Reblogged From Sundays Shades Of Green – The Blind Side (2009)

I knew I was going to love this movie when I first read about it. I enjoy Sandra Bullock. I love football, family stories especially ones that are true. This is a well -written movie review.
Source: The Blind Side (2009)

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  1. Nena says:

    Beautiful story indeed:) We need more people to believe and encourage each like this.

    1. Nena, I thought the same thing. I haven’t had a chance to visit your blog as yet, but I will soon.
      I am trying ti catch up on comments . Then I will head to read the blogs.

      1. Nena says:

        No prob, love:) I was catching up on blogs myself today:)

        1. Good. I am headed to visit you right now.

  2. Netta says:

    I loved The Blind Side, it was a heart-warming movie and it’s nice to know it was based on real life.

    1. It was wonderful. One of the few movies like that that even my hubby wanted to watch. He really enjoyed it.
      It had everything in it. Romance, Family love, Sibling love, Acceptance and so on.

  3. Peggy Guiler says:

    Don’t think I’ve seen it either. Missing the video store.

    1. Peggy, I loved the video stores as well. I liked every so many choices right there.

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