Reblogged From Lynz Real Cooking – This is for Sarah!

This is from Lynz Real Cooking. It started off as a conversation between us in my comments. It turned into a BLOG POST for both of us.
Now I need to add this to my post as well.

Featured Image -- 6427You must visit Lynz at As You can TELL BY THIS WONDERFUL POST SHE DID FOR ME…..Just because I asked her for a photos.

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  1. I love shwarmas! I’m sure you will like it too Sarah. You should try it 🙂

    1. Rashmi, Oh I know I would. No doubt in my mind.
      I love trying new things.
      I love gyros and there is a place we go to that serves them. With lamb.
      my mom used to fix something like shawarmas for us. With our lamb. She made a wonderful sauce.
      How are you doing?
      I would I say am over the worse and getting better.
      At least for now and NOW is good,

      1. That’s great to know. I’m so glad that you are recovering well.
        I’m doing alright, been a little busy coz my little man was under the weather! Now trying to catch up on all the blog posts that I missed! 🙂

        1. I hate it when a child is not feeling good. hugs being sent.

          1. Thank you for the warm hugs!

            1. Sending more hugs.

  2. I just love that we’re all connected!

    1. Cathy, So Do I. We all live thousands of miles away. Different countries for you and I and others and yet, we all come together as family here.
      It is wonderful.
      I had a blast with the post.
      I always look up a food name and usually it goes from wanting to know what it is to how to make it to recipes etc.
      The fact that Lynz made a post herself for me was really exciting.
      I felt like I was in her kitchen with her.
      Except I am wanting A Shawarmas or a Greek Gyro right now. LOL
      How are you doing today? Relaxing?
      As you can tell, I am feeling much better.
      Clear headed for a change. Not sick to my tummy.

      1. That’s wonderful that you are feeling better and hungry! I’m not really close to ordering food where I live either. I live in a village, not far from town or city (20 minute drive) but I make my own food.

        1. Making our own food is better and cheaper.

          1. I agree 100%! I wish more people understood this!

            1. I admit , I like to go out. I have to admit I like eating a good burger and fries out.
              We went to Pizza Hut after my doctors appointment on Thursday and had the buffet.
              Our bill with the tip was unders $15.00. Plus they let you take ONE container each home with you.
              Danny use to want to go out once a week for supper. Then he’s complain afterwards about the food, the cost, the service etc. There was no real reason to go there.
              It is the only one near us. I miss getting out more than eating out.

              We usually will go out for my birthday in December. Maybe for his the first of January . One of those is our big night out for the year.
              He admits I cook better that what we get out.

              1. Men don’t care because they get served wherever they are. We’re the ones who want a break!

                1. Yes, they do get waited on no matter where they are. It is why, for the first time , In a long time, I actually enjoyed my hospital stay…The being waited on part of it.
                  We really never get a day off …do we?

                  1. Do you want to team up with me for assignment 11? I’m not sure what format we will use but I think we are on the same path of using grief to better ourselves and be positive. What do you think? We have until Assignment 19 to come up with something.

                    1. I have no idea what it is yet. I haven’t even thought about Writing 101.
                      I slept most of the day so am behind.
                      Well, farther behind. LOL
                      I will say Yes, I would love to work with you. I am just not sure if I can follow through with it. I never know from day to day what I am doing or how well I can do it.
                      I may not be a good person for it. I wouldn’t want to let you down.

                      I am not use to working with anyone so the idea terrifies me although it shouldn’t. Not with you anyway.
                      Love you Cathy….
                      I will check it out later to make sure. If I go there now I will get sidetracked.

                    2. Were you thinking about a Q and A session? Writing 101
                      Questions About grieving
                      What was your relationship like with your child.?
                      How close were you?
                      How has your grief made you a stronger person.?
                      What Experiences have you had with other parents who have lost a child?
                      How has your life changed since their death?
                      Please tell me about your child.
                      Is that what you had in mind?

                    3. Now I can’t stop thinking about it. LOL
                      Or did you want to write a short piece and I write one as well????
                      I am not Baring my BREASTS. Laughing at that comment= although it may not be a laughing matter if it is cancer and showing them.

                    4. Me either! I was thinking we could each tell our story about losing our grown child but that we won’t let that ruin the rest of our lives. It can be uplifting!

                    5. No we didn’t let it ruin our lives. We live our lives for us. For them.
                      We choose to do so.
                      Love you.

                    6. I thinks we can run parallel blogs highlighting this theme!

                    7. Sounds good to me.

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