

I use to feel this way about FACEBOOK. Overwhelmed. Now I am very comfortable there.

Hopefully, I am forgiven for not LIKING TWITTER.

Let’s start again:
OK, I have already said, Twitter doesn’t not inspire me. I am not saying there aren’t any good posts on there. There are a lot of them. MINE for one. Since Blogging 201 in July, All of my blogging posts go to TWITTER,
So Yes, I Twitter.
I know many other bloggers that post their “Stuff ” on Twitter.
It is just hard for me to go to TWITTER and TWEET.
I get lost there.
So I seldom go.

I was surprised and pleased that there seemed to be a number of us in Writing 101 who felt the same way about this assignment. I enjoyed how they ended up writing them. I even shared a few.

On to the assignment at hand.
Which one will I pick?

 am sure most writers can agree with Lev Grossman’s statement at some time in their lives.
I haven’t ever come up blank when I have tried to write.
Let me rephrase that: I came up blank with this assignment.
So it is harder.

his quote is a possibility. Home can mean different things to different people. If you are happy with yourself, If you like yourself….then I would agree that this could be very true.

I had trouble taking this comment seriously because of this person’s NAME and Photo.
I don’t know if this person is even someone I would like. There is NO SMILE on her face.
And the name….What is it about the name that makes me nit want to read any more from her?
Plus I have already posted recently about HOME. Many times.

 like this post. Leah is smiling.
I can understand what she means by this comment.
What to we store in STORAGE. (Unless it everything until you get settled somewhere.)
You store “THINGS” that you aren’t using now….but you use to.
You may be downsizing like Danny and I did when we moved into the RV. We moved out of his house. I’d only lived there a short time. All of my belongings were in storage waiting for us to pick them up. In Colorado. Far From Florida.
Danny had 2 units at one time. By the time we moved to Rolling Meadows Ranch….I had gotten RID of A lot of his things. The next few months I got rid of MORE.
THEN MORE. Except for a few larger items….his Dad’s row boat.Danny saved a BUNCH OF JUNK.
Laughing. He really did.
He is the first to admit it.
He also admitted that he knew I would “GET RID OF STUFF”.
I could have saved him and US hundreds of dollars on storage…..
He was starting a new life. With me. What did he need with it all anyway?
Danny’s junk in question was not of the personal nature at all. I wish he had had more of that.

o in depth for me. I did read a good post on this though.
I do PROCRASTINATE . All the time. It usually doesn’t not help anything. It also doesn’t hurt it either.

 can relate to this but not enough to want to write about it.
I have a Master’s Degree.
A lot of good it did me.
I was a teacher but never got paid more for it.

None of these inspired me enough to write more than I already have.
When I think about it , I have probably done enough for this post as it is. I wrote something on each one. But I said I would do the assignment.
The rest of the assignment is below:School Assignments : St. Mark's Girls Sr. Sec. School

“Today, write a response to one of these tweets. Shape your post in any way you choose — agree or disagree with the tweet, or use it as a starting point for a story, personal essay, poem, or something else. Hover over your chosen tweet to click to the original, copy the tweet’s URL in your browser, and insert this URL on its own line in your post editor. These steps will embed the tweet in your post.

If none of these tweets appeal to you, visit Twitter.com and enter #quotes in the search field, which will display tweets with this hashtag. Find a tweet that intrigues you. When you’ve found one, click on its timestamp (for example, “30m,” “10h,” or “Jul 31”), copy the tweet’s URL in your browser, and drop this URL on its own line in your post editor to embed the tweet in your post. 
The above is all part of the assignment.School Assignments : St. Mark's Girls Sr. Sec. School

I am going to do one last (I hope) thing and try going to TWITTER and entering #QUOTES.
At least I will have used a hashtag.

“All great changes are preceded by chaos” ~Deepak Chopra

I like this quote but I can’t think of how to write a post about the quote. I could write a post about Deepak Chopra.

Next up:

“A little can makes someone’s entire day!”

Embedded image permalink

I can write about this quote and the photo.
I am that person sitting there.Or I very well could be.

Mornings usually aren’t good for me. I seldom feel good unless I have been up all night and haven’t gone to bed yet. 
I can be feeling really good at night.
Alert. No Brain Fog or “Fibro Fog”.
Not sick to my stomach. Not depressed.
Then I go to bed. I usually don’t sleep well …if at all.
So when Danny’s alarm goes off and he hits the SLEEP BUTTON  again…I get up so I don’t have to hear it again.
I go in and get his lunch put up. Everything is made already.
I put drink bottles in the cooler as well
I talk to the cat…Check on the rabbit outside.

All before Danny heads into the kitchen GRUMBLING.
Then he talks to the cat . Grumbles if he says anything to me at all.
We lip kiss and the door. I tell him not to work too hard and to drive safely. Then I watch him leave. Every day.

Not a word spoken from him to me or least nothing important if he did manage to say something.
Yet, I know once he gets to the park his whole demeanor changes. He is ready with the jokes, the one liners…

He is the Danny we know and love.

On the FEW days he deems himself fit to talk he usually says something to destroy whatever good mood I may have had.
And I cry.

There are those all to few and all too precious moments that he will say something WONDERFUL.
My whole world lights up.
My whole day is good.
With just a few words .
The right words.

Even few are the MOMENTS when we go to LIP KISS and he DOES MORE.
For that Brief Moment I am in Heaven.
Ok , I just can’t let this assignment go. Wouldn’t it have just been easier to go to Twitter if you have an account which I do and find the quote or post that you like and write about it?
At least I would have been choosing what I wanted right away.
So I am headed to Twitter one last time:

It took me all of 20 seconds to find THE POST: THE RIGHT POST FOR ME.

sweep the doubleheader!

Embedded image permalink

Final: Cubs 7, 3.

YEAH CUBBIES! Why couldn’t I have gone here first.
I love Baseball. I love Love THE CHICAGO CUBS.
Bobby and I use to go to Wrigley Field.
Memories and awesome times.
So this Post has an awesome ending after all.
I am worn out.
I made it before midnight as well. My deadline.
Love Sarah

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    Written Years ago.

  2. shyutgal says:

    No tweeting for me. Never. Ever. I don’t ‘get’ hashtags..but you’ve helped me understand them more with this post. Thanks. Don’t overdo sweetie. You can always come back and do some more when you’re rested. That’s the beauty of internet ‘living’ … it’s patient.

    1. Right now being patient is almost impossible. The summer months…all the months before that were too hot have really gotten too me.
      Then being laid up a good part of the year has taken it’s toll. I am at that point where I still need to sit back and do things slowly BUT I am feeling Better (a lot of it is Mental)and I just want to DO. This is almost the worse stage because I usually do overdo.
      Yet, if I didn’t try I at times….I’d might as well not do anything ever again. Does that make sense?
      It is helping sharing all of this online like I am.
      I have never done that before except to the odd friend or 2.
      My mind just won’t slow down.

  3. Maddy1953 says:

    To make a list, you just click your profile picture….

    1. WOW. Maddie, thank you. It’s all these little things that get me.The things that come easily for everyone else.
      How are you? I’ve been so wrapped up in Writing 101 I have been neglecting everyone else.
      I started down my long email list last night but never got very far.
      Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I will visit you SOON. Love Sarah

      1. Maddy1953 says:

        Hello Sarah, I am well. I didn’t find Twitter that user friendly till I discovered the lists. If you follow some people you know, then you get to learn what to do. Blabberwockying is there, me & quite a few more 101ers, to give you a start…

        1. Anand said he didn’t get on much but it is a start. I have a number of cooking blogs that post there. I just hadn’t see their posts showing up. More and more people I’d never heard of were showing up. That’s what I hate.
          I will work on the lists. Thank you.
          It would be nice to use Twitter sometimes. It is harder to just leave a message on a blog. When you simply want to say hello.

  4. Maddy1953 says:

    I go there, but I put people in lists because as Sarah said, it is overwhelming and confusing otherwise. You have to search for the people you want to follow to put in your list. Once you have done that, Twitter is great. But some people tweet too much, if they do that I take them out of the list, problem solved! Then again I keep finding people in my lists that I didn’t put there, so I think they are promoted tweets, which is annoying.

    1. I NEED to do that. There are a few people who I do enjoy their TWEETS and would enjoy seeing more of. All it takes is time.

      I hate the PROMOTED Tweets as well.
      Thanks for the tip.
      I shouldn’t have let the assignment get to me , it’s just I look forward to the writing assignments . Twitter isn’t writing to me. LOL

  5. All my blogs go to Twitter too. That’s the problem with it. Everyone is posting their own stuff and no one cares. Not one single person has retweeted anything I’ve posted. Does anyone actually go there or are we all just posting, posting, posting?

    1. I pay very little attention to Twitter for the most part. I actually forgot I was posting there as I said in this post.
      I only do it because we were advised to in Blogging 201.
      I was really disappointed in Writing 101 for the assignment.
      I shouldn’t complain. It is a free class and they give out a lot of help.
      I was hoping for more. It is early yet…I may be sorry I wished for more. LOL.
      How is your Saturday going?

      1. Pyjama day here! It’s cold and rainy. How is yours?

        1. Oh Cathy, It was cooler today. 87 with a breeze ( not quite as hot as usual) Humid…Bad electrical storms have been leaving us without power. Fortunately not for more than an hours or so.
          Everything is flooded at the park. They may close the campground. Right now you can still drive in with low cars but not for much longer if it keeps up.
          It usually recedes off the road after a brief time. Our drive is higher with a clay bottom. So it is really muddy. No one is allowed in except for us Unless they call first. ( Water Management and Fish and Wildlife) At least we don’t have the public here yet.
          I can’t wait for COLD.
          I love in a long t-shirt or a pair of cutoff shorts. I won’t even dress better when Danny get’s home like I usually do. Jeans is what I mean by dressing better. LOL
          It is Suppose to be 84 for the high tomorrow. Then back to 90 and up again.
          Thank heavens for AC although I want fresh air.
          All is good though for us as long as you don’t mind wet boots, skeeters and heat.
          I mind all 3. LOL
          I am good though. Upbeat.

          1. I hate mosquitoes with a passion because they love me. I’m not really fond of humidity (I don’t know anyone who is). Hot days are welcoming to me however. I think it’s because here in Canada they are few and far between. I’d likely be sick of the heat too if I had to live through intense heat day in and day out!

            1. I tend o forget you live in Canada. LOLI love the cold but even I would get tired of some of the weather everyone else gets. Even the snow would get OLD soon if you had to drive in it and shovel it. At least now it would. It never bother me before.
              Even Danny and Florida natives got tired of it early this years since we were getting 90 degrees in March already. At least the humidity didn’t come until April. A month and a half early.
              We have broken records all year for heat and rain.
              What’s weird is just an hour and a half South of us- they have been in the worse drought in YEARS. Our lakes have been LOW to send water to them. Really low. Bad for our boaters and fishing .

            2. I tend to break out for skeeters.I swell up bad if I get more than just a few. So parts of me are always swelled up. I was outside for awhile earlier this afternoon. It was the skeeters that drove me in.
              I was mowing some very wet grass. Just a small area so I could look outside and not see waist high weeds.
              Danny actually laughed (after he got mad at me for doing it) because it looked so funny. Weeds everywhere except right by the windows off the porch.
              It made me feel better.
              Next thing I knew Poor Danny was out there mowing the main part of the yard for me.
              He was hot and tired when he got home. He was really hot and tired when he got done.
              It looks so much better.
              I felt better MENTALLY DOING what little I did.

  6. Anand says:

    No wonder you are worn out! This must be the longest post anyone did for this assignment. You did it full justice! I too am not into twitter…but trying to. I had created my account an year ago – it was languishing until a month ago when someone asked me for twitter handle.

    1. I just felt I needed to give this post everything I had. I’d been so negative about it and needed to find a positive approach. I hope I did that.
      Anand, How is your weekend going?
      Love and hugs.

      1. Anand says:

        Trying to deal with negativity can really sap your energy. I am glad you are feeling better. I had a bit of comment-scuffle on my Donald Drum post but feeling better this morning (It’s morning here – 5 AM. Just had my morning tea. I start work at 8 – weekends too when a project is on.)

        1. What do you do? I can’t believe I have never asked.
          What kind of project it is? Good Luck.
          Love and Hugs.I will be visiting your soon. I am behind. Bad storms left our electric off yesterday and today.

          1. Anand says:

            I am a programmer. I program games and apps for my clients. No power? That’s bad. We don’t have any right now, but it should be back on in a couple of hours.

            1. No wonder you are computer savvy. LOL
              Do you work from home?

              1. Anand says:

                Now I do 😀 I’m not into web-technologies – more of an old-school programmer.

                1. I thought you worked from home.
                  That is nice. I enjoyed it when I ran the daycare/preschool/after school program from home….I was home.
                  I still had areas that were left alone from the school. It helped when I was sick. At least I was home.

                  1. Anand says:

                    Yes…after many grueling years of day job, I’ve realized that working from home is more grueling.

                    1. Laughing. Sorry about that. Mine was just the opposite. I enjoyed it. Had more problems with the parents than the kids.
                      Do you have your own space away from your wife and parents or they always underfoot while you work

                    2. Anand says:

                      😀 😀 It’s a lot more complex than that 😀

                    3. I bet it is. HUGS

  7. Chris White says:

    Wow … you are working so hard. Twitter isn’t really my bag either. It is like a busy mainline station during rush hour … lots of people bumping into each other but not saying much. Push push. WordPress is gentle and gives us that nice space to think and be thought about. All the best. Kris.

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