Writing 101 -Why I Write – Monday, September 14, 2015 (Catching Up)

Why I Write
I write because I have been silent way too long.

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  1. Maddy1953 says:

    That is a very good reason to write, and well put!

    1. Have you always had the Sshh, Before Maddy is writing? If you did, I just now noticed it. LOL
      Yes, It is a good reason to write. <3

      1. No Sarah, I just slipped it in there today! I updated that post a bit because I just realized I have tons more followers now I am using the wordpress.com site than I got in Blogging 101, so hoping people will click through & follow my Seniors’ blog.
        How are you travelling today healthwise? I saw the water, thought you might have thought I was asking truck or boat!

        1. I am a little bit better. Not a lot. But getting there. I just can’t lay in bed again. I hurt there also.

  2. Krista Kemp says:

    Me too girlfriend! Keep it up…I love your mind!

    1. I love yours as well.
      I am behind on reading anything from you. I can’t wait to catch up. <3

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