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I would like to  do this as well.
It Starts with ME.

When I have figured out how to post it and what exactly to say, I will post a Pay It Forward Of my own.
This is an awesome idea.
Love you Sarah

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  1. Nena says:

    Sarah, you are wonderful and I am sure you Pay It Forward and Back daily as it is:)

    1. Nena, Thank you. I try to , although I never really thought of it as Pay it Forward . I just want to help make everyone’s day a little brighter. I do if for myself as much as anyone.
      I am hoping the Pay It Forward that I do for October will lead to a monthly Post Or Posts.
      I need to write more letters.
      I use my arthritis too often as an excuse not to.
      Some days I can’t write but others I could.
      I love getting mail, and now that my mom is gone I seldom get any at all.
      Have a wonderful Friday Night and a beautiful weekend.
      Love Sarah

    1. I plan to start my PLay It forward around the first of October.

  2. Today is World Gratitude Day. Thanks for sharing this post. I used to chlak draw on my neighbor’s sidewalk when I lived in a town. Thanks for liking my post requesting a costume design for Mother Earth. Any ideas?

    1. No but I wish I did.
      I can’t come up with the right logo and photo for my blog as yet.
      I know what I want. Only thing is:It has to be free and I need to learn how to take a photo and add words to it. I have tried a few imikmis (???)
      Happy World’s Gratitude Day.
      First I heard of it.
      I am thankful for new friends like you.

  3. Paying it forward should definitely be something everyone should try at least once a month. I love the graphic in this photo. Beautiful Sarah.

    Kia / KTS

    1. Kia, Thank you. I need to follow through on it. Have a wonderful Tuesday.

      1. Let us know when you do :).

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