Writing 101 – Assignment Day 5- September 11, 2015 (This May Take A While! ????) AND BEING GOOFY

I’ll warn you, this post is a rambling , not thought out, written as I go, type of post.
I wrote down my first thought about the assignment. I really HATED it.
As I continued with this post I realized it really wasn’t a bad assignment.
TWITTER just got in MY WAY.

First GLANCE at the assignment. 
I just glanced at our Day 5 assignment . I got a headache just reading it.
I get headaches easily.
Seriously, I am glad we have the weekend to finish this.
Twitter is not one of my favorite places.
Not sure why this assignment fits the writing class????????
Remember, I only glanced at it.
Quickly read it.
Second Glance:
I just went back and read it again.
It just doesn’t excite me. Leaves me cold.
Why is  Twitter a part of our Writing Assignment Anyway?

“Today, write a response to one of these tweets. Shape your post in any way you choose — agree or disagree with the tweet, or use it as a starting point for a story, personal essay, poem, or something else. Hover over your chosen tweet to click to the original, copy the tweet’s URL in your browser, and insert this URL on its own line in your post editor. These steps will embed the tweet in your post.

If none of these tweets appeal to you, visit Twitter.com and enter #quotes in the search field, which will display tweets with this hashtag. Find a tweet that intrigues you. When you’ve found one, click on its timestamp (for example, “30m,” “10h,” or “Jul 31”), copy the tweet’s URL in your browser, and drop this URL on its own line in your post editor to embed the tweet in your post.”
OK  to be HONEST….I don’t use HASHTAGS.
I am also not good at Timestamps and URL’S .
I need to figure out how to EMBED .
I mean, I have done it before…But it is still GREEK to me.

3rd Glance:
Ok, I can write about any one of them…..

I guess the assignment is a good one. It just TOOK ME A WHILE to get past TWITTER.
One other thing: I finally figured out HOW TO ADD COLOR.
Laugh All You Want To.
I Would.
Where is the RED? There is NO RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I see CUSTOM??????


I hit the x.
I hit the white or clear space at the bottom.

Black -It is suppose to be BLACK. 

THIS is really a silly post.

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  1. Erika Kind says:

    The crazier the better. Crazyness is what we all have in common… lol

    1. I almost didn’t post it and then I thought…Hey, this is ME. It is how I think….I am feeling better. The nausea meds seem to be helping the chemo.
      I went for a very short walk today. The end of our yard and back.
      I am up more all day long.
      Enjoy your weekend

      1. Erika Kind says:

        That’s wonderful news, Sarah. Glad your recovery progresses 💖

        1. It is. Faster in many ways that they expected. Slower in others.

          1. Erika Kind says:

            Try to be patient with yourself 😊

  2. I was uninspired too so went searching for a quote on Twitter. I’m also unsure why we were to find quotes on Twitter rather than Google. I like meeting new people and finding new blogs but none of these prompts are inspiring me either.

  3. Towards the end….The color was still showing Purple instead of black.

    1. shyutgal says:

      It might be the setting on your screen?

      1. It changed when I published. It’s all the little things like that I have trouble with.
        How is your weekend going?
        I probably shouldn’t have but I needed to DO something PRODUCTIVE today. It was 87 out verses 90 something. There was a breeze. Certainly not a cool one but not hot either.
        So I mowed the yard. Only part of it. So much of the area is still too wet. I mowed so I could look out my windows and not see WEEDS knee high.
        It looks so much better.
        Not if I could just cool off. I took a shower. Then a cool one. Dried off . Started to get dressed and took another cool shower.
        So now I am super clean and super tired. But my view makes me happy. My ankle is throbbing but it didn’t swell up.
        I’ve got at least 3 more weeks of chemo and I wasn’t sure how that would affect me.
        Tomorrow I can do NOTHING if I have to.
        Mentally I feel better and you know how important that is.

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