Depression (I Am Offering Minimal Help – A Place To Vent) – Saturday, September 13, 2015

Depression is a terrible illness to have.
Yes, It is an illness that affect way too many of us.
It leaves you feeling so lost and lonely. So empty.
For those of us who can do it without  medical help, please try to find something to hold onto. Anything.
There is so much I’d like to say on this subject but I am not able to get it out.
I know there are many of you who are struggling with being depressed. I have heard from some of you.
Keep trying. Don’t give up.
Find someone, anyone to call or write. Message them.

I can’t offer the phone for conversation.
I can offer my email address.
Or just leave a message on the blog. I usually see those first as I try and go through them a few times a day.
I get behind on my emails. I use with this blog. It is overflowing much of the time right now. is not as busy. This one is the best one for now to email me on.
I get on JUNO usually once a day.

I wish I had cell phone service so you could text me.
I can also be reached on Facebook. Sarah Sue. I don’t always get on there every day.

A message left on SAOT’S (Blog) is probably the best way to get my attention. Then I can check my email.

All this being said……I will answer you ASAP……I don’t promise to be able to message you for any length of time.
I am limited in too many ways for that. Slow internet or NO Internet. It was out for a couple of hours this afternoon. We get bad storms here this time of year.
Plus, I don’t always feel up to long conversations.
I will try. That is all I can promise.

What I am trying to say is that I will help if I can. I can at least be a person to vent to.
Sometimes just writing that message and sending it to another is all it takes to make one feel better.
Send more than one. Get whatever it is inside of you out.
I can at least promise to be here when I can.
I will read and LISTEN.


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  1. Sarah, you are so sweet to be doing this!
    I have been fighting depression for a very long time. I try my best to beat it but it keeps crawling back at times. Talking and venting it out helps a lot. That’s what works for me.
    As I have said before, if you need to talk about anything, about Bobby or just vent, I’m always here for you.
    Lots of love and hugs!

    1. Rashmi, Knowing that really helps me.
      The same goes for me.
      I will message you back asap any time.
      I hesitated promising too much to everyone because I know I couldn’t do it anyway.
      As long as people seem to enjoy the memories I write of Bobby then I usually am good that way. It’s just when I hear “You shouldn’t be posting about HIM all the time any more that I have trouble. First of he is not a HIM. Why is it some people think I am DEPRESSED every time I talk about Bobby, It is when I don’t talk about him that I have trouble.
      You are right : Talking and just venting helps a lot.
      Love and Hugs Sarah

      1. I agree, Sarah. You should do want makes you feel better. There will always be people who may not understand or think otherwise, maybe that’s how it works for them. You don’t have to do it their way, you have to do it your way!
        Talking about Bobby helps you, then you should continue to do so.

        1. I am doing just that.
          What do you do when you are down? What helps you the most?

          1. I write in my online journal. I talk to myself out loud. and if nothing works I go out alone on a long walk. That always works.

            1. That’s why, this summer, with it being so much hotter and rainy , has been so hard for me. I get nauseated if I am outside much. Then not being able to walk and really laid me low.
              When I am good and it is cooler, I walk for miles every day. Day and night.

              1. That problem happens for me in winter when it is too cold to go out because of all the snow and ice!
                I enjoy my walks, bike rides during spring, summer and even fall but it gets impossible to do that in winters.

                1. I love walking in the cold and snow but it was harder when I went back last year for mom’s memorial service. It was the end of November. Thanksgiving time. They had SNOW and I was in heaven. Yet the DAMPNESS hurt. BAD.

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