Reblogged From Myths Of The Mirror – Why We Can’t See Our Tpyos

This post made me laugh, especially when I read all of the comments  following.
It also made me think.

Anyone reading anything of mine for anytime is aware of the problems I have with spelling, writing, grammar and word usage.
It is hard for me because I remember when I could write and talk well.
Oh Yes I remember.

My typos will never be on purpose unless I am trying to show what I write down and how I have to keep correcting what I write.

This is a good read.
Why do most people not see their own typos but can see everyone else’s?

Source: Why We Can’t See Our Tpyos

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  1. malousu says:

    I understand. I have been working on relearning what I knew after illness. It is very difficult. Especially when I taught grammar. I am right there with you.

    1. Then you understand I frustrating it is. My husband never knew me back then so he has no idea what I was like.
      He doesn’t understand what I go through even though he has seen a decline in what I can do and how I talk.
      Sending gentle hugs.

      1. malousu says:

        I understand. I haven’t worked for almost a year. I tried working last year, but I had too many seizures. My seizures have slowed down since I am not working and stressed as much. This year has been doctor visit after another. I am now thinking better unless I am having seizures. Then my speech and thinking are slow. It’s very frustrating. Lord touch you now. I believe he can make a difference.

        1. Oh I know HE can and does. Have an awesome week.
          Keep the messages coming. I enjoy our visits. I will visit you later this evening after I get through messaging here.

  2. shyutgal says:

    Because we’re too close to them when they’re ‘ours’. I’m a proud member of the grammar and spelling police…I spot things like that in an instance, but I’d NEVER be mean enough to point them out to others…except if I know the party really well and then the other party would know I’m teasing. I saw NO typos in this post btw…good for you! 😀

    1. GOOD. I usually find them over and Over again.

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