Tweaking My Blog -And SOME WELL DESERVED THANK YOU’S – Saturday, September 19, 2015

I made a few changes this afternoon on how my blog looks. I changed the font. The pallet or colors. The photos. While I love the photo of the young girl, lying down, in the grass reading a book, looking like I may have 30 plus years ago, it just didn’t fit the colors I wanted.
It is not me anymore and hasn’t been for a long, long time.

I am still looking for attic photos to use here with my title but haven’t found the right FREE one. I need a good logo. 
While looking at photos, I ran across a book I’d like to read. Wishing I could just order it.

I still hate my WHITE background  but that is probably just me. I don’t like white.

I also know I need to redo many of the categories and tags but that is a project for when I feel more alert and have time.

I am learning that blogs take a lot of work keeping them fresh and updated.
One can’t just keep adding new posts without making sure the old ones still look good.
I need to get rid of some of my older ones or revamp them somehow.
That again is something I am not ready to do. Mentally and physically.
I like how my blog is changing. Improving.

I have changed, even in the 6 months I have been blogging. Four months, daily or close to it.
I love this blog. It is keeping me SANE. Keeping me in Focus.
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Keeping a smile on my face. A real smile and not the fake one I have worn so long.

Thank you, all of you who visit daily or weekly. You give me a reason to get up and get going.

I appreciate all of you. I can’t believe how many new bloggers I hear from daily. I can’t keep up , although I am trying.

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A like to me is everything. (I try and visit all of your blogs as well)
It means you were here or saw me some place else.  A like means something caught your eyes. So keep the likes coming.

Your comments give me so much joy.
I laugh and have even cried at some of the wonderful posts I get every day.
I spend hours a day reading your comments and then answering you back.

I visit as many blogs as I can, every day.
New ones and old ones.
I love reading what you have to say. I enjoy learning about other countries.
You are family to me. I value family.
Friends are essential to my life.
Love to you all ,

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  1. I wanted to hit the “like” button a few times, but it wouldn’t let me! Nice look, Sarah.

    1. Thank you. I needed to hear that. How was your Saturday? Relaxing I hope,

  2. New Journey says:

    liking the new look….

    1. Kathy, Thank you. I needed it for awhile now.
      How are you this Saturday?
      I am good. Much better.
      Love and hugs.

      1. New Journey says:

        glad to hear your doing well…I am on a break…cleaning the house…its to hot to go out and play….maybe later for the garden….but giving the house a good ole mucking out!!!

        1. I need mine MUCKED out. I am not up to it.
          I also NEVER ENJOY DOING IT.
          Enjoy the time in the garden.
          It is raining here again.

          1. New Journey says:

            send it ouir way please…I will gladly come muck out your place, its always funner to mess with someone else stuff…LOL

            1. Yes it is.
              As much as I hate to clean, I hate not being able to.

              1. New Journey says:

                you will…careful what your wishing for sister…LOL

                1. True How about if I just wish for a clean house.

                  1. New Journey says:

                    there you go….

                    1. It didn’t work. HA HA

  3. very nice! I like the ideas and fresh new things you are telling me! The attic pictures are cool

    1. I just need to find one I can use then figure out how to add SAOT’S to it.
      How are you this Saturday? What’s on the menu?
      I cooked a huge PORK ROAST for us Plus we have an event taking place this weekend. A project event.
      We have contractors staying at the bunkhouse all weekend.
      I usually do the food.
      Danny HELPED ME THIS WEEK so I could still DO IT.
      Now I need to write it.
      How are the kids doing in school? I will be by to visit you SOON. Reading and answering comments first then off to read the blogs.
      Love you, Lynz.

      1. hi dear! We are all good, making shwarmas today and hanging out! Sounds like you are busy! hope you are taking care of yourself!! love you!

        1. I am off to find out what in the world shawarmas is. Laughing.
          I am taking care of myself.

          1. a chicken sandwich lol

            1. Laughing. A chicken WRAP. LOL But I learned something new and that it always good.

              1. yes sorry should have said that lol

        2. I looked it up. How close are they to Greek gyros? I love them.
          Oh I wish you lived close to me. Or rather, I lived close to you.

          1. pretty close really, me too!

            1. If it won’t interrupt your family time will take a photo for me?
              I am blogging about Shawarmas right now.

              1. sure! I dont know where to put it?

                1. You found an awesome way.
                  I wish we could add photos to the comments.

                  1. I know! that is what I was trying but didn’t think it would work!

                    1. I haven’t found a way.
                      I do wish there was an easy way to just leave a comment on the blog like FACEBOOK. LOL

                    2. yes that would be cool!

                    3. Yes It would.
                      We do so much of our writing in the comments. I know you and I both spend hours in our comments and everyone one else’s. YOU MORE THAN ME. You are everywhere . ALways before me to. HA HA

                    4. ha ha yes, well once I find a job that is it I will not be on here I am afraid but for now putting my recipes and stories down to keep them!

                    5. You are doing a great job of that.
                      Any luck with the job hunting?
                      What are you looking for?

                    6. I haven’t worked for year so who knows! But part time for now until kids are older. maybe office work

                    7. Praying you find something.
                      Does your Ex help out like he should? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.

            2. No worries if you can’t.
              I would love to get your recipe though. I check the blog and didn’t find one.

              1. no I am making them now ha ha to put up, right now eating them

                1. Laughing. I want one.

                    1. So do I.

              2. ok Sarah your shwarma is ready!!! check it out dear!

                  1. you are too!!!

                    1. I am glad you think so.

                    2. I hope you are doing well Sarah!!!

                    3. Between you and me…Danny said something that hurt me last night. BAD. It came out of nowhere and should NEVER have been said. It was an insult to me and to the person he talked about,
                      He knew it tore me up.
                      So I am surprised I AM As good as I am today. I didn’t sleep last night or much after he left for work.

                    4. I am soo sorry!! I hope you are ok

                    5. NO Not really.
                      You know something that hurtful DOES NOT JUST GO AWAY. Especially when Danny is NOT sorry he said it.
                      We were having a good evening.
                      No fussing or anything before hand.
                      Let’s just say it had to do with SEX and it is something I have no control over any more.
                      It was the kind of comment a young guy in his 20’s might say in a locker room but a man in his 50’s who is married and loves his wife should NEVER SAY IT.
                      I am a bit “COLD” to him right now. Polite but that is all I can be.
                      He hurt me bad.
                      And he knows it.

                    6. I am so sorry!!

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